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Jul 20, 2016

Intel(R) 100 series chipset family CSME for WIndows 7

1. You need to install this driver manually and this method tested and worked with HP 15 Notebook.
2.Kernel-Mode Driver Framework 1.11 (KB 2685811) must first be installed if you are using Windows 7*.

3. To install this driver download the driver package from Intel website and unzip the driver file. We will need it later.

Download Link:

File Name :

4. Then open device manager, look for Intel(R) 100 series chipset family CSME device (normally listed under other device).

5. Right click and select update driver, then select browse my computer for driver software.
6. Click browse then browse to the driver folder we unzipped earlier. Make sure to select include subfolder.
7. Continue with on screen installation until finish and reboot.

Feb 24, 2016

ACPI\TPSACPI01 - It is TPS BIOS Method Device

ACPI\TPSACPI01 is part of the Chipset component, normally your Chipset driver or Intel Management Interface (MEI) Driver (In most Toshiba Notebook) will install this component for your computer. When a device ID start with ACPI, that's referring to Advance Control and Power Interface.

In device manager, you will see it is listed as unknown device.

Here is the driver you need to install:
ACPI TPS Driver (compatible with Win XP and Above)

Extract driver files, within the extracted driver file, run setup to install.
If it prompt "Windows can't verify the publisher of this software" select install this driver software anyway.
No need to reboot, and you will see the unknown device no longer listed and replaced with TPS BIOS Method Device.

Jul 28, 2015

How to Fix SM Bus Controller Driver

SM Bus Controller Stand for System Management Bus which integrated with your computer chipset. You SM Bus Controller driver is missing if  device manager displays SM Bus controller under other devices with Yellow Sign.

SM Bus Controller in Windows XP
SM Bus Controller in Windows 7

You can fix it by installing the latest chipset drivers for your computer. This problem is common among computers with Intel and AMD chipset.

1. First download the latest chipset drivers.

Intel Chipset / SM Bus Controller Driver: Intel chipset Installation Utility
AMD Chipset : AMD SM Bus Driver 

2. Install the drivers and wait until the installation finish.

3. Restart your computer after installation finish.

Your laptop or motherboard manufacturer also provide the chipset drivers on their support site. However installing the drivers from Intel or AMD is recommended since they always provide the latest drivers available.

Where to Download AMD Chipset?
For Intel you does not have to choose the chipset because Intel provide one software to install any Intel chipset/SM Bus controller driver. Downloading AMD chipset driver is not easy if you are not used with the website interface, you need to go to AMD Download center here:

Then select the chipset with the right operating system. Then click display results.  Refer to the pictures below:
You can check your chipset series by looking at your motherboard or laptop specification or choose not sure from the drop down menu.

You will not notice a significant change on your system after installing the SM Bus Controller Driver. However it is important to maintain your Windows Operating System Stability.

Feb 16, 2012

Intel Graphic version Windows XP Driver

Type : Chipset Driver
Name :Intel VGA Driver
Sizwe: 20.0 MB
Date: 2009/01/15
Operating system: Windows XP
Applicable model : Acer


(please read the privacy policy page)

Driver Revision: PV 14.36.0.
 Package: 51654

HDMI Audio:                                                    

July 17, 2008

NOTE:  This document refers to systems containing the
following Intel chipsets:

Intel(R) G43 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) G45 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) Q43 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) Q45 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) G33 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) G35 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) G965 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) Q33 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) Q35 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) Q963 Express Chipset
*    Intel(R) Q965 Express Chipset
*    Mobile Intel(R) GL960 Express Chipset
*    Mobile Intel(R) GLE960 Express Chipset
*    Mobile Intel(R) GM965 Express Chipset
*    Mobile Intel(R) GME965 Express Chipset 
*    Mobile Intel(R) GL40 Express Chipset
*    Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset
*    Mobile Intel(R) GM47 Express Chipset

Feb 13, 2012

Intel GM45 + Intel 82801IM ICH9M Windows XP/7

Driver Type: Chipset
Name : Intel HM57/ HM67 Express Chipset Family
Version :
File size : 2MB
Operating System :
Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit


Help Locating windows version 32-bit and 64-bit

1. Download the drivers.
2. Run the drivers files until installation finish.
3. Restart After Installation.

Feb 8, 2012

Asus A43SJ Chipset Driver windows 7


1. Intel Chipset Installation Utility for Intel® HM65 Express Chipset
File Size: 2.47 MB
Download (32 and 64 bit)

2. Intel Rapid Storage Technology
Download (32- bit)
Download (64 -bit)

3. Intel Turbo Boost
Download (32-bit and 64-bit)

4. Intel Management Interface (MEI)
Download (32-bit)
Download (64-bit)

Feb 3, 2012

DELL Intel HM57 Express Chipset Family Windows XP

Intel HM57 Express Chipset Family
Release Date: 12/27/2010
Version: A039.1.1.1020
Importance: Recommended
Download Type: Driver
File Format: Hard-Drive
File Size: 2MB


Supported Model
inspiron N3010
inspiron N4010
inspiron N7010

Operating Systems
Windows 7 32-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows Vista 32-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit
Windows XP


1.Run R255577.exe.
2.The Self-Extracting window appears and prompts you to extract or
unzip to C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R255577. Write down this path so the executable (I.e.
Setup.exe) file can be found later.
3.The Self-Extractor window appears.
4.Click OK.
5.After completing the file extraction, if the Self-Extractor
window is still open, close it.
6.Click the Start button and then click Run.
7.Type C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R255577 in the Open textbox and then click OK.
8.Follow the on-screen installation instructions.

You can also extract it suing winrar and run setup after extraction in the extracted folder.

Dec 12, 2011

Chipset Intel XPx86

Product: Intel(R) Chipset Device Software
Release: Production Version
Target Chipset: Q33/G33/G31/P35, GME965/GLE960, 945GME
Date: May 31 2007
File size: 2MB

File name: Chipset_Intel_8.3.0.1014_XPx86
Download (direct)
Download (mirror)

Microsoft Windows* Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition*
Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition*
Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft windows Vista

The Intel(R) Chipset Device Software installs Windows* INF files to the target system. These files outline to the operating system how to configure the Intel(R) chipset components in order to ensure that the following features function properly:

- Core PCI and ISAPNP Services
- PCIe Support
- IDE/ATA33/ATA66/ATA100 Storage Support
- SATA Storage Support
- USB Support
- Identification of Intel(R) Chipset Components in the Device Manager

Only applicable to the selected laptop model and Products.
 Please review the LICENSE in the readme file contain in the installation packages.

Dec 22, 2009

Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Driver For Windows 7

Please note that I will always update the download link, so please let me know if the link is broken.

Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family For Windows 7
Download Link: (last update on Jan 30 2013)
Download (Mediafire- recommended)
Download (mirror)
Download (from gateway)

Alternatives : You can also use your original Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers. Direct Installation will failed so you need to install base on the installation method described below.


First install directly by just extracting the driver, and run the igxpun.exe, even it will prompt some component are corrupted but you will get the maximum resolution after the installation.


If failed we need to install it manually:

1. Extract the driver and we we get the extracted folder.
2. Now open device manager by click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC

3. A device manager will open, right click on standard VGA and select update driver.

4. Select Browse my computer for driver Software.

5. Select Let me pick from a list of device driver from my computer.

6. Select Have disk and point to the driver we extracted earlier and select the igxp32.inf file.

7. Continue with on screen instruction and ignore if it prompt.reboot.


There are not yet a single Official and Unofficial Drivers manage to get aero to work (this is not a fact but from my research). If there are, share it here and it would be a great help for others =)
But, there was a user manage to install the driver and said that she used a third party software to enable aero. I recommend to use true transparency software.
For Windows 8, this driver reported work with 900 series chipset and it fix the resolution problem in windows 8:
Direct Link
In case if the link dead, instead of waiting for me to add a new link, just google Win32_152815.exe.
Update 2 - April 4 2014 -
I re-read all the comments from you guys and i think I have to clarify about : failed to play games after successful installation. If you manage to install using the driver I gave but getting several problems such as cannot play games which you normally play in windows XP, or have some bugs and glitch. What you can do to fix that is install your original windows XP drivers using manual installation method. Or use your Vista drivers (if available) and set compatibility mode to windows Vista.