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Oct 12, 2011

Windows 8 Driver

Like always, when there are new Windows, most of us want to try it even it still BETA release. I blog for drivers about 3 years now, and a lot happen after the windows 7 release. The most common problem is no support for old model use old devices.
So, i try windows 8 this week, I'm not really interested on the OS but to see what did we need a new drivers for windows 7?

Let us go to the Vista age for a while to look to the whole situation,
When Vista released, you can't use driver from windows XP, and most of the model design for Vista did not have support in their official site for windows XP. Later, many Vista User dissatisfied with the performance and want to use XP. Then the big problem is, you can install XP, but where is the driver?
Similarly when windows 7 comes, people still want to use XP or Dual-boot , so where is the driver? this is the reason i build this blog, as my journal, my reference, to gather drivers and solution for this type of problems.

Now comes windows 8,
There are no problems for newer model that design for windows 7, practically windows 8 driver are similar to those windows 7. I hope you guys don't misunderstand me, if you want to talk about direct X 12 or else, it is different from my intention. Example, after installing windows 8 you have no audio, so I'll try to find the driver so you get your audio in windows 8, but if the audio Quality is not as great as windows 7, it is a different topics.Not that i don't want to help, but i know myself, i know few things, and i don't speak something that I'm not really know about it.

I spent most of my time study the drivers and thousands of model, I'm not study the hardware specification in term of performance. The strength of window 7 is it automatically install most of your driver, and i believe this Microsoft enhance this feature,like em my desktop, after windows 8 installation, all driver installed properly.

Here i have initial opinion about the drivers:

CHIPSET/Motherboard etc:

Inte 3,4,5 and 900 installed automatically, or by windows update. You can also use windows 7 drivers from intel website.

South bridge Driver and Co-processor;
Windows 7 and vista drivers will do.

Use windows 7  and vista drivers. For Older model, you modified inf to get it work.
XP driver may work on some model, the difficult thing is to get the right version. (laptopvideo2go is the best place to start)

the pain is on older Intel graphic, like 82825/852GM GME and 915 graphic chipset. The method for windows 7 requires several steps to complete. Sadly in windows 8 the file in system are different and yet i still didn't found the solution. The best thing to do is look at microsoft update catalog, search for you chipset and install it manually.
For other graphic chipset, manual installation using Vista or 7 drivers normally work.

card reader, bluetooth, LAN, Wireless,
You fuys don't really have to worry about this, from my experience, this driver not bring to much problems for users. Commonly these drivers installed along with windows installation.

I only tested with my desktop and not with any laptop yet.
This blog work with comments, all article and driver base on request, test and feedback, if you have something to share, I'm so grateful for that.

(p/s: again sorry for my English, as long as you understand my message)

Jun 7, 2011

Site Updates on JUNE 2011

There are some broken links on major c700 model and other model that use intel 965 express graphic. So for that i have to fix many posts maybe more then 100. So who are looking for the driver Intel 965 for windows XP kindly refer here:

Nov 26, 2010

Dual Touchscreens Laptop - The "Acer Iconia"

As i read the news, normally i won't post any of them in this blog, since i create this blog for drivers only. Anyway here is something interesting I read today, the Dual Touchscreen Laptop by Acer named Acer Iconia.
Acer Iconia features two 14-inch screens: one is the man display while the second one acts as the touch keyboard. Both are designed to have 1366 x 768-pixel resolution. While Techtree state that  it supports 1280x800 pixel resolution. To avoid the screens scratched  both of them are protected by Acer’s Iconia Gorilla Glass technology.

Performance and SPECS.
It using the I5 processor which for good enough for performane and... 4GB DDR3 RAM / 640GB HDD. hows that sound?It  features Windows 7 as its operating system. Connectivity includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G.Its 4-cell battery however only provides up to 3 hours of use. You can also connect the Acer Iconia to HD TV using the HDMI port.

From myy point of view, the other advantage of having touchscreen keyboard is it overcome the problems using a cover for normal laptop keyboard (to prevent dust).
Annyway,I'm thinking to get one when it available at Malaysia, but maybe when second model comes out because as always - 1st model is test , 2nd model is improvement.