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Apr 19, 2014

What is TRS Drivers

What Is TRS Driver
TRS Drivers is common for Toshiba Products and label as "special" drivers by Toshiba website. The main function of the TRS driver according to Toshiba technical support is for the DVD player codec. It will allow codecs to be updated.

Is it Important?
It is base on your situation, current software and windows system already provide the basic and advance codecs to play videos and Audio file. If you do not have problems to play your media files then it is not important and you don't have to install it.

Oct 12, 2011

Windows 8 Driver

Like always, when there are new Windows, most of us want to try it even it still BETA release. I blog for drivers about 3 years now, and a lot happen after the windows 7 release. The most common problem is no support for old model use old devices.
So, i try windows 8 this week, I'm not really interested on the OS but to see what did we need a new drivers for windows 7?

Let us go to the Vista age for a while to look to the whole situation,
When Vista released, you can't use driver from windows XP, and most of the model design for Vista did not have support in their official site for windows XP. Later, many Vista User dissatisfied with the performance and want to use XP. Then the big problem is, you can install XP, but where is the driver?
Similarly when windows 7 comes, people still want to use XP or Dual-boot , so where is the driver? this is the reason i build this blog, as my journal, my reference, to gather drivers and solution for this type of problems.

Now comes windows 8,
There are no problems for newer model that design for windows 7, practically windows 8 driver are similar to those windows 7. I hope you guys don't misunderstand me, if you want to talk about direct X 12 or else, it is different from my intention. Example, after installing windows 8 you have no audio, so I'll try to find the driver so you get your audio in windows 8, but if the audio Quality is not as great as windows 7, it is a different topics.Not that i don't want to help, but i know myself, i know few things, and i don't speak something that I'm not really know about it.

I spent most of my time study the drivers and thousands of model, I'm not study the hardware specification in term of performance. The strength of window 7 is it automatically install most of your driver, and i believe this Microsoft enhance this feature,like em my desktop, after windows 8 installation, all driver installed properly.

Here i have initial opinion about the drivers:

CHIPSET/Motherboard etc:

Inte 3,4,5 and 900 installed automatically, or by windows update. You can also use windows 7 drivers from intel website.

South bridge Driver and Co-processor;
Windows 7 and vista drivers will do.

Use windows 7  and vista drivers. For Older model, you modified inf to get it work.
XP driver may work on some model, the difficult thing is to get the right version. (laptopvideo2go is the best place to start)

the pain is on older Intel graphic, like 82825/852GM GME and 915 graphic chipset. The method for windows 7 requires several steps to complete. Sadly in windows 8 the file in system are different and yet i still didn't found the solution. The best thing to do is look at microsoft update catalog, search for you chipset and install it manually.
For other graphic chipset, manual installation using Vista or 7 drivers normally work.

card reader, bluetooth, LAN, Wireless,
You fuys don't really have to worry about this, from my experience, this driver not bring to much problems for users. Commonly these drivers installed along with windows installation.

I only tested with my desktop and not with any laptop yet.
This blog work with comments, all article and driver base on request, test and feedback, if you have something to share, I'm so grateful for that.

(p/s: again sorry for my English, as long as you understand my message)

Feb 3, 2011

Install Ubuntu Inside Windows (WUBI)

In this tutorial I will show how to Install Ububtu inside windows (dual boot windows and ubuntu)

I. Downloading ISO and WUBI file
II. Selecting Partition
III. Installing Ubuntu
IV. Some Notes

I.  Downloading ISO and WUBI file

1. Ubuntu ISO file : Download here
(select the latest version from drop down menu and select 32-bit if you are new to ubuntu)
(note that the latest is 10.10 and over time there will be other release)

click on the picture to enlarge

2. WUBI Installer: Download here

Save both file and wait until. download finish.

II. Selecting Partition

1. You can use any partition you want because it will not clean up your data on the selected partition.
2. You can easily remove ubuntu installation via add/remove program from control panel.
3. Make sure you partition have at least 17GB free. (minimum space is 15GB)

III. Installing Ubuntu

1.  Here i select one of my partition -  D partition, and i rename it with ubuntu.

2. After finish download both file, palce them in D drive (or any partition you want to install ubuntu)

3. Double click on WUBI and you will see this screen.
by default, it will select C partition as installation drive, so you have to change to drive you want to install.

4. change the following:

1- Installation drive : change it to the partition you want to install ubuntu.
2 - select the size of your ubuntu installation, minimum 15GB (make sure after installation the space not less then 2GB.
3 -Insert password, it a must to continue installation.
---click Install--- 

5. After clicking install it will begin to install:

6. When it finish, you will be prompt to restart, restart your computer to continue installation.

7. After restart, on the boot selection select ubuntu.

8. After that, a screen will appear with a countdown 5, 4.... and at this part, you do not need to do anything, just wait it install untill it reboot. After reboot your ubuntu installation is complete.

IV. Some notes

1. So after finish installing, every time you turn on your computer you will see the OS selection, to use ubuntu simply select ubuntu.
2. You can remove ubuntu installation from control panel -add/remove program.
3. After log in to your ubuntu - run updates first.

P/s: nothing important here, just if you want to read something (^^)
Ubuntu provide wubi to install ubuntu, i try wubi and it took me like forever to install it. I notice that wubi will first downloading the ISO file for installation (about 1-2 hour to wait). So, my idea is to download the ISO and place it with the wubi, so it will not download the ISO but instead use the ISO i downloaded earlier and it WORKS. I also notice that downloading ISO separately are faster the WUBI downloading it.

Jan 15, 2011

Check Your Driver In Windows 7

Anonymous said...
I am using Compaq Presario CQ41-110AU and Windows 7, but I have no idea whether any drivers already installed or not :(
because I asked my friend to re-install my laptop.
How to find out what drivers have not been installed yet? and I also need MS Office for Win 7, how to install it?
Thank you in advance.

This guide will show you how to check your computer device driver so that you can identify which driver you need to install. This guide apply for windows XP, Vista and 7.

1. First we use device manager to check our devices. To open device manager click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC

2. Then a device manager will open. There you will see list of devices of your computer.

a) A computer with all the drivers installed will show no yellow mark in the device manager

b) while the computer with incomplete driver will show yellow mark. But for your graphic (Display), it will show Video controller with yellow mark or under the display adapters it will show Standard VGA Graphic adapters.

3. So now you can identify weather your computer driver is missing driver or not. So the problems is how to get the right Driver.

a) If you know yor computer model say Lenovo Ideapad s10, so just type "Lenovo Support" on google and enter the support site. So browse for your driver there.

b) If it appear that you didn't know what is your model. You can get the hardware ID for the devices and search the hardware ID on google.

c) Lastly, You can request your driver here in Request section.

Dec 21, 2010

Disk Management Console View is not Up to Date

This problem occur often in windows 7 when you insert card reader or other storage (USB) in your computer.
In this post i will describe:

1. Overview : some information regarding the problems
2. Solution: To overcome the problem

Normally this happen when you insert CARD READER or Other storage (2ndary storage) and your computer failed to detect it. This normally happen in Windows 7 and may occur in other Operating system. Regardless of 32 bit and 64 bit the solution is still the same if you having the problems which i describe above.

So to see if the storage detected or not we open disk management to check the devices. for those who don't know how to open disk management, click start and type in DISKMGMT.MSC

After that the disk management windows will open and you can see your storage appear but when you right click you can't format, change driver letter or path or even select properties:

Here is the error you will get when you try to format or select properties.

2. Solution

1. Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC

2. A device manager windows will open, click VIEW and click at the SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES.

3. After that look for UNKNOWN DEVICES devices list, if you can't find it, expand the storage volumes list.

4. Right click on the Unknown devices, select uninstall.
5. Then right click again on any place there, select scan for hardware change.
6. A new hardware Wizard will appear, follow the on screen instruction.

Your PC will detect the card reader after the installation finish.

If you have any question or suggestion to improve this post, please leave your comments.


1. I got an unknown device but this method didn't worked, what to do?
-Get the hardware ID for the unknown device and post it here. The hardware ID will determine what type of drivers/firmware your computer need in order to identify the hardware. You also can read my posts about unknown devices here.

2. There is no unknown device (even after selecting "show hidden device")
- Normally happen to new external hard disk, every notebook/laptop/desktop have disk size limitation. This mean if the disk size is larger than what your notebook can read it will not recognize by your computer. What you have to do is plug it into other computer to configure it for the first time use. This include formatting new drive (if not yet formatted) and give a specific drive letter and path.

Dec 20, 2010

Check Devices Driver in Windows 7

In this tutorial I will show how to check your device driver in Windows 7.

TO check PC or laptop have all the drivers it need, you can use Device manager.

Click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC

If there are drivers which yet not installed in your system, you will see the list with yellow mark.
For Graphic, it will show the exact graphic driver model, if it show Standard VGA means you need to update your graphic driver.

If you have any problems or questions leave your comments.

Dec 17, 2010

Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD

OK, this afternoon, a guy from FIJI asked me about the DVD problem. He said that he cannot play the DVD with the error

"Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer."

OK this cause by missing decoder or the decoder not installed. If you browse Microsof website the solution is:

click start - run - type dvdupgrd /upgrade

OK, for me there is another solution that i like and my favourite which is installing codec packs. The price is FREE.

I recommend installing these codec pack to solve the problems:

K-lite codec pack (FULL)
XP codec pack
Tiger Player/MPCstar

Not necessarily you need all of those, in my PC I install Klite Codec pack, tiger player, Real Player, Real alternative and Windows Media Player Classic.

Nov 30, 2010

Acer driver for windows 7

After windows 7 arrived, many acer laptop user including me try the beta version and now there are several version available. So, the question after the installation of windows 7 is the driver.


Before we do some installation, please run automatic updates and see if there are any updates for your driver.
to check your driver installed or not, just simply click start, on the box type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter, you should see a windows open with list of your devices. If you see any yellow mark,then you need to find driver for it.

1. Ok first of all the new model shouldn't worry about it because Acer provide the drivers (if you don't have ot or dont find it just leave your comment, ill list it for you) - it all should be listed in acer support page.

2. for bit older model - your vista driver may work. If not try right click on the installer and select properties, then select compatibilities and select windows vista, the click apply. After that right click again and select run as administrator.

3. Find the drivers on the components manufacture site. Every model has it own manufacture, sch as audio eg: Realtek . So if acer just provide a vista audio driver for realtek. just simply go to realtek site and download the latest driver for windows 7.

4. For very old model - maybe quite difficult for you to find several driver. and some of you can't event enable aero. Ok for this one i can assist you, just give me your model and your hardware ID.

P/s: if you like to do some experiment, why not try download driver from other model but with same manuufactre component, and same model, say atheros AR5xxxx, download and test, but please if you new to hardware and driver, please don't try this experiment on your laptop. cheers

Compaq Audio Driver

Compaq have many model that equipped with certain manufactures audio components. From my experience working with Compaq/HP, there are 3 major type of AUDIO component they use which is REALTEK, IDT - high definition audio devices and conexant.

The problems occurred When Windows Vista arrived, many laptop such as CQ40 and CQ35 model have problems with windows XP installation and installig the Driver especially AUDIO. However i have write posts to solve the problems which you may refer here:

Slipstreaming Guide To install Windows XP

Slipstreaming guide here is a method for those who do not have external floppy drive. And for those who have the external floppy drive may install the XP directly without the slipstreaming process.

For the Audio especially for compaq CQ40 and CQ35 (may also work with vista bae model which use IDT),
I write 2 post how to install the audio driver:

General Audio Installation

and for those who have problems with audio disappear after restart this poost may help you.
For those who use realtek you just need to download the latest realtek driver from the realtek site.
Hope this article help and if you have any question feel free to leave your comments.

Oct 22, 2009

4 unknown devices in Windows 7 RTM 64 on dv7

before proceed with the steps to solve your problems make sure you check the ID, the ID for dv7 i have is ACPI/HPQ0004 so it is the:

ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection

this will solve 3 unknown device and the other one left is:

HDD protection feature:

HP dv6500t ICH8M LPC Interface Controller - 2815 problems

If you found there are unknown driver with ICH8M LPC Interface Controller - 2815 on the device manager follow this steps:

1. Download this drivers: HP Quicklaunch Button

and above that you mught require to install .netframework 2.0 before install the Quicklauch. Another tips is make windows XP SP2 works better with drivers for laptop model which design for windows Vista.

Oct 21, 2009

Unknown Base System Device Windows 7 in Compaq CQ

So if you finish installing windows 7 you'll find most of the drivers installed automatically but if you see unknown base device with yellow marks on device manager it is the card reader driver:


right click and select run as administrator. install and done!

Aug 18, 2009

Webcam Crash Problems MSN Messenger (SOLVED)

Before continue reading the entire post, I would like to stress this post is specific for Compaq laptop but you can also apply for other type if you know to choose your driver. I made this post because i got an email asked about Webcam crashed using MSN Messenger and she report back that its work for her. SO here is my original reply to her email and hope help you too, if you still having trouble( Especially different models) leave your comments.

here some suggestion that may help you:

first update your youcam driver:

restart and if it still crash follow next step:

first download and istall the update below:

windows vista service pack 1 update:

then web quickplay update:

May 10, 2009

Vista Recovery Disk Information

This might be helpful if you need recovery disk for your windows vista.
It looked like Microsoft was finally going to do the right thing. Beta versions of Vista SP1 came with a modern equivalent of the old Windows Boot Floppy--a Start Menu option called "Create a Recovery Disc" that burned a Windows PE-based emergency CD. Alas, Microsoft removed that feature before SP1 shipped, but not before NeoSmart turned the disc into an .iso file and made it available on their site.
Running on the Vista version of Windows PE, the Recovery Disc is basically a Vista installation disc minus the install files. It even has an "Install now" button that asks for a Product Key before failing. You're better off clicking the Repair your computer button. Among its Vista-only options are a tool for diagnosing and fixing startup problems, a version of System Restore that uses restore points on the hard drive, the restore portions of Vista's backup program, and a memory diagnostic tool.
Note: This link takes you to an external Web site, where you can download the latest version of the software.
--Lincoln Spector

May 8, 2009

Fix ahcix64 file corrupted problems

This post is base on itapac crew comments after he failed 5 times to install windows XP using slipstreaming method and success after he knew the the problems make the process failed.

here is the original comments or you can read the original comments here.

Hye guys,

I'm using Compaq Presario CQ40-406au (AMD). I need to downgred my OS from Vista to XP and everybody in here really helping me. Thanks. I just want to share my problem so maybe next time if there is anybody else getting same problem as mine can solve it easily.

First time i create bootable XP using nlite it's failed. Error "...ahcix64 file corrupted..". My mistake here is selecting x64 from my sata driver. I'm suppose to select x86. But after i realize my mistake, i tried to create another bootable cd and selecting x86 but still the same error appeared. After wasting 5 of my dvd, i realize that i'm not suppose to use the same folder of win xp that i copied to my harddrive because nlite will copy and change all the setting effecting the original file of windows xp that i copied before.

Use the fresh file of winxp if u want to create another bootable cd. I already installed Xp in my compaq cq40-40au and i really want to share this with everybody. :)
The main thing i want to stress after read this comment is.

1. When slipstreaming - any guide you found on the internet will tell you to create a new folder to store the windows XP files, so when you slipstream and failed, you should create another folder, don't load any previous session, create a new folder and repeat the same method.

2. The most important is to know your windows XP bootable CD/DVD, either 32-bits or 64-bits.
If 32-bits use AHCIX86 and if 64-bit use AHCI64, both type of opereating system is different even both are windows XP. If you don't know if it is 32-bit or 64-bits you can find further information here:

Feb 25, 2009

7 Unknown Devices Compaq Windows XP Driver

There are a lot of driver missing when downgrade from xp to vista and 7 unknown devices is quite a popular topic discussed. And there are also other driver such as co processor. When downgrading for me the essential driver is chipset, sound, vga, wireless, bluetooth and card reader. So what to do with missing driver, for me if nothing wrong with your laptop no need for you to update the driver because you already have the essentials drivers.

Direct link

Extract the files and  right click on machine.inf select install.

Dec 23, 2008

11 ways to enhance your notebook battery life longer

Here i blog the post by about how to enhance your laptop battery, if you find this article helpfull share with your friends and give credits to the original blog.Free Smiley Face Courtesy of
  1. Do ‘Defragment’ Regularly.Defragmentation speeds up your Hard disks thus reducing some extra burden on your notebook batteries.
  2. Dim your notebook display screen.You can turn down the brightness of your notebook’s display by using Function Keys[In most of the modern laptops].
  3. Don’t run a ‘virus scan’ unnecessarily when you are running on battery,virus scan does add extra load on the CPU so as on the batteries.
  4. Monitor your battery performance on a regular basis.
  5. Clean your battery Contacts:It’s always suggested to take out your battery once in two or three months and clean the metal contacts with cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.
  6. Choose ‘Hibernate’ over ‘Standby’.Although Standby mode does save some power but it’s nowhere near when compared to ‘Hibernate’ mode,so opt for ‘Hibernate’ instead of ‘Standby’.
  7. Turn off laptop display when you are away from it for shorter duration.You can make use of external software like m_off to do this for you.
  8. Maintain Charging-Discharging balance.Once you completely charge your battery,allow it to discharge at least once in a week.
  9. Turn off Bluetooth,IR & wireless radios when running on battery if you no longer need them.
  10. Don’t attach USB devices[if you don’t really need them] attached to your notebook when running on battery.USB devices like iPod if kept attached to your notebook[for charging],are sure to drain your battery quickly.
  11. Make wise use of the ‘Power Options’ available in the ‘Control Panel’ of your windows.

Sep 6, 2008

System restore

If you wish to turn back time and return your windows into a state where it still working properly?
System Restore can return your PC's system files and programs to a time when everything was working fine, potentially preventing hours of troubleshooting headaches. It won't affect your documents, pictures, or other data.

What System Restore Can Do?
1. Undo any installed updates
2. Undo any upgrade
3. Undo changes you make and does not infecting your files and documents.

What Files Are Changed During System Restore?
System Restore affects Windows system files, programs, and registry settings. It can also make changes to scripts, batch files, and other types of executable files created under any user account on your computer.

Windows XP:
Start - all program - accescories - system tool -system restore

 In windows xp you will have 2 option to restore or to create. Select restore to restore your computer into previous state and you will see there dates you can select with description of what changes have been made on that time. Select the preferable date dan continue until it reboot and finish restoring your computer. You can also undo the restore if you not satisfy with the result.

Windows Vista and Windows 7
Start and on the search box type system restore. Select system restore form the result.
 Similar with windows XP, there are several dates you can choose from, and the will be description what changes on what time. Select the date and click next to continue with system restore.

Windows 8:
On start screen select restore point and on the search result select setting the select create restore point and you will be brought to the System Protection tab of the System Properties control panel.