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Feb 3, 2011

Install Ubuntu Inside Windows (WUBI)

In this tutorial I will show how to Install Ububtu inside windows (dual boot windows and ubuntu)

I. Downloading ISO and WUBI file
II. Selecting Partition
III. Installing Ubuntu
IV. Some Notes

I.  Downloading ISO and WUBI file

1. Ubuntu ISO file : Download here
(select the latest version from drop down menu and select 32-bit if you are new to ubuntu)
(note that the latest is 10.10 and over time there will be other release)

click on the picture to enlarge

2. WUBI Installer: Download here

Save both file and wait until. download finish.

II. Selecting Partition

1. You can use any partition you want because it will not clean up your data on the selected partition.
2. You can easily remove ubuntu installation via add/remove program from control panel.
3. Make sure you partition have at least 17GB free. (minimum space is 15GB)

III. Installing Ubuntu

1.  Here i select one of my partition -  D partition, and i rename it with ubuntu.

2. After finish download both file, palce them in D drive (or any partition you want to install ubuntu)

3. Double click on WUBI and you will see this screen.
by default, it will select C partition as installation drive, so you have to change to drive you want to install.

4. change the following:

1- Installation drive : change it to the partition you want to install ubuntu.
2 - select the size of your ubuntu installation, minimum 15GB (make sure after installation the space not less then 2GB.
3 -Insert password, it a must to continue installation.
---click Install--- 

5. After clicking install it will begin to install:

6. When it finish, you will be prompt to restart, restart your computer to continue installation.

7. After restart, on the boot selection select ubuntu.

8. After that, a screen will appear with a countdown 5, 4.... and at this part, you do not need to do anything, just wait it install untill it reboot. After reboot your ubuntu installation is complete.

IV. Some notes

1. So after finish installing, every time you turn on your computer you will see the OS selection, to use ubuntu simply select ubuntu.
2. You can remove ubuntu installation from control panel -add/remove program.
3. After log in to your ubuntu - run updates first.

P/s: nothing important here, just if you want to read something (^^)
Ubuntu provide wubi to install ubuntu, i try wubi and it took me like forever to install it. I notice that wubi will first downloading the ISO file for installation (about 1-2 hour to wait). So, my idea is to download the ISO and place it with the wubi, so it will not download the ISO but instead use the ISO i downloaded earlier and it WORKS. I also notice that downloading ISO separately are faster the WUBI downloading it.

Jan 15, 2011

Check Your Driver In Windows 7

Anonymous said...
I am using Compaq Presario CQ41-110AU and Windows 7, but I have no idea whether any drivers already installed or not :(
because I asked my friend to re-install my laptop.
How to find out what drivers have not been installed yet? and I also need MS Office for Win 7, how to install it?
Thank you in advance.

This guide will show you how to check your computer device driver so that you can identify which driver you need to install. This guide apply for windows XP, Vista and 7.

1. First we use device manager to check our devices. To open device manager click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC

2. Then a device manager will open. There you will see list of devices of your computer.

a) A computer with all the drivers installed will show no yellow mark in the device manager

b) while the computer with incomplete driver will show yellow mark. But for your graphic (Display), it will show Video controller with yellow mark or under the display adapters it will show Standard VGA Graphic adapters.

3. So now you can identify weather your computer driver is missing driver or not. So the problems is how to get the right Driver.

a) If you know yor computer model say Lenovo Ideapad s10, so just type "Lenovo Support" on google and enter the support site. So browse for your driver there.

b) If it appear that you didn't know what is your model. You can get the hardware ID for the devices and search the hardware ID on google.

c) Lastly, You can request your driver here in Request section.

Sep 10, 2009

How to Repair Direct X

This tutorial will guide you to uninstall and reinstall direct X.

However, the problem is that the option to uninstall DirectX 9 is not in the uninstall Windows programs utility, Add or Remove Programs. So, to do this.

1. Run the Regedit: at Start > click Run and type regedit to open Registry Editor.
2. Navigate to the following registry key:


3. Delete the DirectX entry, and reboot your computer.
4 .When the system restarts, default DirectX 8.1 version is restored on the system.
5. Run the dxdiag command to confirm the same.

Warning: The registry is an important component of your Windows System. For this reason, you must always make a backup of the registry before making any changes to it. You can do this either by using the File > Export command in the Registry Editor, or by using the Backup and Restore feature of a third-party registry tool.

After uninstalling DirectX, you may run a registry scan using a registry tool to remove any left-over entries and to ensure complete DirectX 9 removal. Next, to reinstall DirectX 9, perform the following steps:

1. 1. Clean boot your system:
1. - At Start > Run, type msconfig, and then press Enter to open the System Configuration utility.
2. - On the General tab, select the Select Startup checkbox, and then clear all options under it.
3. - On the Service tab, select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box and then select the Disable All button.
4. - Select OK to close the dialog box, and then restart the system.
2. 2. Finally, reinstall DirectX 9.

(You can download direct X9 from softpedia or microsoft site)

May 10, 2009

Vista Recovery Disk Information

This might be helpful if you need recovery disk for your windows vista.
It looked like Microsoft was finally going to do the right thing. Beta versions of Vista SP1 came with a modern equivalent of the old Windows Boot Floppy--a Start Menu option called "Create a Recovery Disc" that burned a Windows PE-based emergency CD. Alas, Microsoft removed that feature before SP1 shipped, but not before NeoSmart turned the disc into an .iso file and made it available on their site.
Running on the Vista version of Windows PE, the Recovery Disc is basically a Vista installation disc minus the install files. It even has an "Install now" button that asks for a Product Key before failing. You're better off clicking the Repair your computer button. Among its Vista-only options are a tool for diagnosing and fixing startup problems, a version of System Restore that uses restore points on the hard drive, the restore portions of Vista's backup program, and a memory diagnostic tool.
Note: This link takes you to an external Web site, where you can download the latest version of the software.
--Lincoln Spector

Mar 16, 2009

Ask Question About Laptop

Here you can ask question about laptop problems, i,m not an expert but willing to share what i know. You can also post your question at fixya. Before leave your problems in the comments section please provide your laptop model and OS(xp or Vista).

Feb 25, 2009

7 Unknown Devices Compaq Windows XP Driver

There are a lot of driver missing when downgrade from xp to vista and 7 unknown devices is quite a popular topic discussed. And there are also other driver such as co processor. When downgrading for me the essential driver is chipset, sound, vga, wireless, bluetooth and card reader. So what to do with missing driver, for me if nothing wrong with your laptop no need for you to update the driver because you already have the essentials drivers.

Direct link

Extract the files and  right click on machine.inf select install.