Dec 30, 2008

compaq presario cq50-104 xp driver

Install Windows Installer 3.1 First:Download (external Link)
Install Netframework 2.0 : Download


Nvidia nForce 740a/nForce 710a
Version  7MB

Nvidia nForce 15.45 WHQL
2009.10.01  152MB

Audio Drivers
You must Install MS-UAA before installing audio drivers. Reboot after MS-UAA and install audio drivers. Please don;t skip this step to make sure your audio installed properly.

Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA)
Download (from HP)


Conextant Smart Audio 221 Drivers
Version 1.02MB
Download (mf link)
Download (sd link)

Instruction to Install Audio Drivers:
 (if you need instruction with picture you can read here)
1. Unzip the file, i suggest unzip it at desktop and you will get CQSmartAudio_221 folder.
2. Remember that folder location we will use it later.
3. Open device manager by click start and select RUN, type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.
4. A device manager will open, look for Audio Device on High Def Bus. Right click and select update driver.
5. Select No to connect.
6. Select Don't Search, I will choose the driver to install,
7. For the Hardware Type select 'Show All Devices'
8. Remove the check (uncheck) from "Show Compatible Hardware" and click on "Have Disk".
9. Browse to  CQSmartAudio_221 folder we extract earlier and select WAHER5a.inf.
10. Continue with on screen installation until finish. Ignore if it prompt or complaint. reboot.

Nvidia HDMI Audio Drivers
Verison WHQL 5.67MB

Cyberlink Youcam Software
Version 2.0.2519 46MB

Synaptic Touchpad Driver
Version 26MB

HP Quick Launch Button
Version  24.26MB

Card Reader
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver
Version 6.0.6000.20113 A 9.66MB

(3 available drivers, choose 1 base on your specs or test which work for your model)
Atheros 2011 (AR5007) Wireless Drivers
Version 9.20  81.94MB

Broadcom wireless LAN Driver (BCM43XX)
Version 10.27M

Intel Wireless LAN Drivers
Version 14.0 14.64MB

Tools and Utilities - Optional Downloads:

Lightscribe System Software:
Version A 8.4M

HP Wireless Assistant
Version:, 3.81M

Motorola SoftStylus 
Version:, 42.73M

Additional Resources:
For further reading and information. Note that this is only description and information taht may be helpful.

1. Hp Quicklaunch, other version you can also use is: sp39425.exe
2. Card Reader : You can download driver directly from Realtek: Download link
3. There 2 chipset drivers available above, it is optional and you can choose which work best for you.
4. Wireless Atheros: It support wide range of wireless device mainly on 5xxx series.
5. Atheros Wireless: If the driver file is too big, you can use older version: sp39403.exe
6. For the Hardware Type select 'Show All Devices'
Remove the check from "Show Compatible Hardware" and click on "Have Disk".

List Of Supported Model:
Compaq Presario CQ50-100 Series
Compaq Presario CQ50-200 Series
Compaq Presario CQ50z
Supported all CQ50 model with AMD processor.

Compaq Presario CQ50t
-this model use Intel chipset and different drivers needed for chipset and graphic.


  1. sy baru format laptop cq50-104au pakai wind xp sata pack 2 tp laptop jadi slow. mengapa?

  2. salam syed,

    1. Pertama pastikan semua driver dah dinstall terutama sekali Graphic dan chipset. (kalau belum install kna install dulu sebab tanpa graphic performance mmg teramt perlahan)

    2. mungkin sewaktu install windows ada file yg tertinggal (jarang2 hal ini blh terjadi)jadi biasanya format kembali.

    3. Cuba cek suhu laptop - gunakan SPEED FAN program. pastikan suhu maximum paling tinggi pun 70, biasanya untuk laptop suhu yang ok 63C. Elakkan guna laptop tanpa fan atau pelapik agar ada ruang.

    4. Buka device manager dan check pada performance, jika tiada apa2 program dibuka cpu sepatutnya dibawah 4% dan PF usage(RAM) 200-600mb. Untuk perkara ini kalaulah penggunaan tinggi biasanya ia kerana software ataupun background running program.

  3. ok... terima kaseh...

    nak mintak tolong lagi boleh...
    upload driver utk model ni jugk...

    1- MS UAA
    2- Conexant SmartAudio 221
    y ni dah invalid, tp lau bleh jgn mediafire...