Dec 23, 2008

HP Pavilion dv2550se ICH9M-EM SATA AHCI Controller Driver

if the blue scree on death appears on your HP Pavilion dv2550se while installing windows xp, you need ICH9M-EM SATA AHCI Controller Driver.
incorporate the driver into your Windows XP installation CD by using software such as nLite.

ICH9M-EM SATA AHCI Controller Driver
File name: sp39548.exe [1/1, 21.12M]
Version: A

To perform Slipstream Guide you can read my tutorial here:
Slipstream Guide To install windows XP Drivers


  1. Thank you so much. After much aggravation and even more research, i think this will finally allow me to install windows xp on this computer!

  2. Yes sir..this is the only solution that worked...repsect to the most high :-)

  3. U are Awesome Man It worked..Thanku very much.. I serach the manay supports but i got the driver here thanx mann. god bless u

  4. Great tutorial, Sir! Thank so much!