Jan 17, 2009

Acer Aspire 4710 Drivers Windows XP, Vista, 7

Model: Acer Aspire 4710
Family: Acer Aspire Notebook
Manufacture: Acer
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Last Update: Jan 20 12014
Downloads: 9897
Note: All compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit unless mentioned with x64 for 64-bit.

1. Important Note for windows 7 User
2. Drivers
3. Acer Empowering Technology
4. Problem with hibernation/sleep mode.

Important Notes for windows 7 Users:

Windows 7 automatically install most of the drivers and run windows updates to get the latest drivers.
To check which drivers you need in windows 7 you can refer to my post here.

You can use windows Vista drivers for windows 7. in case it failed to install, re-install it using  compatibility mode, you can do this by:
1. Download and extract the driver files.
2. Look for setup or install, right click on it and select properties.
3. Select Compatibility tab and tick the "run this program in compatibility mode for" select windows Vista.
4. Install it by right click and select "run as admin".
Details instruction with picture can be found here.


Sata Driver
Intel Serial ATA AHCI Drivers
Version, 20.8MB  Windows XP
Version 19.9MB Windows Vista
Version, 21.4MB Windows 7

Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
Version 36.9MB  Windows XP
Version, 36.7MB Windows Vista
Version, MB 58.5 Windows 7

Broadcom Bluetooth Driver
Version, 96.6MB  Windows XP
Version, 24Mb Windows Vist, 7
Version, 57.0 Windows Vista x64, 7 x64

Camera -Webcam
Bison Camera Driver
Version 7.96.701.2, 9.7MB Windows XP, Vista, 7

Camera - Webcam
Chicony Camera Driver
Version, 7.0MB Windows XP 
Version, 7.0MB Windows Vista, 7

Camera - Webcam
Suyin Camera Driver
Version 6.2MB Windows XP, Vista, 7

Intel Chipset Installation Utility Driver
Version, 3.9MB Windows XP
Version, 2.0MB Windows XP, Vista 
Version, 4.7MB Windows 7

Card Reader
O2 Micro Card Reader Driver
Version 5.1.2600.2180, 3.7MB Windows XP
Version 3.27 8.6MB Windows Vista, 7

LAN - Ethernet
Broadcom LAN Driver
Version, 37.2MB Windows XP
Version 4.7MB Windows Vista, 7

Agere Modem Driver
Version, 1.4MB Windows XP
Version, 677.1KB Windows Vista, 7

Conexant Modem Driver
Version, 3.6MB Windows XP
 Version 7.62.0, 2.1MB Window Vista, 7

Synaptic Touchpad Driver
Version, 6.1MB Windows XP 
Version, 11.5MB Windows Vista, 7

VGA - Graphic
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400XT, HD2300
Version 8.402.0.0000 129.2MB Windows XP
Version 8.37.5, 37.8MB Windows Vista
Version 8.401.0.0000 , 148.4MB Windows Vista x64
Windows 7 automatically installed the drivers, in case you need the latest drivers:
Latest Catalyst 13.9: Windows 7x32 Windows 7x64

VGA - Graphic
Intel 945 GM Graphic Driver
Version, 16.4MB Windows XP
Version, 15.0MB Windows Vista
Windows 7 automatically installed the drivers, in case you need the latest or WDDM drivers: 
Download for windows 7

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Version, 2.7MB Windows XP
Version, 2.9MB Windows Vista, 7

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver
Version, 2.9MB Windows XP
Version, 3.0MB Windows Vista, 7

Intel Wireless LAN Driver
Version, 143.1MB Windows XP
Version, 32.0MB Windows Vista, 7
Version, 7.6MB Windows Vista x64, 7 x64

Launch Manager
Dritek Launch Manager
Version 2.7MB Windows XP
Version  2.0.00 2.6MB Windows Vista, 7x64

Acer BIOS (use it when needed) - OS independent
Version 1.18, 4.5MB Download
Wrong BIOS can harm your system, use it if you know what you're doing!

Acer Empowering Technology (Windows Vista and Windows 7)

Acer GridVista 
Acer Acer GridVista Application
Version  2.65.402 1.2 MB Download

Acer Acer Mobility Center Add-on Application
Version 1.0.3003 5.9 MB Download

Acer eDataSecurity Management Application
Version 2.8.4354 41.4 MB  Download

Acer Acer Empowering Technology Framework
Version 2.5.4301 18.0 MB  Download

Acer Acer eLock Management Application
Version 2.5.4302 8.4 MB  Download

Acer eNet Management Application
Version 2.6.4009 9.2 MB  Download

Acer ePower Management Application
Version 2.5.4311 11.1 MB  Download

Acer ePresentation Management Application
Version 2.5.4002 4.0 MB Download

Acer eRecovery Management Application
Version 2.5.4304 15.4 MB Download

Acer eSetting Management Application
Version 2.5.4302 8.2 MB Download

Hibernation - Resuming From Sleep Problem in windows 7

The 1394 FireWire driver was updated in the Windows 7 and some older 1394 devices may not be compatible with the new driver. This cause some instability issue including problem with hibernation and resume form sleep. The common case is, after resume from sleep, reboot and then the screen goes blank, it will reboot once again and then you can boot to OS. To solve this you need to change the drivers into legacy driver via device manager.

1- Click Start menu.
2- Right click "Computer" select "manage".
3- Select "Device manager" from the left hand panel.
4- Expand the "IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers" node in the device tree on the right hand pane.
5- Right click the host controller node select "Update driver software ..."
6- select "Browse my computer for driver software"
7- select "let me pick from a list of device driver on my computer ..."

8. Select The legacy driver from the list and click next and wait until installation finish.


  1. I have acer 5051 ANWXMi
    I want to download my driver acer
    whether there is 1 in the folder for all drivers acer me?
    (wireless + audio + camera ... etc) in a 1-time download? no separate
    Thanks Before

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  3. Wireless_intel.zip : The archive is either in unknown format or damaged.

  4. I already download it and it still work fine, i think you may try to download it again, make sure the size after finish downloading is 2.658 Mb, if still problems download from here:


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