Jan 3, 2009

Acer Aspire 5720 Windows XP Driver

Model: Acer Aspire 5720, Acer Aspire 5720G, Acer Aspire 7720
Manufacture: Acer
Compatibility: Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit
Last Update: Jan 15 2014
Downloads: 29059

Installation Notes:
1. It is recommended to install the drivers by the following order: Chipset -  Graphic - Audio and continue with other drivers afterward.
2. There are 3 more than one drivers for graphic, wireless and webcam. To choose the right driver run HW-Vendor detection software to check which driver you should download and install.

Intel Chipset Driver 2.0MB Download 

ATI VGA Driver 8.412.0.0000 129.6 MB Download 
Intel VGA Driver 17.3 MB Download
VGA NVIDIA VGA Driver 66.8 MB Download 

Realtek Audio Driver 36.8 MB Download 

Acer Bluetooth Driver 98.3 MB Download 

Bison Camera Driver 2.1 MB Download 
Chicony Camera Driver 5.8 MB Download 
Suyin Camera Driver 6.6 MB Download 

Card Reader 
Intel Card Reader Driver
3.51.01 2.6MB Download 

Broadcom LAN Driver
10.42 47.2 MB Download 

Broadcom Modem Driver
7.66.00 3.5 MB Download 

Intel SATA Driver 626.1 KB Download 

TV Tuner 
liteon TV Tuner Driver 12.6 MB Download 

Synaptics Touchpad Driver
9.1.11 34.3 MB Download 

Wireless LAN 
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver 150.8 MB Download 
Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver 150.8 MB Download 
Intel Wireless LAN Driver 150.7 MB Download

Empowering Technology and Application

Launch Manager
Dritek: Acer Launch Manager Application
2.0.07, 2.6MB Download

Acer Acer eDataSecurity Management Application
2.2.5097 50.1MB  Download

Acer Acer Empowering Technology Framework
2.3.4003 26.6MB Download

Acer Acer eLock Management Application
2.1.4003 4.5 MB  Download

Acer Acer eNet Management Application
2.5.4003 32.3 MB Download

Acer Acer ePower Management Application
2.0.4003 7.7MB Download

ePresentation Acer Acer
 ePresentation Management Application
2.0.4000 3.7MB Download

Acer Acer eSetting Management Application
2.3.4005 5.8 MB Download

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