Jan 3, 2009

Acer Extensa 4220 XP Driver

Download and install both chipset.

1. Chipset Intel965
Version : v8.2.0.1012
Driver File Size : 2061KB

2. AHCI Intel
Version : v7.5.0.1017 Vista XP
Driver File Size : 20MB

Driver File Name : Audio Realtek
Version : v5.10.0.5423 XP
Driver File Size : 37MB

Driver File Name : Authentec Fingerprint Driver
Version : v7
Driver File Size : 7239KB

Driver File Name : Card TI
Driver Version : v2.0.0.7 XP
Driver File Size : 6174KB


Driver File Name : LAN ASF Management Console v7.1
Driver Version : v7.1
Driver File Size : 8927KB

Driver File Name : LAN Broadcom
Version : v10.26.0.0

There are two types of modem, choose one, if you dont know which one, try which work.
1. Modem Agere
Driver Version : v2.1.77.9
Driver File Size : 678KB

2. Modem Foxconn Conexant
Driver Version : v7.62.0
Driver File Size : 1718KB

Driver File Name : Touchpad Synaptics
Driver Version : v10.0.15
Driver File Size : 25MB

VGA Intel Graphic Driver
Driver Version : v6.14.10.4820
Driver File Size : 17MB

VGA NVIDIA Graphic Driver

There are three types of webcam, choose one, if you dont know which one, try which work.

Webcam Bison AP
Driver Version : v2.0.0.8
Driver File Size : 2050KB

 Webcam Bison Driver
Driver Version : v7.96.701.0
Driver File Size : 4354KB

Webcam Suyin Driver
Driver Version : v5.7.28.500
Driver File Size : 4474KB

Webcam Suyin Apps
Driver Version : v1.0.11
Driver File Size : 1849KB

There are three types of webcam, choose one, if you dont know which one, try which work. there no risk, just download and install, test which work.

Wireless Atheros XB63
Driver Version : v5.3.0.45
Driver File Size : 2725KB

Wireless Broadcom 4311
Driver Version : v4.100.1
Driver File Size : 2645KB

Wireless Intel 3945 4965
Driver Version : V11.1.1.11
Driver File Size : 34MB

F6 Intel SATA HDD Driver Floppy
Driver File Size : 613KB

Acer extensa 4220 Windows 7 Drivers


  1. hey this is ashok from chennai ,
    i have acer extensa 4200 laptop,
    my problem is new driver is found that is "Network Controller" , if anybody knows about this means please tell me DRIVER SOFTWARE link ,my email id is akmrashok@gmail.com

  2. hi dis s suresh from tambaram i m newly using acer 4220 tel de idea how to get wifi connection my id s ponysuresh@gmail.com

  3. hi dis s suresh from tambaram i m newly using acer 4220 tel de idea how to get wifi connection my id s ponysuresh@gmail.com

  4. Ashok use this link for your driver, download and install: ftp://ftp.acer-euro.com/notebook/extensa_4220/driver/LAN_Broadcom_v10.26.0.0_XP.zip

  5. Suresh: to get wifi connection you must make sure the drivers for the wireless installed properly.

  6. Thank you Mr.Black-x to provide a link for my laptop, now its work well ... and i have one doubt if i change the os(linux) to another(xp) ,is their any problem will cause , so what is the solution for this and where they are providing driver software...

  7. If u use windows XP download the driver listed here, but if you use linux, after finish installing let the linux run the update and it will automatically install you driver after finish update and restart, normally when u you linux it will autoimatically install your audio and wireless driver including other driver. The update use to find the proper driver for your graphic card (if you have one)

  8. Hi Mr. Black X. I reformatted my acer extensa 4220. I found out that the drivers for ethernet and wireless was not installed. I downloaded your link here and I successfully installed it. but still i cannot see available wireless connection. |When i check the device manager, there are some drivers still missing, as follows:\

    1. Mass storage controller
    2. Modem device on high definition audio bus
    3. SM Bus controller
    4. video controller
    5. Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

    is this affecting the wireless connectivity? if not, how can i resolve the issue.

    my e-mail is jonixlandanar@yahoo.com

    Please help. Thanks so much

  9. first let solve the VGA driver;base on your spec, is it intel, nvidia or ATI graphic driver,
    there are two type of wireless broadcom or atheros, choose either one.
    i need u to inform me did u download and install all of the driver given above link, reply and i will respons asap, lave ur email if u want to be notify.

  10. Hi Mr. Black X. Thanks for your response I only downloaded the driver for ethernet and for the wireless. i successfully installed it and i am seeing the wireless logo now. but when i am searching for available networks, i cannot see anything. there must be something wrong because this is working properly before i reformatted it. before i am using HP and when i do a destructive reformatting, everything is installed unlike this one. I did not downloaded everything here coz i am afraid for mt laptop to get crazy hehe. i am not a techy guy i am just learning through the bolgs and forums like things. your kind is a God's gift to mankind haha. please help me. i am using now a ethernet wire to get connected. thanks. cheers!

  11. I think this is intel. my e-mail is jonixlandanar@yahoo.com or tb@qatarrecruit.com thanks again

  12. alright no need to worry,first lets solve vga: use this driver:
    and then:

    and then:

    install and reboot, report back the progress

  13. Black X Dear. I installed the VGA you have given but I encountered an error message saying "the software you are installing did not pass windows logo blah blah" and I click continue anyway it says " it will impair the performance or will not work correctly" I click continue anyway and it finishes the installation. Now when I go to the device manager, the VGA warning now is not under "other devices" which I believe is the place for missing drivers. Its now under DISPLAY ADAPTERS with the name Mobile Intel(R) Chipset family and there is a yellow warning logo on the name. I think it is not compatible. And my machine runs a bit slower. Please advise...

    WIRELESS - My wireless is working now yipeeee!!!! you are so great.

    Drivers still missing :

    1. Mass Storage Controller
    2. Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    3. SM Bus Controller

    Please help me once again. Thank you. God bless you always.. :-)

  14. ok lets try to solve it, first install this chipset again first:

    and then right click anywhere on your desktop, selct propertise,adn then selct, setting, under the setting make sure the color quality is set to 32 bit. inform back the progress

  15. Wow this is really great. The SM Bus Controller is out of the missing driver now.

    But the one for VGA (Intel Chipset) are still there. I temporarily disabled it coz my laptop is hanging. Is there any other way to resolve this? Is it important? my laptop seems ok even without this. Please advise.

    The only missing drivers now are :

    1. Mass storage Controller
    2. Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus.

    I tried installing the realtek audio driver here in your blog but it didnt work. It is looking for some cd whcih i dont have.

    Thank you once again. God speed!

  16. as long as your sound working no need for high definition audio and if your computer run smothly no need for vga driver, vga mean the perfomance of your graphics, if your graphics look so slow or move frame by frame so u need to upgrade it, if not its not a problem

  17. Hi Black X. So you mean everything is ok now? Thank God there is someone like you doing something like this. I really appreciate your help. I will never forget you.

  18. its ok jonie, I share what i know=) im trying to help and if it works im happy too

  19. God bless you and your family. Salute!

  20. Hi Mr.Black. My acer 4220 is always getting disconnected to the wireless internet every 5 seconds then reconnect every 5 seconds thereafter. also, my screen resolution is bad.. it seems pixelized, plus the speaker sound is really bad. i lost my cd driver.. can u help me fix these problems? tnx so much! Vicky

  21. i need to know windows Xp or vista vicky

  22. im using windows xp. thanks!

    "Hi Mr.Black. My acer 4220 is always getting disconnected to the wireless internet every 5 seconds then reconnect every 5 seconds thereafter. also, my screen resolution is bad.. it seems pixelized, plus the speaker sound is really bad. i lost my cd driver.. can u help me fix these problems? tnx so much! Vicky"

  23. Ok now lets solve the srceen/interface issue (pixelized):
    Install Intel chipset: ftp://ftp.acer-euro.com/notebook/extensa_4220/driver/Chipset_Intel965_v8.2.0.1012_Vista_XP.zip and then your vga/graphic driver: ftp://ftp.acer-euro.com/notebook/extensa_4220/driver/VGA_Intel_v%

    restart, if it still pixelize, right clcik anywhere on the desktop - select properstise - select setting - change the color to 32-bit.
    Sound driver:
    install this driver again:
    Regarding your wireless issue i need to know is it atheros/intel/or broadcom wireless? report back the progress

  24. tnx mr. black! my sounds is quite fine now. yey!

    My fonts are still pixelized. it seems like the letters are blurred and scaterred.

    regarding my wireless... wireless connection properties menu says im connecting through Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter. tnx!

  25. Regarding your wireless, install this drivers: Broadcom wireless and if the same roblems occur install the latest driver here: Download here, the letters seem pixelized - have u already set the color setting to 32 bit

  26. an error occured when i tried to click on the link for "broadcom wireless"
    it says:550 /notebook/extensa_4220/driver/Wireless_Broadcom_4311_v4.100.15.5_XP.zip: No such file or directory

    as to the 2nd link, there are two options...

    1)Softpedia Mirror (US)

    2)Softpedia Mirror (RO)

    which among these two should i download?

  27. both of the link works, it is the same drivers, I live in Asia so i will use miror(RO) because the download speed faster the miror(US), both of it will works,=)

  28. hey i have an acer 4420 i'm in the tech feld but for the life of me i can't figure out why i can't get my wireless lan to work. i have XP please help msoon i have a little brother of mine in need of a laptop that can connect to the interenet without a cable lol.

  29. oh me again the guy with the acer 4420 i have some info on the ati driver if u want it

  30. ok i have the website go to driver heaven.com and on the top tool bar click on tools>ATI mobility modder and at the bottem u'll see a download link from driver heaven not acer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok and u'll have it it will then show up as radeeon xpress 1200 not 1250 doesn't matter at all but just so u don't go uninstalling it when u see that. if u need help please post.

  31. oh and u don't have to make an account with driver heaven although it is a good idea because they'll send u an email for any softwares u may need really good stuff. they make there own drivers and they are very good so please if u need help i sure do post

  32. if you like to post any updates, join to be my blog partner, just give me your email and i will give you the instructions, but there are few guideline and criteria, thanks for the comments

  33. Forgot about your wireless, to resolve the problems, download the wireless driver i posted above, choose either broadcom, atheros or intel, one of the drivers will work, thanks

  34. thanks so much i'll try that driver soon here's my email
    please keep my email private

  35. oh and i also bought an intel n wireless for my laptop to replace my signal up but my dad has the same problem so lol. thanks so much and i would very much like to help u as a partner


    oh and i called ac er yesterday to see if i could get a driver cd and give u guys the files but apparently they don't want u to "downgrade" more like upgrade to XP and they told me that unless i go back to Vista they won't give me the warrenty so i pretended to go through it with there tech lol hope there's no spy's from acer. oh and told me they'd sew me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for copy right infringementhope u found this interesting.

  37. i guess u could say my point is is don't call acer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever call acer and tell them u have XP on your acer extensa 4420. n

  38. no the website doesn't work, have another website for me? I now know for sure that i need a broadcom driver, because aphero wireless and intel wireless drivers don't work.

  39. Oh and thank you so much for your help, i hope i can do the same for u some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ok download broadcom driver here: Broadcom driver, install and report back the progress, thanks for supporting my blog, any info you want to share email me(kyoajis@gmail.com) and i f i need help i will inform u=)

  41. acer Extensa4220
    i want driver for laptop
    acer Extensa4220


  42. just download the driver on the post above

  43. Hi.I don't have the ethernet controller in my drive CD.my laptop can't connect to the network. I see code 28 for it and it coulnd't be installed from CD. I don't know why?

  44. Hi, try install this drivers:

    Broadcom Lan

    Report back the progress

  45. Thank God there is someone like you doing something like this. I really appreciate your help. I will never forget you.

  46. Hi Black X,
    I am getting some buzzing sounds when I record from my headset mic. Is there a way I cud rectify that? For recording, i used Sound Recorder.
    I have Acer Extensa 4220. Also, I bought new headphones.
    Plz help.

  47. For me there are two thing cause the buzz while recording, first the mic and second the recording software.

    Most forum i search said that it cause by the cheap headphone/mic..but even i agree i also use a cheap headphone to record, about USD5 and no buzz, i record using sony sound forge, and i didn't need to filter coz the sound smooth.
    you may also try:
    1. Double Click on the volume icon on the lower toolbar to bring up the Audio Mixer.
    2. Click on Options then Properties.
    3. Select the Recording Radio Button de-select every thing except the Mic.
    5. Click OK to show the Recorder Mixer with only the Mic present and clck on Advanced. Here you should be able to select 20dB Mic boost. - poted by Brian edwards


  48. The Recording radio button is disabled for me. Only Playback is active. Maybe thats the problem. How do I activate the radio button?

  49. Completely forgot i had a drop down menu. Did what u suggested. Its still the same. I guess I have to buy new headphones.

    Thanx for ur help :)

  50. Hi Tania,
    im really sorry for my late reply, coz the internet and electricity at my place currently shut down, i don't know why and today everything seem to be fine, anyway thanks to post feedback, if you were to buy a expensive one, just remember to check the brand first, anyway again sorry for the late reply. =)

  51. Hello.

    I cant get my laptop on the wireless i have tried doing what you have said and it still wont work... i also cant get the ethernet controller to install properly... its really frustrating.

  52. Firt amke sure you use winn xp,
    second there are three applicable wireless, atheros, intel and broadcom, one those will work,

    for ethernet have you try installing the LAN BROADCOM

  53. Hi black x , after a long time i got a problem , that when i install windows 7, every driver softwares are automatically downloaded and installed and only one driver is not install that is " mass storage driver " (acer extensa 4220) i searched in internet but that type of software is not available so please post any link to for this solution and sorry for delay that is wish you very "happy new year " , Fill ur life with Happiness & Bright Cheer,
    Bring to u Joy and Prosperity for the whole Year,
    And it's my New Year wish 4u .

  54. Hi Ashok and happy new year too =).

    For the drivers, you mass storage driver, you need the give me the hardware ID's. So to get your harware ID follow the guide i provide here:

    After provide me with the Hardware ID. If you still dunt understand, you can also add me to googletalk or Yahoo Messenger.

  55. hi, this is Sam from Iraq, just bought a Extensa 4220 yesterday, I need Drivers for the Following, Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Device, Sim Bus Controller and Mass Storage Controller. Am not a Tech Pers please if someone can help me. E-mail me on samuritova@yahoo.co.uk

  56. Dear Mr. Black-X
    I'm aayush from kathmandu, nepal. my problem is i couldn't install driver for wi-fi in acer extensa 4220. plz send me the process to install that driver. my e-mail id is scorpion_2959@yahoo.com . im waitiing for ur reply...

  57. hello there,im sam..i installed windows 7 on my extensa 4220..i cant get the bluetooth working,where can i get the relevant drivers and is there any bluetooth software for sending/receiving files with paired devices.thanks in advance.

  58. Check in your device manager is there any yellow mark.
    (right click at my computer select manage and select DEVICE MANAGER)
    look for any devices with yellow, if yes post here.
    Second if you want to peer with mobile or any other bluetooth devices i recomend use IVT Bluesoliel.

  59. thnx for the early response. well there are two items marked in yellow and both happen to be Bluetooth Peripheral Device and there also is something saying 'unknown device'..i am using a usb bluetooth dongle..and when i plug in the dongle the two bluetooth peripheral devices appear in device manager marked yellow..as for the ivt bluesoleil is there any particular version that i should use..since i am using windows 7 on my acer extensa 4220 laptop?
    thx in advance :)

  60. OK now we solve one by one:

    1. For the Bluetooth Device mark with yellow, i need the hardware ID, to get the hardware ID follow the guide here:

    note that at the end of the guide you need to copy the hardware ID, you must highlght it and press CTRL + C toghether and paste here.

    2. For unknown devices also do the same in the step one, give me the hardware ID.

    3. The IVT Blusoliel, i recomend to use Version 6.2 and above.

    I will reply a.s.a.p but tomorrow i will not online. So check my reply on friday =)

  61. thnx black-x
    here are the harware ids..
    for the two bluetooth peripheral devices...




    and heres the one for the other unknown device


    Thnx alot,will wait for ur response :)

  62. Ok for bluetooth try this driver:
    after finish download, right click and select properties, choose compatibility, select run this program in comaptibality for Windows Vista SP1. make sure to create restore point before installing.

    The second is INFRARED DRIVER:
    After download extract(i recommend extract at desktop.

    to install:
    1. Open device manager
    2. Right click at the unknown devices with yellow, select update driver.
    3. then select browse my computer for driver software.
    4. select browse and point at the folder you just extract at the desktop.
    continue with on screen instruction

  63. HII Black-x,
    I hv an acer extensa 4220 (intel)laptop.....
    I formated my system and have been changed my operating system from VISTA to WIN XP.After installation i lost network controller driver and also shows UNKNOWN DIVICE in network controller properties.Atpresent i cant operate WIFI system....
    Im requesting u to help me to find and install the proper driver for my system....... im waiting for ur reply...

  64. Ok first for your wifi, it can be atheros instel or broadcom so
    try install this driver and one of them will work,:

    Wireless Atheros XB63


    Wireless Broadcom 4311


    Wireless Intel 3945 4965


    Ok now for Unknown device i need to to give me the hardware ID, to get the hardware ID follow this step:
    1. Open device manager (click start and select run, type DEVMGMT.MSC)
    2. there, look for any devices with yellow mark.
    3. Right click on it and select properties.
    4. Select details and you will see dropdown menu.
    5. On the dropdown menu slect hardware ID.
    6. Highlight the hardware ID and press CTRL + C to copy and paste it here.

    after that i can know what driver you need.

  65. Thank you Mr Black-x for ur valuable reply,
    I have tried those softwares exept 'brodcom 4311'(could not open the web page). Still im havin the same problem....
    And i have attached the hardware ID below;


    Im waiting for your reply............

  66. THANK YOU Mr Black-x..... thanks aloooooooooooot,
    I installed the software that which u given in ur last reply.....
    Now my WIFI system is working properly.........
    I have no more words to say u.....
    U r doing a great job
    Once again i say THANK UUUU THANKS ALOOOOT for your kindness.
    sorry i forgot to tell.... my name is Jovins.
    My id : jovinsjovin@yahoo.com

  67. u are welcome jovins =), i feel happy coz i can help, have a nice day with your lappy =)

  68. hi i am sanjay...
    i am using acer extensa 4220...
    i have 2 problems...
    1st my lappy gets hot i mean really hot just after 30 mins or so....if i am playin game then it just shuts down
    and 2nd is i just cant install the wireless driver...plz help me....

  69. for your wireless, try this wireless driver:

    There are several reason cause you lappy to be hot, one of them is when you do not place any fan at the bottom, avoid to use it on your bed (without fan), virus also can cause the heat. For try install SPEED FAN software and check your lappy temperature.

  70. thanks dude........
    can u give me this software which u were sayin to make my laptop less hot....

  71. This software use to check temperature, not really to cool your lappy, but it usefuull if you see the temperature is above 60C mean your lappy slow coz it hot

  72. hi mr. black.. i have problem installing vga driver on my acer 4420 laptop.. i've been using window 7..this is my email cjdrabe@yahoo.com. please add me on yahoo messenger.. when you are online.. you could use team viewer to control my laptop.. thanks..

    I HAve acer 4220 and my audio dosent work and i already install a driver called Audio_Realtek_v5.10.0.5423_XP

    plz help me

  74. I suggest this site to my friends so it could be useful & informative for them also. Great effort.

  75. okay so i am starting school next week and my computer doesnt work. I got my laptop from from my high school and they installed Windows XP Professional on it. I wanted WIndows XP Home edition so i intalled that on my computer. For some reasonmy laptop now has two operating systems and i cant get rid of the professional and my home edition's internet doesnt work. Im missing A LOT of drivers and nothing seems to work. I tried to get a downloadale restore disk but i had to get it off another laptop andput it on mine and now it wants me to log on to the website on my laptop to verfiy that i paid for it or whatever and icant since my internet doesnt work. I dont know what to do.....PLEASE HELP!

  76. first please tell me your laptop model

  77. i bought acer extenca 4220, i hav a problem..i cud not record the video from my webcam so plz help me which software is sutaible for me for my laptop... hope u will solve mu prob...my mailnin address is lyapaa@yahoo.com

  78. Greetings,
    I have read the majority of your blogs, and you seem to know what you're talking about!
    I have an Acer Extensa 4220 running Vista.
    It disconnects from wlan at least once an hour, and takes a few seconds to reconnect. I have uninstalled the Acer eNet management, as I read this could conflict with Windows over wlan connection control. I have also turned off IP6, as i read that can help too. However, I'm a bit wary of doing things to my computer as such, especially when some people may not even know what they're talking about, as I am no computer whizz!
    Could you help find a solution please? I would be very grateful.
    Also, had it about 3 years now, and has been running a bit slow lately, any remedies?
    Thanks! =]

  79. Dear Black XP
    I would like you to send me a link where I can download an executable PCI DEVICE Drivers for Acer Extensa 4220.
    Its Device Instance Id is: PCI\EVEN_806&DEV_284B&SUBSYS_011C1025&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&D8


  80. hazel,
    first try to unistall your wireless driver and reinstall it, after that restart
    report back the progress

  81. Thanks for getting back to me, but its seems my sister is having the same issue, so i believe the problem lies with our cheap and nasty wlan box! besides, laptops being replaced with the Alienware m11x :)

  82. ok then, alienware was is a very good choice

  83. Hey Mr Black X, this is Ismail from Bangladesh. i have an acer 4220 extensa(intel celeron 540). just after one month of my purchasing, the bios set up for the hard disc drive gets changed auto. hard disc is 80 gb HDD and IDE, it often changed into AHCI mode. and once it is changed my laptop doesnt get started. after many on/off session suddenly it opens and with f2 command i need to change the bios set up manually and then it works. i changed my anti virus many times thinking it is for virus. what should i do, pls help.
    my email address is ismail5652@yahoo.com

  84. - ismail - check your mailbox -

  85. how to get the driver for the mass storage controller for win xp... pls help me

  86. hello,, can you help me on fixing my laptop extensa 4220. i got the similar problem from your previous comments. I dont have network controller driver.. please i really need to fix this because i cant do my homework.. thanks please reply at once.. Thank You Mr Black X.. Thankssssss

  87. Ok i need the hardware ID of your network controller, to check your hardware ID follow guide here:
    post your hardware ID here

  88. this is the hardware id: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4315&SUBSYS_E003105B&REV_01

    my os.. is vista...thanks bro

  89. The device show that the Broadcom wireless, your original driver from Acer is:

    try this driver first, but if didnt work we need to do manual installation with other version. report back the progress

  90. thanks bro,, it worked.. how did you know all of these stuffs.. Thanks again..:)

  91. you're welcome,
    i can say it from my experiences, glad it work

  92. my acer exxtensa 4220 is having same problems with WLAN. in the DM it only detects the LAN no WLAN, the LAN works but WLAN not working... when i try to switch on the switch for the wireless device(its on front part of the lappy beside the bluetooth switch)it says NO WIRELESS DEVICE... but in the wireless adapters at the settings i found out that my netwok adapter is BROADCOM 802.11...... pls help...

  93. Great articles. I downloaded almost half the page already, this are great files. Thanks for sharing open source.

  94. MY acer extensa is having blutooth problem...it always says bluetooth device not found.the hardware id for bluetooth bus enumerator is

    pls help...when ever i ry to weitch it on no light is switched on...else eveything is working fine.
    Mr Black pls help.i am waiting for your reply.

  95. The driver which macth your hardware ID is:Bluetooth version,

    sadly i dont have any direct link for it

    but you can download it from this website:

  96. please guide me my sound card is not working the machine is not picking up the driver. i have tired to download and install REALTEX ! which is given on ur website ! still no results.

  97. hi! I m using acer extensa 4220 laptop but i m not able to use its bluetooth.. its giving me a msg bluetooth device not found reply me on saidghani88@yahoo.com if anyone knows about it. Thanks...

  98. wah koq windows XP, gak punya nih Windows 7.