Feb 25, 2009

7 Unknown Devices Compaq Windows XP Driver

There are a lot of driver missing when downgrade from xp to vista and 7 unknown devices is quite a popular topic discussed. And there are also other driver such as co processor. When downgrading for me the essential driver is chipset, sound, vga, wireless, bluetooth and card reader. So what to do with missing driver, for me if nothing wrong with your laptop no need for you to update the driver because you already have the essentials drivers.

Direct link

Extract the files and  right click on machine.inf select install.


  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the info. I have installed windows XP sp3 on my Compaq CQ45 206au notebook. Like everyone else, I too had those 7 unknown acpi devices in device manager. But, when one uses machine.inf for installing drivers for these unknown devices, XP just gets the information about the device but not actual .sys driver files. Also even after doing this procedure, quick launch keys for brightness control are not functioning. Any solutions for this problem are most welcome
    Thank you again

  2. I have two ideas here, first some people said that if our system funtion are stable and no problems at all, just ignore the 7 unknown driver since "may be" the drivers just need for Vista. Second is most of the drivers work well with SP2 since most of the drivers built for that version, but this is all just opinion and may be other users have a better solution to share here. One more thing if you need to try spw you just need to download the file SP2 patch from microsoft. Thanks Mandar for the info

  3. Hi black..i have compaq presario V3412AU with Windows XP SP2 instaled, when i turn on wireless button in the front of my notebook suddenly WLAN ON and Bluetooth disable and then a pop up appears : "USB device not reconignized" i check device manager in usb controllers subsystem:Unknown device Id USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&2432D7F0&0&3 can you help my problem pls? maybe this related with blueetoth???huuuhu:[ thanks before!

  4. IF your model have bluetooth then it may cause form the bluetooth and from the ID you gave i can say it is bluetooth.

    Let us say it was cause by the bluetooth, so the reason may cause this is:
    1. hardware faulty (dust etc).
    2. Electricity overcharge.
    3. Corrupted windows system 32 file.
    4. Corrupted driver file.

    So there are many solution if it not the hardware faulty.

    1. My favourite solution is to install bluetooth blusoliel. It will detect the bluetooth (if present).
    2. Reinstall the driver:
    3. At the device manager - right click on it and select unistall - restart and try automatically install the driver.

    If you do not want to use the bluetooth and just want to stop the error from pop-up.

    -open device manager and right click at the unknow device and select disable.

    Yet there are many solution, but try this first.