Mar 23, 2009

Compaq CQ40-401AU XP Drivers


First Install  Netframework: (require for Quick Launch Installation).
Net framework 2.0

Netframework 3.5


AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver
Version 3.1.1540.64 REV:  A  5.24MB

AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver
Version:8.753.0.0, 178.42M

ATI VGA Driver (ATI Mobility Radeon)
Version:8.672.0.0 A, 106.21M
(strongly recommended to install Microsoft netframework 2.0 and 3.5)

Audio Drivers:
Since there are no best single driver available, you have to follow this step carefully.

1. Install MS-UAA first:
Windows XP, XP SP2: Download  (KB888111)
Windows XP SP3: Download  (KB835221)

Restart and then install audio drivers below.

2. Install the Audio:
IDT High Definition Audio Codec
(2 drivers, if the first one didn't work, use 2nd drivers)
Download (SP41693)
Download (SP39671)

 If resulting in error, ignore it and proceed  by manually install the drivers:

Download and install the driver, you will get the error while  installing.
Perform the below steps to fix the issue.
1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2. Right click on "Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click  Update driver.
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location".
4. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to  install".
5. Click Next and then select "Sound, video and game controller" from  the list.
6. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
7. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp39671 folder and select the .inf   file and click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.

Fo instruction with pictures read here:
Manually  install Audio Drivers.

(3 drivers, choose 1 base on your specification) 

Broadcom 4313 a/b/g/n wireless Drivers
Version5.10.91.8 10MB

Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers:
(requires windows installer 3.0 installed first)
Version 5.20 4MB

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver:
Version 2.00B 20.64MB

HP Integrated Module with  Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Version 5.1E  94.68M

High-Definition Audio (HDA)  Modem Installer and Driver
Version 1.00 A 12.71MB

Realtek RTL8102E Family  PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC
Verison 1.00A 4.8MB
updates available here 

Card Reader
JMB38X Card Reader Host Controller
Version 1.00A 3.49MB

Synaptics Touchpad Driver 
Version:9.1.11 Q, 16.93M

(Install netframework 2.0 first)

HP Quick-launch Button
Version 6.40B 19MB

Cyberlink youcam software 2.0 + Driver
Version 2.0.2519 46MB

Lightscribe  system software
Version A 8.4MB


1. If  you have 7 unknown device, download this file, extract, then right click on the inf file and select install(Machine.inf)

2. If you need HDMI Driver Download 

3. Chipset driver can be download directly from AMD and in your graphic driver folder. By default the folder name is SMbus in c:\ati


  1. Akuna matata !!!
    Thx alot :3

  2. i cant download this files:
    can you give me another url ?

    High-Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Installer and Driver

    if you have Broadcom Wireless

    ENE CIR Receiver (vista version)

    for HDMI Audio

    If you had for 7 unknown devices (buttons drivers)here

  3. High-Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Installer and Driver you have Broadcom Wireless CIR Receiver (vista version)
    still searhing

    for HDMI Audio High Definition Audio Codecs 2.07 [2000/XP/2003] High Definition Audio Codecs 2.07 [Vista] HDMI Audio Device 2.03

    If you had for 7 unknown devices (buttons drivers)here

  4. No sound on my notebook.

    Device Manager says there is a problem on Audio Device on High Definition Bus.

    Installation of HDMI R203, R207 and R218 failed.

    Please help

  5. can i install my CQ40-401AU with windows XP SP2, because from what i know that XP SP2 does not support with SATA.

  6. Device Manager says there is a problem on Audio Device on High Definition Bus.

    download this driver:
    IDT High Definition Audio CODECand also


  7. I have solved my sound problem in my notebook by installing SP41479.exe IDT High Definition codec.

  8. hello..

    i have download the Realtek HD audio driver from thelink u gave..
    but when i want to extract the file,it said need the password.
    cud u giv me the password..
    thank u..

  9. thanq u very much mr black-x..

  10. Thanks a lot!!!
    My laptop works great now!!

  11. thanks back for the feedback,glad to hear it works well=)

  12. i cant instal net.frame..
    please help me

  13. Hi, all my drivers is working well except my touchpad.
    need some advice pls...

  14. 7 Unknown Driver cannot be install, after install will become system unknown file.. how come?

  15. Hi,

    ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics/Video Driver link is inaccessible.

    Please do the needful.


  16. ^ HD3200 issue solved. however, I still dont get audio driver... when i check in device manager for audio everyhing is okay, except IDT High Definition Audio CODEC..

    I googled for it, and got the .rar file , but error during installation.

    Please advise

  17. Download the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) at and make sure after the download finish the file size is 22.4MB, if not you need to download it again, if the problem with slow download use fast download software such as Internet Download Manager. Inform back the progress

  18. Ron and Standy, for the 7 unknown drivers is the button driver, if you have 7 unkwon driver in device manager then use the driver if not ignore it, i never seen an error said system unknow error, but if you computer doesnt have any problems no need for the 7 unknown drivers,
    Standy there are two thing here, try to install the touchpad driver again or try to check if there are any buttons to enable your touchpad, inform back the progress

  19. Netframework download link from the microsoft, and the download llink always change, go to microsoft site and select microsoft net framework 2.0 or download from

  20. need help!!
    may i know the procedure to format the compaq CQ40-401AU by using XP driver? i had burned a XP driver disc, and download all the driver installation software from the link given.. isit all the procedure to format is same as normal laptop example boost the XP driver disc and then format the partition and install the WXP. after that install all the drivers? Thanks very much for your kindly information.

  21. You must create a new win xp CD from your original it called slipstream process. You must format it with a new cd which you need to create, read here for the guide:

    after finish creating the cd,insert the cd and format it normally.

  22. Thank's a lot black-x. My laptop is running well and all my drivers are working except my microphone near my webcame. in my device manager said my "sm bus controller not installed". i didn't update my bios because my bios version is F.42 is up then F.22 or the others in the web. is it make any problem ? but my audio is working well without microphone function.
    should i downgrade my bios version ? which version i must use ?

  23. That bios is for Compaq Presario CQ40-104AX Notebook PC with Vista. Is it compatible with cq40-401au with XP ? There are 3 versions :
    F.22,F21,F.03. Which one is compatible with my cq40-401 ?

    thank's for your help.

  24. I suggest that u avoid bios upgrade and downgrade, because it can cause system failure (your laptop will freez and running very slow)and i suggest use the default BIOS. Before i suggest any software or driver, did you check at the volume manager (double click the sound icon on the taskbar or right click and select open volum manager), click options and select propertise, mark all of the list given then click ok, then make sure the microphone volume in not mute. Inform back the progress

  25. Thanks very much again. I have already checked my microphone is mute. And it is working now after i disable its mute. And how about the sm bus controller driver ? is it chipset driver for amd ?

  26. this file is corrupt :
    "High-Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Installer and Driver"

    and i cant open "Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC"

    can you give me another url???

  27. QQ:
    High-Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Installer and Driver you have Broadcom Wireless CIR Receiver (vista version)
    still searhing

    for HDMI Audio High Definition Audio Codecs 2.07 [2000/XP/2003] High Definition Audio Codecs 2.07 [Vista] HDMI Audio Device 2.03

    If you had for 7 unknown devices (buttons drivers)here

  28. mr_fatcher i dont really know about the sm bus driver (controller) but i think it is not essential and you can use your laptop normally without update those driver,check back one week from now i will update the smbus driver.

  29. My problem is solved now. my sm bus controller is detected now by using your ATI Catalyst Driver for Motherboard edition. I had used ATI Catalyst Driver but not for motherboard edition. I have changed it now and it's working excellent.

    Thank you, mr_black

  30. Mr Black-x

    I have no sound
    SP40220 & SP41479 don't work
    Can you help me?


  31. someone,help me..
    my notebook working properly..
    but,when i open any video in fullscreen mode,it become slowly..
    the screen move one by one..
    the picture not working clearly..
    but if i open with normal size screen,it look good..but it small..
    plis give me an idea,what must i do..

  32. Hi ... i've tried the SP41479 sound drivers but after i restart the system the sound goes off. I have to reload the MSUAA drv to get audio back on. I am using the CQ40-317TU Notebook with BIOS F.31 version. Pls advise!!!!!

  33. There are several drivers need and i listed several driver for the sound, make sure you download try all of them first, remember to install MS UAA first and if still there are problems with sound try to update your bios

  34. Full screen problems, there are sevral things that cause this to happen, first it may be cause from the file which are too small(3gp) but i think thats not the real reason, i suggest you download other player/codec such as storm codec or klite codec pack, inform back the progress

  35. I can't download this file

    The HP Integrated Module is your Bluetooth Wireless


  36. I have download ‘Windows Xp SP3 Sata Support With driver Packs Released’. My question is when I want to install the Windows XP, do I need to perform slipstream process using NLite or I can straight away install the downloaded windows. Now iam using Window Vista Home Premium 32 Bits in my Compaq CQ40-401AU.

  37. hi
    i need all driver for compaq presario cq40 401Au
    for xp and vista

    but this url can't i acces.

    can yuo give me another url?

  38. i think theres no need to slipstream because it came along with sata driver, try to install normally, but if it said there are no hard disk found then u need to slipstream

  39. link here updated and you can download by clicking the link provided above for XP.
    For windows Vista here:

  40. mr. black-x
    pls help me
    i can't the sound driver
    Device Manager says there is a problem on IDT sound driver? i already download all your link but it still doesn't work

  41. thx a lot.. finally it work
    but there's still some problem.
    a can't install network controller.
    could u help me

  42. The network controller for ethernet or wireless? have u install netframework that i gave above

  43. the wireless controller, i already install the netframework u gave me.

    can u give me new link for driver broadcom

  44. i use cq40-324tu, i have done isntall all driver and working, but my line-in microphone is in trouble. can u help me solve this problem?

  45. right click on the small audio icon at the right bottom of your desktop, selct open volume control and there make sure the mike volume is maximize and uncheck if the mute box is checked, if there are no mic panel, select open volume control, select propertise, and then check the mic box and the mic volume panel will appear

  46. Mr Black-X

    I can't find SM Bus Controller,

    can you help me..


  47. i install my CQ40-401AU with windows XP, all my drivers is working well except my bluetooth.
    need some advice pls...

  48. here are some suggestion for your bluetooth driver:
    you also may try to install your original bluetooth vista driver
    in some case blurtooth must be installed first before wireless to make it works, if you want to do it, unistall the wireless, install bluetooth and reinstall wireless. report back th progress

  49. No sound on my notebook's speaker.

    I must use headset to hear the sound..

    I do not know is it driver problem or hardware problem?

    Please help

    thanks before..

  50. hi jollysols, first i hope your model is CQ40-401au or CQ40 model, if u are using this model the driver id gave will solve your problem, you may reinstall again the sound, second, you have the small speaker icon at your taskbar near to the clock, double click or right click select propertise, there make sure the setting is right, if there any panel mute, uncheck the box, for now thats the solutions i can suggest, it may cause from the hardware itself, if you dont want to replace the speaker(internal) you may buy the speaker that ppl use for desktop, any updates report back,

  51. help on CQ40 517TU, bios ver F.42, no audio driver seems to work on this series, do you have any patch for these? thanks in advance

  52. my name is wan joey.
    i need ur help..why i cant

  53. my name is wan joey...
    i really need your help..
    why i cannot extract WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86...?

    ererytime i try to extract..
    it will warning me like this..
    "update.exe-illegal system DLL relocation"

    really hope u can help me.please..

  54. the link for 7 unknown device is error..
    can u give another link..

  55. hi angelivene, forCQ40-517 audio xp driver use this driver:
    Hi wan joey, read here to resolve system dll.relocation

  56. greetings
    i just bought my new compaq laptop which type is CQ40-416AU. But it came up with Wndows7 OS and i have no idea how to work with. I prefer XP SP2 just like my Acer. And those driver links... so confusing :(

    Can you send me all driver links for my CQ40-416AU to my email?

    thank you in advance

  57. i'm using compaq cq40 401au... but, when i try to format from vista to xp sp3, an error occur when the boot want to enter windows setup.. please mr blackx.. help me..

  58. you cant format and install xp directly by using the windows XP cd, you need to create a new windows XP cd using the one you have now. Follow this guide here:

  59. I can install automatically 7 unknown devices by connect the internet. Unknown devices --> right click --> update driver --> next --> next

    thank for links.

  60. Sir, pls help me wd my problem.. i really cant figure out how to install win xp on my compaq presario cq40-416au..ive tried the instructions u have given, still no luck..please email me the full details step by step process. please mr black, hope you could grant my simple request..thanks hers my mail

  61. Hi Dhenz,
    check your yahoo inbox =)

  62. thanks for the quick response..ive followed everything, the instructions the steps and yet still no luck.I got a err message of: The file ahcix64.sys could not be found Press any key to continue.. what should be the problem mr black..thanks and more power.

  63. I'd change the instructions, check back the method in step 8

  64. Ive already done it sir but still no luck..ive also tried to load the x64 only and its looking for the x86 so ive tried both to load and it would prompt me that ahcix64.sys is corrupted...huhuhu..i need this to be in XP badly. please, is there anything else i could do..thanks

  65. yup, check ur email, normally x64 is corrupt cause by use the same folder to repeat slipstream. If you were to repeat the p[rocess delete the old file and folder, create new one.

  66. mr black sorry for late post..i was asleep..and it turns out ur tips works..i did wat u said earlier and viola! i installed d win xp, now i hav to work with the drivers post bak for progress..thanks so much to you sir and more power..salamat!

  67. mr black, are these drivers also compatible with compaq presario cq40-416au?

  68. Use this drivers dhanz,
    specific and tested work with your model:

    yes normally for CQ AMD model use same drivers but use the drivers from the link i gave because the version is newer and updated. =)
    report back the progress

  69. Dude, I have to comment.

    I was attacked by a malicious virus about a month back. Then, I reinstalled Windows XP SP3.

    I wanna thank you for providing me the drivers and necessary softwares for this CQ40-401AU; seriously, if you had not done this, I would have no computer to work with.

    Again, I thank you for your amazing work. My gratitude, good sir.

  70. Please help! How do I fix this! my laptop user account failed to load. this is what appears on the screen everytime I entered my password: The User profile Service failed the log on. User Profile can't be loaded...Please help, I need to access my USER account.I currently use the guest acct for an access. thank u very much!

  71. Ok, first try system restore,

    1. Restart, press F8 repetedly.
    2. when options appear, select safe mode,
    3. Wait until log on screen appear, the select administrator
    4. Log in, click start, all programs, accecories, system tools and select system restore.
    5. select restore my computer to erlier time.

  72. for Black X:thank u for the advise! (Re:USER Profile Service can not be loaded

    I brought my unit to the store where i bought it..the attendant tried the same option as you have advised me earlier. We can't find the restore point when opening the safety protection..worst, he was trying to figure out how to fix it until he came to removing the password of the admin acct, which was I guess was never the problem. bottomline, he made the problem worst, he removed password, he made new password, and I guess forgot it..worst, when restarting again and accessing the admin acct, password incorrect appears..can no longer access the safe mode. what do I do with it! I don't want to have it reformatted (if I still have other options), coz I got to lose lots of impt files..Pls. Help! Big Thanks!

  73. ok some info ans option that might help you.
    First when u log in to safe mode, you can create new ADMIN account, and after restart and log in to new admin account, you can remove the old admin account (the one that you forgot the password). System restore is one of the solution which normally works.

    ok now several option you can do which i always do to recover file.

    1. Installing windows without reformating it:
    if you perform this (if you know how to format make sure when the screen appear ask you to format it or leave current system, choose leave current system) It will install new windows XP and when restart you will have 2 windows to choose, the old one and the new one. So you files are not wipe out and you still can access it.

    2. Another faster without installing windows XP is to get a bootable UBUNTU CD, you can run it without having to install it and you can recover all your files (transfer it into another partition or pendriver before format it.

    3. My favourite is installing windows 7 b(also without format it), this similar to XP (no 1) but the installation process are far easier.

    There are maybe way to reset it, ill keep you update and do some study about this.

  74. How to change the memory controller from ACHI to IDE for HP Compaq Presario CQ40-401au because when i install Windows XP sp2 the blue screen appears because the Memory Controller Doesn't Support..

  75. For CQ40-401,
    The option to change IDE to ahci only for certain laptop especially acer, CA40-401 doesn't have that option, but to install windows XP in CQ40 model you need to follow this guide:

    a little info, when your laptop cant install XP, first cj=heck at BIOS for the setting to change IDE to AHCI, but of there no such option, you have to perform slipstream like the link i gave above. For now i confirmed that CQ40 doesn't have option to change IDE to AHCI, and you need to perform slipstream.

  76. i can't find driver
    1. vga controller
    2. sm bus controller
    3. modem device on high definition audio bus
    4 7 unknown devices
    please help me..

  77. 1. VGA driver:
    Download here:

    2. SM bus controller:
    Normally its the Chipset driver (southbridge), download here:

    (netframework installed first)
    South Bridge Driver:
    Download (mediafire)

    3.Modem Device on High definition Audio Bus:

    4. 7 unknown devices:
    Download :
    extract the files, open device manager, right click on the 7 unknown device, select update driver, browse to the extracted folder.

  78. i got problem after i format my laptop (cq40-401AU) to windows xp..
    i cannot find some driver..
    1. vga controller
    2. hdmi audio
    can u help me please

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  80. my compaq cq 40-401 laptop showas an error isa pnp read data port error..
    how to solve it??

  81. My compaq cq 42-401au, working well with these driver, but my webcam cannot run, is there something wrong? pls help me...

  82. try tis webcam driver+software:

    you may also look at the device manager for any yellow devices or unknow usb device listed. get the hardware ID for the devices

  83. Hallo black-xx
    I have posted the question on your block about bios problems on cq40-402au and ask you to give step by step to replace the bios. until now still no answer from you. or you did not know?

  84. i think i already reply it but maybe i miss your comment

    here is the BIOS file for your model:

    (p/s: i suggest use the f.33a version.)

    Download and extarct the file using WINRAR. inside the folder you will see a file name 30FBF33.FD, change it to 30FB.BIN then follow instruction here

    i suggest you do head reset first beforore flashing BIOS.

    1.Disconnect all peripheral devices and remove all USB devices and media cards. You want to test the computer not the accessories!
    2. Disconnect the AC power adapter, remove the battery, and then press and hold the power button for at least 15 seconds .
    3. Reconnect the AC power adapter (but do not connect the battery), Press the Power button, Look for glowing LEDs near caps lock and num lock keys, and Listen for sounds of a disk drive and fan turning.