May 13, 2009

HP Pavilion DV 4-1220US windows Vista driver

This driver may compatible with windows 7, your fedback are gratefully apreciate.

HP Pavilion dv4-1220us AMD USB Filter Driver

IDT High-Definition Sound Audio CODEC Driver

HP Pavilion dv4-1220us AMD Graphics Video VGA Driver

HP DVB-T TV Tuner External Expresscard Driver

HP Pavilion dv4-1220us Validity Fingerprint Sensor Driver

HP Integrated Digital TV Tuner Driver

HP Pavilion dv4-1220us ALPS Touchpad Driver

HP Pavilion dv4-1220us ENE CIR Receiver Driver

HP Multi-WWAN Driver Installer for Windows Vista & XP

Broadcom Wireless LAN WLAN Driver for Windows Vista

JMB38X Card Reader Host Controller Driver


Multimedia software:

HP MediaSmart TV Software

HP MediaSmart MVP Software

HP MediaSmart DVD Software

HP MediaSmart SmartMenu Update



  1. i have used 3 drivers from here so far for an hp pavilion dv4 1225dx infrared, audio, cardreader running windows 7 rc 32 bit everything works right but i still have one unknown device.

    You can use vista drivers from the main hp page.

  2. Thanks for the info, if the one unknown driver didn't affect your computer performance or function i think it is not essential to update the driver software, but i will try to find appropriate driver for it.

  3. I tried 2 of the drivers, the fingerprint and the CardReader drivers on a Pavillon HDX18-1200 (Somewhat simmilar to the DV 4 i think) and the work like a charm. I also had an unknown device, it turned out to be HP 3D DriveGuard. I used this driver: and it solved the problem. All I need now is the fingerprint application.

  4. Update. The fingerprint reader didn't work. I had to download driver + appl. from Validity Inc. The type of reader used in my laptop is Validity Sensor VFS201. The software is to found her: For some reason I had to chage the name of one of the .exe files "C:\Program files\DigitalPersona\bin\DPRegApp.exe" to DPRegAppWBF.exe

  5. There's so much I did to my computer, I don't know if installing the audio driver from this site worked but definitly give it a try. I had installed Windows 7 (from vista) onto my hp pavilion laptop and couldn't get the sound to work. But after many windows updates and other things something did the job, and this driver might have been it.

  6. Windowsw 7 will automatically updates the missing drivers for you and you can also download it manually. (windows 7 better then vista i think)

  7. Sir Excuse me.. I have a problem of my Laptop.. i format my laptop then i setup in vista then when i finish the setup my function keys not work.. what can i do.. please help me.. my model of my laptop is Pavilion dv4-1220 US....

  8. Please i need HP TV Tuner driver for HP Pavilion DV4-1428la with WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE (32BITS)and plis HP Webcam drivers... thank you all!

    Isee later Nico

  9. Hi
    I appologise for the help about the audio in HP Pavilion dv4 1220us my pc is function correctilly.
    PD sory for mi english!

  10. a greeting like this, I have a problem recognizing my webcam on my laptop HP DV4 1220, if he could not give me the driver for this device, I use Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit. thank you very much for your help

  11. please! Black-x i need drivers HP Webcam drivers for hp pavilion dv4- 1428la (windows vista ultimate 32 bits)

    Thank for all!!


  12. hello, i used this driver in HP pavilion dv4 1413la and work!!!
    zorry my english, i am from argentina.
    wlan work well but ethernet nor work.
    please find it!!!
    thank a lot!!!

  13. Thx so much!!!! all this drivers worked for me!!!! thx!

  14. i have a hp dv4-1220us with a vista ultimate wich i upgraded few days ago after this i can find how to set be quikplay button... coul someone help me to fix it or give some drivers link to download it... thank a lot for any help

  15. thanks a lot....this driver fix it and now my laptop is working fine...

  16. hey I have an hp dv4 laptop and I updated it to windows 7 but my webcam wont work. Do you have any drivers for the webcam for windows 7?

  17. it had a problem with the download but Ima try again in a lil bit.... I will let ya know what happens

  18. i had xp in my dv4-1220us laptop but i changed for vista ultimate 32 bit but now my cd burner doesnt burn any kind of cd..I have installed nero and xp cd burner and cant find a driver to put it in shape... can somebody help me?

  19. I am using HP pav dv41220, Installed win7 [prev was vista], now audio works only with headphone and not detecting Mic/Speakers. Can you tell me the reason behind it pls ?

  20. Hey un-installed my audio driver and re-installed it. It solved my problem. :D

  21. im glad that your problems solved=)

  22. Mr Black-x, i have a laptop HP Pavilion dv4 Entertainment PC, the audio (volume controller) gets automatically ON and OFF in every 5 seconds, kindly solve this problem. Thanx

  23. unistall and reinstall your audio driver

  24. Thanks for all your postings. I actually loaded windows & on my Dv4-1220 but the sound did not work, but i uninstalled the driver and tried re-installing it again, and it started working correctly. once again thank you guys for your posts.

  25. help me out :- i installed window 7 in my dv4 and now my microphone is not working suggest me what to do

  26. have you adjust the microphone setting on control panel? start- control panel- hardware and sound - sound - manage audio device - recording, if there are more then one device appear, try to set mic as default

  27. hi Black-x I have a pavilion dv4 1220us but I do not recognize the webcam when I enter the program youcam q tells me I have no video device that may not be, and saw the devices and everything is installed you could help me thanks

  28. try right click on youcam and select run as admin

  29. hi Mr. black-X.. i'd like to know some thing.. can i use the windows vista SMARTMEDIA SMARTMENU controller in my laptop with windows 7.. i ask cause i want to upgrade to 7 but i cant find this controller for windows 7 specifically..
    please help me.. and if i cant use that, can you tell me where i can find it?

    sorry by my english im from Honduras!


  30. excuse me, im the guy from the last comment... i forgot some thing.. i have a hp pavilion dv4 1220us... help me with the hp mediasmart SMARTMENU controller pleaseeee!! for windows 7.. and again, soory for my english!

  31. for hp mediasmart smart menu, use this software:
    sorry for my english too =)

  32. Mr. Black X, you sound like a genious, something on my Hp DV4 is messed up, I am running vista home premium 64 bit and have tried everything I know over the past 6 days to fix my problem. My machine usually shows a blue screen saying windows cannot finish my install, after I perform system recovery, or it turns off completely, i swithed the boot order up a little trying to boot with networking. Now it seems to like to say PXE-051, waiting for DCP or DHCP PROXY, then it appears to generat6e four or five of the keys before it crases,restarts and it says it has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. I know I am close because yesterday I woke up and it displayed the administrator Icon, only when i clicked on it it said my account had been disabled and to see my account admistrator,me3!, so i tried to open a guest account and it gae me one with an unknown password, disabled it, and wouldnt allowe another, I tried a Hack program to bypass it but it wouldnt allow, now ive got a windows background with a spinning circle saying its setting up my drivers, btw as it crashes sometimes it shows me a picture of my factory desktop, is there any drivers or patches you think I might need? plrase help, I am on my last leg over here!

    1. 1. First, when did this happened? i strongly recommend to perform system restore and select restore point where your system is stable. If log in to windows normally failed, boot to safe mode and try to perform system restore. Select the oldest date possible.
      (i don't prefer recovery since personally for me it didn't help much)

      2. When blue screen appear it will show a code like 0X0000055, post the error code here.

      3. This happened once and what i did is i insert a vista CD and select repair windows, it allow me to log in to windows after repair finish.

      4. From the information you gave, i think windows is missing some important files which make installing and setting up driver failed.

      report back the progress,