Oct 13, 2009

Acer Aspire 8930 Windows 7 Drivers

Before download the drivers, make sure you already update your windows, if not please run windows updates to install the latest drivers. After the update finish you will need to restart your windows. Best thing to do to make sure all driver installed correctly is by open device manager and look at the missing drivers, so now the only thing you need to do is install the missing drivers.

SATA AHCI: Download

Bluetooth: Download

Bison: Download
Suyin: Download

CIR: Download

Fingerprint: Download

TV Tuner: Download

(choose base on your specs, normally the graphic driver will installed automatically)
Nividia: Download
ATI: Download
INTEL: Download

Other devices shoul be installed automatically, if not here the drivers:


Broadcom: Download
Intel: Download

AUDIO Realtek: Download

Synapstics touchpad: Download

modem Foxcon: Download

TV Tuner: Download

LAN Atheros: download


  1. audio drivers dont work on windows 7 ultimate x64

  2. x64 bit drivers do not install on x64 Home Premium (the install puts the files into Program Files (x86) suggesting that they are not x64 native)

  3. ich kann nirgends einen driver für die fernbedienung finden, habe einen Acer Aspire 8930g

  4. I can find nowhere a driver for the remote control, I have a Acer Aspire 8930G
    windows 7 64bit

  5. To bad no drivers for the WIFI (intel) having big problems with mine (software related).
    It worked perfectly under XP pro.
    But now i have 7 (ult. 64bit), and sometimes connection drops and when resuming from stand-by the whole thing doesn't respond anymore.
    Disabling or pressing the wifi hard button gives no response what so ever.

  6. maybe u can disable the laptop from sleep, I also will look for any updates because like windows XP there are BUG whcich make ur wireless conterminously to disconnect.
    first step i suggest try to reinstall the drivers

  7. Thank you for your reply.

    But its allot better now.

    I Installed the latest intel (wifi-5100) driver, and also the application and that seems to solve the stand-by issues and random drops of connection.


    Here is downloaded the latest driver and connection utility.

    Hope this also helps others.

  8. thanks hanzie for th updates=)

  9. I'm sorry to say i had to revert back to the Windows drivers.
    As the Intel one's seem to hang when changing any setting.
    I could not even disable it trough the '7' network manager (while the hardware button kept working tho).
    The only weird thing is, when i pressed the hardware on/off button i could turn off the WIFI device and then i was able to disable the device and adjust other settings.

    So i'm using version from Microsoft. And instead of using stand-by i'm now forced to turn off my notebook. :(

    Hoping there eventually will be an windows update that helps with this problem.

    ps. The problem with the Intel drivers is that it can't seem to correctly turn off the device.
    I got many BSOD's telling me "Device power-state failure" after checking around the internet it seemed to be very likely hat it came from the Intel 5100 WIFI device.

    But there is a little voice in the back of my head telling me to buy a new (different brand) WIFI card.
    But obviously that brings another set if difficulties with it.

  10. for me better test the card before buying it coz unsupported wifi card will cause halt on start due to unsuppoted network card, so test it first before pay for it

  11. Thanks buddy, i havn't thought about that.
    Didnt know it will halt starting the whole notebook.
    But that will take some time before i go those lengths.
    Still hoping for the right updates as there are many with the same problem...

  12. Ill wait for ur update, testerday there are compaq C41-208AX installed with win 7 but the woireless strength are soo week, like if there 8 laptop, it the slowest, so i figure it out but look at the wireless card inside and look at the exact model, then i know there are several driver compatible but using exact or older version of driver are more stable, installed and it perfect now, just sharing =)

  13. ok still using windows drivers.
    But i still had a hard time to get it working, but now its kinda working for me.

    I set up my server ( in the gateway dns AND WINS adresses and put them in windows 7 network thing. now i can connect like it should.
    Sometimes it forgets the gateway but hey at least i dont have to plug in the cable. ill male a picture later...

  14. Sorry for not posting pictures yet. Ive been very busy.

    But as soon as ive set the WINS thing to point to my server internet is flawless on my laptop windows 7 thing...

  15. http://www.plaatjesupload.nl/bekijk/2010/04/17/1271534781-420.jpg

    At the left screen i click "Advanced" and then i have to add the gateway IP again. Every now and then...

    I hope tis clears some up, as this has worked for me very good im not activly researching this problem anymore.

    I will still keep my subscription to this thread to look if there is something i can help with or whatever... ;-)

  16. Thanks Hanzie for the pics=) it would be helpful for others too=)

  17. Pfff New router new problems.
    Already (at the time of my other msg's) sent Microshit Intel And Acer an email about these problems. But they just stick their thick heads in the sand.

    Still got crappy drivers or is it just me.
    The rest of the notebook works perfect.
    But its still pissing me off BIG TIME.

  18. its been one year since the last msg, and for your information now I am working on a new blog which about network stuff (i have 2 others working together to create this new blog), so what is the model of the router and what is the problem (in details), maybe i can discussed it with my partners.

    and another thing that many people didn't know is, I mailed several laptop company to get some details and i get no reply but ironically I got an email from HP/Compaq workers ask me solution for their product, kinda weird but it's true.

  19. I will try to put everything i have and have done in here.
    Well everything was set up like described in one of my earlier posts.
    But my cheap (almost crappy) wifi AP broke. I bought a new one. An MSI RG300EX.
    It's pretty hard to find info about this device tho. I think its a local device. Found more info about its cheaper version the ITE one. But i dont have that.
    But i have been tolld it's a rebranded Eminent EM4570. Don't know that for sure tho.

    But what i do know for sure is that i still have issues with this Wifi device. But to be honest i've tried so much by about now (with this new router) that don't remember all of it. Just now i forced the IP adres and it connected with internet acces, but couldnt connect to a shared folder. Oh And that was jsut after i used the intel drivers again. The newest Driver ONLY version. ( http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=3062&DwnldID=19862&ProductFamily=Wireless+Networking&ProductLine=Intel%C2%AE+WiFi+Products&ProductProduct=Intel%C2%AE+WiFi+Link+5300+and+Intel%C2%AE+WiFi+Link+5100+productseng )
    And if it keeps up, ill keep it for now. But only once i had a succefull connection with 300Mbps.

    And hit us up with a link to your new blog if its finished.

    Think ill be back in here soon enough to report some more.

  20. I can't get the realtek driver to work, keep getting an error when trying to install. anyone figure out how to fix the audio/update the driver for this laptop once windows 7 is installed?

  21. try uninstall the driver from device manager and run automatic updates, if there are update for realtek install them.

  22. http://global-download.acer.com/GDFiles/Driver/Audio/Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.5983_W7x86W7x64_A.zip?acerid=633994895733290970&Step1=Notebook&Step2=Aspire&Step3=Aspire

    This is the link to the realtek audo driver update to get this laptops audio working properly with Windows 7. Now I'm trying to get my the side media bar to work, when I slide the volume control up and down it doesnt control the volume. Never ends...

  23. There is an Acer app that provides the drivers for that. I dont remember what it was and am not on my notebook to check sorry.
    Might try the ACER website.

  24. Hi hanzie, to check your driver version just download EVEREST and run it, it will show your device driver status.

    and also thanks for Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.5983 posted by anonymous, about to slide it try to check in control panel for audio properties, there are setting for volumes

  25. After using my laptop again, i looked for the program.
    Im 75% sure you need Acer's "Launch Manager" to e the media buttons to work.

  26. Download this launch manager:


    we need to install it using compatibility mode:
    1. Download and extract the drivers.
    2. Open the extracted folder and look for Setup.exe.
    3. Right click on setup.exe and select PROPERTIES - COMPATIBILITy and tick the box run this program in comptibility mode for select windows vista.
    4. APPLy and then OK.
    5. Right click again on setup.exe and select run as admin and continue with on screen instruction.