Oct 1, 2009

Compaq Presario CQ40-416au Windows XP drivers


First Install  Netframework: (require for Quick Launch Installation).
Net framework 2.0

Netframework 3.5


AMD SATA AHCI Controller Driver
Version 3.1.1540.64 REV:  A  5.24MB

AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver
Version:8.753.0.0, 178.42M

ATI VGA Driver (ATI Mobility Radeon)
Version:8.672.0.0 A, 106.21M
(strongly recommended to install Microsoft netframework 2.0 and 3.5)

Audio Drivers:
Since there are no best single driver available, you have to follow this step carefully.

1. Install MS-UAA first:
Windows XP, XP SP2: Download  (KB888111)
Windows XP SP3: Download  (KB835221)

Restart and then install audio drivers below.

2. Install the Audio:
IDT High Definition Audio Codec
(2 drivers, if the first one didn't work, use 2nd drivers)
Download (SP41693)
Download (SP39671)

 If resulting in error, ignore it and proceed  by manually install the drivers:

Download and install the driver, you will get the error while  installing.
Perform the below steps to fix the issue.
1. Click on Start and select Run. Now type devmgmt.msc and press enter.
2. Right click on "Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus" and click  Update driver.
3. Select "Install from a list or specific location".
4. Click Next. Then select "Don't search, I will choose the driver to  install".
5. Click Next and then select "Sound, video and game controller" from  the list.
6. Click Next and then click Have Disk.
7. Click Browse C:\swsetup\sp39671 folder and select the .inf   file and click open and Continue with the onscreen instructions.

Fo instruction with pictures read here:
Manually  install Audio Drivers.

(3 drivers, choose 1 base on your specification) 

Broadcom 4313 a/b/g/n wireless Drivers
Version5.10.91.8 10MB

Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers:
(requires windows installer 3.0 installed first)
Version 5.20 4MB

Atheros Wireless LAN Driver:
Version 2.00B 20.64MB

HP Integrated Module with  Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Version 5.1E  94.68M

High-Definition Audio (HDA)  Modem Installer and Driver
Version 1.00 A 12.71MB

Realtek RTL8102E Family  PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC
Verison 1.00A 4.8MB
updates available here 

Card Reader
JMB38X Card Reader Host Controller
Version 1.00A 3.49MB

Synaptics Touchpad Driver 
Version:9.1.11 Q, 16.93M

(Install netframework 2.0 first)

HP Quick-launch Button
Version 6.40B 19MB

Cyberlink youcam software 2.0 + Driver
Version 2.0.2519 46MB

Lightscribe  system software
Version A 8.4MB


1. If  you have 7 unknown device, download this file, extract, then right click on the inf file and select install(Machine.inf)

2. If you need HDMI Driver Download 

3. Chipset driver can be download directly from AMD and in your graphic driver folder. By default the folder name is SMbus in c:\ati


  1. when id download the driver for chipset it prompts me to enter a username and password. can you tell me whats the username and password please i really need that driver. thanks :)

  2. hey thanks. the south bridge driver worked for me. i used a different process with the audio. its similar to your method but i added 2 files: i used the hdmi audio in the amd website

    and after installing that i installed the hdmi included in your instruction

    and i used different version of idt audio driver
    and it worked for me.

    just sharing some info. i would like to give you my deepest thanks for this informative web site :)

  3. hi and thanks Aren, your comment will help other user=)

  4. thanks black-x, south bridge driver worked, but i have 3 unknown Base System Device..

  5. sory, the 3 Base System Device, its just card reader, an installation was failed.. fix now.. thank black-x ^^v

  6. instead of registering batch file to REGEDIT, you may also put the audiopatch.bat to StartUP folder:

    C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  7. hi black-x, i just noticed that the VGA driver is for Intel... do we need to download that or can we get in the ati website where southbridge driver were located.

    coz mine is keep reseting during installation of video.


  8. Ivan, its not intel, maybe the original link i post before the wrong one, check back the driver link.
    Geek RULES=)

  9. just want to share my exp..
    better to download/install 9.10 catalyst for south bridge and graphic driver that 9.11, coz in 9.11 i'm getting error in installing Catalyst Installer Manager(required in 9.11) which is not really critical to have on your system.

    my only problem now... is there were no audio when im using HDMI output. but for IDT, it is working fine.

    Can you help me black-x with this HDMI audio issue.

    Thanks! Thanks!

  10. Hi Black-x,

    Error message on the link:
    "550 /pub/softpaq/sp39501-40000/sp39545.exe: No such file or directory"

    i believed sp39545 is for HD Modem Audio.

    btw, here are the steps i had taken for installing the audio drivers.
    1. MS-UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio
    2. IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
    3. HDMI audio from ATI

    NOTE: I didn't have to put the devcon thing in my start as after i installed the IDT HD Audio codec, it was already working fine. But the problem is on the HDMI audio out.

    Not sure if the problem is on the HDMI port.

    any idea?

    Thanks a lot Black-X.

  11. hi black-x, i really appreciate your help... but getting error on downloading the latest link for HDMI audio out.


  12. yo ivan,
    the drivers error or the link eror?

    that one i think wrong link bro, use this one:

  13. thanks black-x, i downloaded the files. but Im seeing modem driver in sp39545 .

    i'll try it once i got home. ^_^

    your my last resource! ^_^

  14. are you guys owning Cq40-416au, didnt have issues on HDMI audio out?

  15. hi black-x, i found that the culprit why i don't have audio in hmdi because of **** HDMI CABLE... hehehe... thanks a lot!

    this would help a lot of people...

  16. i Need Driver VGA & Chipset Hp Compaq Presario CQ40-416AU.
    Please Send to Email :

  17. I Need Driver VGA & Chipset Hp Compaq CQ40-416AU.
    Please Send to mail :

  18. thanks for your guide, Black-X :)

    i followed your instructions and the it works great!! however, there are still 7 unknown device. Hope I'm not missing any features for this laptop for not installing those devices.

  19. hi,
    i fogot to add the 7 unknown device drivers =p, here is the link:

    there are three download link i posted, just download one, then after finish download, extract files, open the folder, look for "machine.inf" right click and select install,
    if didn't work open device manager, right click at the 7 unknown device,select update Drivers, select don't search i will choose,next, then browse to the 7 unknown device folder your extracted earlier,select the machine inf and ignore if it complain

  20. hi guys.. i have a compaq cq40-416au
    everything else seems to be working fine except for the audio and hdmi... followed all the steps and i really don't know where i went wrong...

  21. Hi, lets restart the process again, first install MS-UAA:

    Then download the audio and install. ignore if error during installation.


    Ok on Device manger, right click on the Audio with yellow, select update driver, select no to connect to internet, select advance, then select the last "Don't search i will choose the driver too install. select next, select have disk, browse to C:\SWSETUP\SP39671 and select the INF files, continue with on screen instructions and restart.

  22. Hi,
    I've question for CQ40-416AU driver. On my device manager I found there is no driver for 'Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus'.
    Is there any specific driver for it or I did wrong step installation ?


  23. OK, the questions are, does your sound working?, if yes no need to worry about the modem. second is there any yellow mark o the device manager?
    The high definition normally palce under sound/conroller.

  24. Thanks for your respond.
    The sound is working. But I got the yellow question mark on device manager. Do I install the wrong driver ?

  25. u r not installing the wrong driver, yellow mark mean the driver is still not installed, it might be any driver, so to install it, give me th name of the device with yellow mark, also right click at the devices with yellow mark. select properties, a window will open, select details, on the dropdown menu select HARDWARE ID's , you will see a code in the box such as PCI/VEN_002323 ect, that just example, copy (press ctrl+c) and paste it here(post it here)

  26. The hardware id that I copied from detail properties : HDAUDIO\FUNC_02&VEN_11C1&DEV_1040&SUBSYS_103C137E

  27. Ok that is High Definition Audio (HDA) Modem Driver.

    Download This Driver (i upload on mediafire):

    sp39545.exe (MODEM DRIVER

    after download, double click to install the file, if it end up with error follow steps below:

    1. Open device manager again (click start, select run and type DEVMGMT.MSc and press enter.)

    2. On the device with yellow, right click and select update driver.
    3. a hardware update wizard will open, first select "no, not this time" and click next.

    7. Then select "Install from a list or specific location". click next
    8. Then select "Dont search i will choose the driver to install". click next.

    9. click next again and click "have disk".
    10. click browse and the browse to C:\swsetup\SP39545, there look for INF.

    11. press OK/OPEN and continue with on screen instruction.

    12. If windows Prompt said "this driver is not digitally sign bla bla" ignore and continue.

    after finish installing, the installation is success if the yellow mark disappear.

  28. hi black x, I have install my laptop and everything is working. But I got the yellow question mark on device manager. this is detail from the hardware: HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_1002&DEV_791A&SUBSYS_00791A00&REV_1000\5&31E52F35&0&0001

  29. At the far, It's work on my laptop, fully thanx

  30. Hi Ginglings,

    Its ATI HDMI (ATI High-Definition Multimedia Interface):

  31. thanks so much, black x

  32. Thank you so much Black-X,no More unknown device :)


  34. i've installed the audio, but in device manager i have unknown device = "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus" and 7 unknown devices.Plz tell me how to fix it..thanks

  35. Hi Bee,

    1. To install 7 unknown devices, you can refer my tutorial here:

    2. For the Audio device on High Definition Audio Bus, its related to IDT audio or modem, if your audio work perfect you can disable it by right click on it and select disable. If you still want to install it get the hardware ID for it and post it here.