Jan 8, 2010

Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX Windows XP Driver

Model: Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX
Manufacture: HP
Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows XP 32-bit, Windows XP 64-bit
Last Update: June 15 2013

Install according to order, please install patch first before the drivers. Tools and utilities is optional.


Install this patch before installing drivers.

Net framework 2.0 Download
Net framework 3.5 Download


Intel Chipset Installation Utility
Version: A, 2.31M

Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphics Driver
Version 1.00 REV A

Audio patch:
(require before audio driver installation)
Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA)
Windows XP,SP2: Download  (KB888111)
Windows XP SP3: Download  (KB835221)

Reboot after installation and then install audio drivers.

Audio Drivers:
Conexant High-Definition SmartAudio Driver (pebble)
Version: A, 32.82M

HP Integrated Module with  Bluetooth Wireless Technology
Version 5.1E  94.68M

Card Reader
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader
Version  6.1.7600.48 7.96MB

Realtek RTL8101E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC

Wireless Driver:
There are 3 wireless drivers. Choose base on your specs. Base on previous experience, this model normally use Atheros 2011 wireless LAN Drivers.

Atheros 2011 Wireless LAN Driver
Version 1.10  79.23MB (all OS)

Broadcom Wireless Drivers
Version5.10.91.8 10MB

Intel PRO/Wireless Drivers:
(requires windows installer 3.0 installed first)
Version 5.20 4MB

HP Quick-launch Button
Version 6.40B 19MB

Synaptics Touchpad Driver 
Version:9.1.11 Q, 16.93M

Cyberlink youcam software 2.0 + Driver

Tools and Utilities

Lightscribe System Software:
Version A 8.4M

HP Wireless Assistant
Version:, 3.81M

Motorola SoftStylus 
Version:, 42.73M


1. If you need manual installation for audio you can read here.
2. Another audio driver version (mod) can be found here.
3. If you need LAN/Ethernet drivers from Realtek download here.
4. Card reader drivers also can be found on Realtek site here: Download Page.

Latest Update Changes/Fixes on June 2013:
1. Fix audio drivers - current drivers is original drivers from hp.
2. Mirror download link change with direct link.
3. Older version replace with newer and stable version.
4. Wireless Drivers for Atheros fix to support all OS and most AR9 series .
5. Latest chipset drivers and original drivers added.

Report for broken link and problem in comment section below. Thanks for your time.


  1. I got this computer adn I downgrade to xp from 7 but I try this drivers but didn't work can u help me my computer is hp presario cq60-615dxn windows xp I need two drivers only the wireless and audio pls

  2. ok first let work with audio, first install this driver, MS-UAA:

    restart, then download


    etract (you need winrar to etract it), there are audio and modem driver in the folder, install both,

    report back the progress

  3. I also just purchased this laptop and I have an OEM Windows XP CD, but i cannot format this laptop and install XP on it! Can you guys please help meand let me know if there is a setting a need to disable or a trick to it?


  4. I also purchased two of these laptops and am attempting to downgrade to XP, but the XP SP3 (retail) disks blue screen the laptops. Windows 7 Business DVD starts up ok. Ubuntu 9.04 DVD also will boot. But XP Pro SP3 Cd will not. i have tried two different XP Pro installation CD's. WTF? I cannot find any BIOS settings that would appear to relate tot his issue.

  5. I tried XP Pro w/ SP2 also. It booted, but bluescreened on the startup of the installation. I believe this is because there is no option in the BIOS to disable Native SATA, and I do not have a driver for the SATA controller that I can put on a floppy. Any suggestions?

  6. Hi there, sorry for my late reply, You need to create a wnew windows XP cd which contain sata driver, to do this you need to follow this guide:

  7. I just created the XP Sata disk and it worked your are the man! However i can not get the sound and wireless to install, any advice? I followed your tutorial but they still won't install? it is acting like it is the wrong driver and I cannot find another one.


  8. Ok provide me with this information:

    Yor model: (look at the sticker at the back of the laptop)

    Open device manager, (click start, select run and type DEVMGMT.MSC), look for devices with yellow, how many of them? and what it said of the device with yellow(name of the device)

  9. compaq-presario-cq60-615dx
    yellow mark on the below two items:

    1)Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus

    2)Network Controller


  10. Hi noclownn,
    Install this step by step (For CQ60)

    1. First install this:
    MS-UAA: Download


    2. Download and install both audio and modem after you extarct this driver:
    Conextant 221: Download

    3. Network: Download(Realtek RTL8101E Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC)

  11. I have the ethernet installed it is just the wireless driver and audio that is missing.


  12. After I install the first thing first thing (MS-UAA), it asks to restart and I do. Then comes back on and I download and unzip to audio and modem. I then go in the audio folder and double click setup, it starts to install, and then I get an error "Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver" and it doesn"t let me install it.
    Thanks in advance for all your help!


  13. y tutorial here:

    and wireless there are three applicable wireless driver i post above, try with broadcom first and then if still not working try intel and atheros.

    Other solution is by giving me your hardware ID's,right click at the devices with yellow mark. select properties, a window will open, select details, on the dropdown menu select HARDWARE ID's , you will see a code in the box such as PCI/VEN_002323 ect, that just example, copy (press ctrl+c) and paste it here(post it here)

  14. Here is my IDs:
    Wireless -

    audio -


  15. Your Wireless is ATHEROS AR9285:
    Use this Driver:
    xp3264- (32/63-bit)

    extract the file (i recommend extract at desktop)
    Open device manager, right click on the wireless driver with yellow, update driver. at first select not to connect internet, click next, select advance, next, then tick at the include the following folder, browse at the xp3264- folder, and continue with onscreen instructions.

    Your audio is not conextant 221 but conextant pebble, Download this driver:

    extract and install

  16. Sorry haven't responded in a while,but since I couldn't find those two drivers at the time I went with windows 7. However i wanted to try it again so i went back to Win XP and installed those two drivers. The audio worked awesome, but the wireless still has a yellow mark when I use the above new driver for the 9285? any ideas?




  18. tks! very tks! life saver!!!


    Like you, the audio driver worked awesome, but the wireless still has a yellow mark when I use the above new driver for the 9285?

    How did you get the wireless driver to work finally. I tried installing the 9285 driver and it would not install. Can you give me the exact steps it took to get it to finally install. Please.



    Like you, the audio driver worked awesome, but the wireless still has a yellow mark when I use the above new driver for the 9285?

    How did you get the wireless driver to work finally. I tried installing the 9285 driver and it would not install. Can you give me the exact steps it took to get it to finally install. Please.



  21. Well, where to begin?
    I am starting to believe
    its my (SP1) windows XP PRO
    is the problem

    I am stuck with the modem not working, even tho I gotten it out of the yellow zone.

    I have the Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX Windows 7 premium
    but I want to use my XP PRO

    The audio worked with the PEBBLE
    DRIVER, but it end up with a very basic mixer and features, I think
    the fact that windows tell me that
    I need .NET 3.0 for the Smart Audio software
    got something to do with it.

    ....I will write more later

  22. Ok bru, waiting for tour update, and for the modem normally installing newer version will fix it, try use this version:
    HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP V7.67

  23. Yeah Black-x, I went back to
    windows 7 for the time being,
    but I am still going to used XP,
    I think I am going to start with
    s/pack 3, I will be trying the
    driver that you just suggested

    Man I tell you - the first day
    I downgraded to XP for a trial,
    get some of the drivers to work,
    went back to win7 to test the re imaging disks they got you made,

    then back to xp, this time setting
    up xp with win7 on the drive on
    a different partition, none of them would boot!

    so I decided to used the HP recommended self made backup
    cd's to re-image win7.

    this second time around it fail,
    I called HP and in 2 - 3 days
    their re-imaging cd's arrived in
    the mail, since I only bought
    the comp about 3 weeks now everything was free of charge.
    everything went smooth from there
    for win7

    So while cd's from HP was on their
    way I got xp down to just needing
    the modem driver. I am going to
    go with xp s/pack2 I got s/pack1,
    am using dialup most of the time so I haven't tackle the download yet,I am also planing on looking into dualboot.
    Your blog are a BIG help, thanks

  24. Yeah I mean s/pack 2 not 3
    There are many different versions
    of the drivers,some of what you listed here didn't work for me
    I find some that work from the
    Intel website and so on, but your
    blog helped greatly in the research

  25. can u inform which didn't work ,and for the chipset don't use from first direct link, its wrong driver, fogot to fix it,

    i also use win 7 along with windows XP, but also include ubuntu (installed just to make i can dual boot xp with 7), so what i do is install windows 7 first, and then install windows XP (in another partition), then i log in to winodws Xp and insert UBUNTU linux CD, when autoplay appear i select install inside windows, installation size choose 10GB (15GB would be better), when it restart remove the ubuntu disk and follow the onscreen instruction. when it finish install, log in to ubuntu and restart.
    after restart you will have two options windows XP and ubuntu, select ubuntu and you will see another list, there are windows 7 on the last (7 loader), select that and you will log in to windows 7.

    and everytime you restart you will see that options.
    maybe there are easier way, but i prefer this way=)

    p/s: if you want to give a try, remember to download the latest ubuntu version.

  26. hey i was hoping to use xp on my cq60-615dx i managed to get xp installed using black edition 12.12.2009, but i cant get the yellow marks off of:
    modem device on high def audio bus

    network controller (wifi)

    pci data acquisition and signal proccessing controller

    sm bus controller

    thehardware id for my wifi is:

    please help if you can !!!

    Atheros AR9285 802.11b/g/n WiFi Adapter

    Download and extract the files,

    1. Open device manager and right click on the Network driver with yellow mark and select update driver.
    2. No to connect, and select advance, select don't search i
    will choose the driver to install, next, select have disk and browse to the driver you extract earlier.
    3. Continue with on screen instruction.
    modem device on high def audio bus:
    download and extract, install the modem driver.

    For SMS BUS:
    Intel chipset installation utility

    Download, right click and select run as administrator.

    pci data acquisition and signal proccessing controller
    Intel matrix storage manager

  28. thank you is it work!!

  29. Thanks to your blog, I was successful loading Windows XP onto my CQ60-615DX, but despite trying many many many efforts, I can't get the Wireless Network Controller online (ID=PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_002B&SUBSYS_303F103C&REV_01)--my research indicates that it is an Atheros AR9285, but it won't accept the driver download above.

    Two other devices are yellow:
    SM Bus Controller:(PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2930&SUBSYS_360B103C&REV_03), and Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus:(HDAUDIO\FUNC_02&VEN_14F1&DEV_5067&SUBSYS_103C360B&REV_1003)

    I've loaded the Intel chipset drivers (multiple times), but can't get the SM Bus properly configured. Please Help!

  30. After two days of searching, I finally found drivers that work for the Atheros AR9285! The link is:

    I could still use help concerning the SM Bus Controller, tho!

  31. I have installed the Chipset driver for my computer (several times), and even used the Intel Driver Utility to install the most current driver, but it still won't recognize the SM Bus controller (it all seems related to the video drivers). I read that the SM Bus may monitor the board temperature and control fan speed (I don't ever hear the fan going) and this has me very nervous!

    Am I supposed to install these drivers in a certain order? I can't understand what I'm doing wrong; others seem to be having success with this one. Any ideas on what to try, or where to point it for the driver software??

  32. It appears that the chipset driver installation is missing (or, more accurately, not installing) the ibexusb.inf driver I need for the SMBus, even though ti recognizes the device (Intel(R) ICH9 Family SMBus Controller - 2930 HardwareID = PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2930). Anybody know how I can resolve this?

  33. I never did find the inf file, but I found a site that listed the contents of the file ('turns out inf files are actually just text files):


    I copied the text into notepad, saved it as ibexsmb.inf, pointed the SM Bus at it and it worked (at least it took it to be legitimate)! I *think* the problem is now solved!

    Can anybody advise me if this is not a legitimate fix?

  34. Please help

    I downgraded my laptop (cq60-615dx) to windows xp but my pci data acquisition and signal proccessing controller and sm bus controller drivers are not working, am still getting question marks on the hardware.


  35. halo bos,saya mau tanya nih,saya punya laptop compaq presario CQ42-105TU dengan win 7 ultimate,tapi webcamnya ga bisa digunakan,mungkin ga ada drivernya,kira-kira dimana ya cari drivernya.

  36. Hello,

    In desperate need of audio driver for the cq60-dx615, all the links are dead can you help me? I hope youre still out there black , email me at blueeyedguy270@gmail.com