Dec 18, 2010

Set Speaker As Default

This tutorial will show you how to set you speaker as the default audio.
(click the picture to enlarge)

1. First click start and select control panel.

2. Click on Hardwar and sound

3. Click on Sound

4. Then select the Speakers - click on set as default - then press ok.

This tutorial created base on Compaq Presario F700 audio problems in Windows 7, and you may also apply for any model. If you have something to ask leave your comments.


  1. Khairil - Seri KembanganJanuary 13, 2011 at 6:31 AM

    hi black-x..
    i went to try this but the problem is, it stated in Sound "No audio devices are installed".. then, could it probably the devices problems? if it is.. then what can i do? any suggestion?

  2. my right speaker is not working..what am i supposed to do?

    1. Look at the picture number 4 above, right click on the speaker and select configure speakers, make sure you select stereo and go through the configuration process until finish.

  3. i tried to do that but when i click on it, it doesnt give the option to set as default instead of the button of set default turning black it stays grey unclickable. what should i do?

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