Oct 29, 2011

Acer Aspire One D257 Windows XP Driver

Links fixed on dec 10 2012. There are multiple choice for wireless and webcam, so you must select base on your specs or test which work for you, for example i have install windows on this netbook and it usingchicony webcam + Intel wireless driver.

Best operating system for this model is : Wndows XP, Windows 7 and Linux Mint cinnamon.

Intel Chipset version v.

SATA Driver:
Intel Sata Driver V1.0.0.1039

Realtek Audio Driver

Intel Graphics version


Intel Proset Wireless:

Atheros Wireless Driver

Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver

Synaptics Touchpad
Download (Alps)
Download (Synaptics)

Atheros LAN Driver

Realtek PCIE CardReader Driver Version 6.1.7601.85

Bluetooh version

Liteon: Download
Chicony: Download
Suyin : Download

Special thanks to:
Symon braunbar
AnonymousDec 28, 2011 12:15 PM (check in the comment section below)


  1. Thanks for the share. It was very helpful.

  2. dont know yet if they work but thanks :)

  3. Could anybody pls comment on whether this is working? I'd like to get this netbook, but I prefer XP in order to have more free resources...

  4. can't get video or memory card or lan to work yet. audio, chipset works. still trying to resolve but it does not look good for working xp drivers...

  5. update: got all drivers except card reader working! Video drivers comre from intel's site.

    card reader driver seems to have a slight glitch.

  6. hi there, i really appreciate if yu can share the drivers version that you use to install in your acer, so i can update this page and help others too

  7. Hello,

    I just bough Aspire One D257. I have installed Win 7 64 bit on it. But it turned out, that when I start downloading something via wi-fi, the system freezes TOTALLY, even the mouse can't be moved! I updated the driver to the last version and still the same :-(
    Now I want to try installing XP and pray that it works!! I LOVE the 500GB hard drive of it, there seems to be no other 10" device with 500 GB!! I'll post back...

  8. waitin to hear from u sonne =) gud luck

  9. OK, XP is installed. First I've put just the wi-fi driver and it stuck almost immediately on downloading Fedora. I've let it a second chance and it downloaded. Meanwhile I found and installed all the other drivers for XP. Pls let me know how can I send them to you? Post an e-mail or somethiing.
    Now I've made a long torrent queue and I'm gonna leave it for the night. Till now it didn't hang.
    Still thinking whether to give it back and get me the HP 5103. But it has slower CPU and a smaller disk, I love the 500 GB of this Acer, hehhh, tough...

  10. my email kyoajis@gmail.com and you can upload it to mediafire to share wif me or just email me the driver version, or download and install everest, run, send the report to me. I understand how much u luv the 500GB, like i love the 1TB on mine.

  11. I will mail you the drivers on gmail tonight, as I don't have 'em at work now. For Everest, mediafire... I really don't have time for that.
    How come you have 1 TB disk on a netbook? Did you install it yourself? I knew 500GB is the highest on a netbook and I couldn't find another one with 500GB but the Acer D257.

  12. the 1 TB is not on netbook but my desktop, btw i never have a laptop, netbook tablet or etc, i just have this desktop since i was 20.i'll be waiting for ur mail

  13. Hello,

    I've sent you the mail yesterday night. Pls let me know if you got it.
    If you don't have this Acer netbook, why do you need the drivers then? :-D
    I don't like desktops, as you can't move them easily and they don't have a battery and card readers.
    Netbook is very comfortable when you travel or when you wanna read or watch or browse on the sofa or in bed.

  14. If you have problems with installing the driver for the card reader try this:


    It solved my problem.

  15. LAN drivers (both) not working for me. Please help

  16. Try this:


    or this


    They work for my LAN.
    If not, install "AIDA64 Extreme edition", go to Network, PCI/PnP, and see the EXACT type of your ethernet adapter, and then google for the appropriate driver.

  17. Guys - 2 points:

    What do you thing about the screen bezel? I have tried to clean it from fingerprints with a TOWEL FOR CLEANING GLASSES and it got scratched!!! That's why I returned the netbook.

    As it seems, that many people want to install XP, I would like to ask Black-x to post on this site the drivers I have sent him.

    Hint: To install some drivers, go to Device Manager, select your device marked by ? and then go to update driver. Point to the directory afterwards. IT WORKS!

  18. may you specified which driver you need to install via device manager and using update driver

  19. LAN drivers not working for me.
    I have Win XP 32 bit
    Please help

  20. Hello, it's me again. Quite a story, I gave my Acer back, bought then HP Mini 5103. It disappointed me VERY much, that the screen opens max. to about 110 degrees, so when I put it on my lap, I can't see the screen, my eyes should be on my belly :-D
    So I brought that one back too and bought again the Acer D257 :-D I do confirm again, that under Windows XP it is NOT freezing.
    My point is... Now I would like to install the AHCI drivers, because I see that disk access is quite slow. I found in the net how to do it without having to reinstall XP.
    But the driver from this webpage says: This computer doesn't meet the requirements...
    PLEASE if anybody was successful in making AHCI in Windows XP work, post here the driver and how you did it. I will be VERY thankful!!

  21. Black-x, could you send the source of the drivers on mediafire.com?
    One should really know something more about drivers installed on his computer, and they should come from an official / trustworthy source.

  22. Hi to both of you

    FIRST: Acer D257
    the error "This computer doesn't meet the requirements" refer to incompatible driver, Have u try the AHCI driver i posted above?

    2nd: IZIBIA
    Thanks for the feedback, i will try to improve my post later on, for your information this blog have about 1000 laptop drivers so to add info for each of them require a lot of work.
    Basically, you can identify the source of the drivers which i uploaded on mediafire base on the driver name, SPXXXX refer to HP/COMPAQ and RXXXX is refer to DELL, while for acer the driver file should contain X86_w7/X64_Wvis etc. For Asus and others there are no exact pattern to determine them,
    Anyway it is a good suggestion since people need to know the the source is it official or unofficial. So there will be changes for next post and a good start for my blog for the incoming new year,

  23. Hello Black-x and thanks for writing...
    Yes, I have tried it (if the following is true). I downloaded everything you posted at the beginning of this thread. Chipset, Audio and one thing more worked at the beginning. I have sent you the rest of the drivers, which I have downloaded mainly from Intel's site and you posted them here. At that early time, I said that I don't care about AHCI, and it was the only driver I didn't try from yours. But now I do care... I tried it yesterday and it tells me This computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements and since them I'm fighting with this:
    and I can't find the proper driver on Intel's website. I downloaded 1 file from softpedia and will give it a try once I get home. I'll post back and would be happy if you give me some other advices meanwhile :-)

  24. Hello again
    the version AHCI i have right now is:


    For now you may test it with this, and I'll do my further research about this model and let you know later.

  25. Hey, Black-x, you've posted quite something here :-) Downloading now and I'll let ya know.
    Meanwhile, there is ANOTHER update from my side... Problems problems... Our Audio driver is bad :-( After resuming from hibernate, there is NO SOUND!! It can be fixed by disabling and reenabling the device, but this is stupid.
    So I've downloaded the latest driver I found on the Realtek homw page:


    Can't paste the direct link here, so please download it (6th from the top or the .zip below) and post it kindly here, so that we have everything in one place :-)

    Thank you and I'll report back on the AHCI!

  26. Hi back there,

    this time - bad news. None of these drivers worked :-( The two which had setup.exe inside, are sayint The computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements...
    The other 2 I've tried via Device Manager / Update driver. It says it couldn't update the driver. I'm about to get the feeling we're dealing with something REALLY exotic here (MacOSX86 project, if it means something to you...)

  27. Hi there,

    1. I,m glad that you solve the sound driver problem, and don't worry about the link coz Realtek newer vesion always suppot older version.

    2. If there is device in device manager which represent the AHCI, can you get me the hardware id? (note: in BIOS for most acer model you can switch sata mode from IDE to AHCI)

    3. About MacOSX86 project, I'm successfully install Kalyway_10.5.2_DVD_Intel_Amd (snow leopard) in my AMD, quad boot with 7, xp, ubuntu and OS X and it work great, later i uninstall it.
    After i upgrade my RAM to 14GB i just install the OSX in my virtual machine.

    P/S: cool stuff to try:
    -chrome OS
    -ubuntu ultimate

  28. Hi Black-X

    Regarding 2:
    In Device Manager, I see:
    Intel (R) 82801 GB/GR/GH (ICH7 family) Serial ATA Storage Controller - 27C0.
    I'm not sure what exactly do you mean by Hardware ID, but when I right-click the above mentioned device, go then to Properties, select the Details tab and choose the Hardware Ids item from the drop-down menu, I'm getting the following:


    I hope that this info is enough.

    Regarding 3:
    My big laptop is Lenovo SL500. I never managed to install any OS X on the bare hardware and I've tried several versions, including Kalyway :-( Anyway, I managed to run it successfully in VMware. And never started it since then :-D
    14 GB RAM - wooow!! I'm planning on getting a laptop with 8GB RAM :-) But you have a desktop, that's another league. I just hate desktops ;-)

    So, pls let me know. Take care ;-)

  29. Hello,

    I have installed Windows 7 Professional, 32-bit and the system passed the preliminary test successfully (downloading the whole Fedora 16 DVD) and it didn't freeze. I will be testing it further, I think it will be faster than XP (at least because of AHCI). I'll have a look for comparison how my VMs run. Maybe I'll report back for clarity.
    Many thanks to Black-x for his great work and I think this is an outstanding support page for XP on Acer D257! The best site I could find!

  30. Hi,

    I've tried most of windows XP drivers proposed here and none of them worked.

    The only working drivers for me are the included in the following archive :

    If you want to download them for official website :

    Video : Intel GMA3150 on intel website
    Wireless : Intel windows XP ICS_x32
    Lan : Realtek LAN Driver_XP_5790_11182011
    Card reader : Realtek_PCIE_WHQL_6.1.7601.85_nD3
    Audio : Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.5958_XP
    Chipset : Intel Chipset_Intel_v.

    Hope that helps.

  31. I really apreciate for your contribution, all of you! so some news here, the reason I'm no longer updating because i've been busy with my study and i will launch a website with more function and feature. I'm really really feel guilty since there are many of you shared some drivers and info but i didn't get the time to update it here.
    btw next year i will launch my new website and let u guys know.

  32. try this
    just come to this, for helping driver

  33. wlan driver doesn't working are you have another???

  34. I recolected all the drivers for this laptop, yesterday I stumbled upon this blog but the drivers in here didnt work for me, so i searched everywhere and this ones worked for an Aspire One D257-1890, I uploaded all the files to mediafire.


    1. If you are the original poster to the file...

      Then you did a good job, and deserve a pat on the back.
      Only file in there that did not work for me was WiFi...PROSet...
      Wrong one.
      See Black below,
      Spaner...posts...flawless performance with the correct application file.
      I did not test pad, audio, webcam...just what I listed.

      Even so, if you're just a guy with the link, you still get a thumbs UP..:)

  35. First thx for the pack, second I downloaded the pack but I have problems whit wifi any idea?

  36. the drivers from de mediafire link worked for me :D

    thanks alot dud

  37. are you have bloetooth driver for aod 257 xp that working???

    1. There are 2 possible bluetooth driver for this model which is bluetooth atheros and bluetooth
      atheros : http://www.mediafire.com/?3jzc6pvgytd1s4z

      Broadcom: http://www.mediafire.com/?o47ifjjzdfeiaox

    2. i success fully installed bluetooth driver broadcom but i can't use it, he said no bluetooth device was installed what wrong with my aod d257 ?

    3. look into device manager, if you see any devices marked with yellow get the hardware id and post it here

    4. i don't see the marked yellow hardware, if i look in hidden device i see 3 yellow hardware, in non-plug and play driver i get 2 marked yellow parport and serial, and in unknown driver i get 1 yellow driver keyboard_filter_1, how to fix this?

    5. Is it all hardware ID for all the yellow devices is keyboard_filter_1? coz that ID represent HID keyboard and not affecting your system

  38. no i get another yellow device parport device and serial device

    1. can you get the hardware ID for both of them

    2. no i can't i just see yellow hardware parport and serial, can you tell me how to remove the yellow hardware in parport and serial?? what's the problem??

    3. The yellow parport and serial normally occur because of:

      -The computer was not equipped with parallel port hardware.

      -The computer was equipped with parallel port hardware, but the parallel port hardware had been disabled in the ROM BIOS.

      But it done no harm and you can ignore it, this only happen in windows Xp and Windows 2000.

      You can also right click and select disable to remove it from device manager.
      Your case is not rare, there are thousands of model having the same problem and normally it happen to notebook that design for windows 7 but installed with win XP. (D257 designed for win 7).
      You can solve it by change the HAL but the risk is you will not be able to start your windows in you select the wrong HAL.

      My suggestion, ignore it, unless find your system unstable, shut down automatically or error code 24. (in most cases it is related to printer driver installation - solutions require ifthe printer is not working properly)

    4. yeah but is not make my bluetooth driver working..

    5. sorry for my late reply, there are 2 possible bluetooth which is atheros and broadcom, if broadcom didn't work then try atheros:


    6. the link you have share is not a atheros driver but it broadcom i try to install it but it not working

    7. my bad, here is the link:

      If i have time I'll make some list of the bluetooth drivers that commonly used for acer.

    8. atheros driver is not working, is for win 7 not for win xp i try to install it but no respond..

    9. for windows 7, there are drivers officially released by acer:

      Broadcom bluetooth:

      or ATheros Bluetooth:

      note that this driver is for windows 7 32-bit (x86)

    10. yeah but i wan't a driver for win xp that working

  39. joderrrr muchas graciasssss!!!!

  40. can you share GeForce 2 grafik card that compatible for aod d257?

    1. so far, by specification there is no other devices for VGA except INTEL GRAPHIC. In case you have Nvidia, i need the hardware ID for the VGA

    2. i already have intel graphic, tomorrow i try to install nvidia but no driver nvidia that support nvidia display driver, it means my aod can't install nvidia?

  41. Hi, im glad to see my work was usefull i had a really hard time setting that laptop

    "AnonymousDec 28, 2011 12:15 PM"

    I am the anonymous dude, and this is the post i made the same day i uploaded the files:


    i dont know who "Symon braunbar" is but it aint me and the mediafire link is not his, its mine, and i go by as Darmani, just to clarify.... Cheers to everybody

    1. cheers then, thanks for the clarification, btw we internet users do our best to contribute something to others, any help from you and others make my day =)

  42. galera me ajudem axar o drive controlador de ethernet d257 13685 me ajude e da acer aspire one me ajudemm

  43. Great, thank you very much! now my netbook has Broadcom WLAN, if anyone needs that driver, go to: http://www.yadriver.com/es/download-dell-drivers/dell-inspiron-m101z-drivers.html Will not work with all models, but did work with mine: D257-1802 from the USA.

  44. can i get 1 wifi driver was worked , in your post can't work

    1. In most acer model, there are possibilities up to 3 applicable driver, which normally intel,, broadcom and atheros, the best way to get identify the right wireless is get the hardware ID and post it here, so i can locate the right drivers for ya,

  45. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

  46. is there any way to help me with finding driver for network controller
    id: PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0032&SUBSYS_661711AD%REV_01\4&20975680&0&00E1

    1. when looking for a driver, you only need to search with this words VEN_168C&DEV_0032 instead this entire line PCI\VEN_168C&DEV_0032&SUBSYS_661711AD%REV_01\4&20975680&0&00E1
      I think you need this link http://driver.techeta.com/atheros-ar9285-802.11b-g-n-wifi-adapter/2/

  47. waste iam not geted the drivers for acer aspire one d257 thats way too waste site

  48. Thanks, your information very help me.

  49. can someone email me drivers links not working gaylecarter16@yahoo.com

  50. HI!
    None of the graphiccard drivers are working for me!
    It says:the driver being installed is not validated for this computer.Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer's manifacturer.
    I tried any possible Inter driver.
    any ideas and posssible help???

    Thanx a lot!!!!

  51. Go to this url:

    In the search field type this:

    Then when the search result appear,look for:
    Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator Driver for Windows* XP (exe)

    Download and isntall

  52. here i am again! Black,thanx,but didnt help. BUT it helped to install slimdrivers,it scans,downloads and installs.AND IT WORKED!!!!!!! Great program,freeware,very fast and light.
    here is the link,download from their site,not from cnet,something went wrong there.

    1. So how about your graphic, manage to install it?
      make sure to try the drivers above, i just update it with new driver yesterday, and it is official release from ACER

  53. OK, so, I'm in the same boat here.
    I bought an Acer Aspire One AOD257.
    I got this platform used, at a cheap price, so that I could place my first generation "ZG5" HDD into her. I loved this netbook, and just wanted to upgrade because I broke the screen.
    OK, so, let's cut the bullshit.
    The 257 never came with xp, win7 only, and the HDD that was in it had the starter7, which is garbage.
    BTW, ZG5 VS ZE6...is the motherboard, as far as I can tell.
    Installed the 80G "ZG5" HDD "OEM" into the 257.
    After ALOT of research, F2, BIOS to "IDE" (cu'z no AHCI driver)
    NO PROBLEM, XP boot, just fine; everything is there...:) :)
    Happy, happy.
    USB drivers are OK with the original drivers from XP home with SP3. Sound is OK.
    No LAN, no WLAN, VGA card, SD...just a lot of stuff.
    Nothing I've found on the net helps, so I went to the source.
    Let's start with the WLAN, so I can connect, and do a sefDSyg.
    Pulled the cover on the 257 and got this:
    Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 100
    FCC ID: PD9 100 BNH
    IC: 1000M-100 BNH
    TA: G17078-004
    WFM: 78929C2825B6

    On the INTEL site there are only two cards that are not supported by XP, the N-130 and the N-100...:(

    The Acer site, for the 257, win7 only...:(

    I've tried a bunch of drivers off of this site, and others.
    Am I missing something?
    Cu'z none of them work.

    1. HI there,

      have you try this driver:
      Driver link

      Then for the rest of the driver, get the hardware ID and post it here. To get the hardware id you can refer to my tutorial here:

    2. i had the same issue with wireless when installing windows xp instead of win7, and tried dozens of wireless drivers. this is the one that worked for me. thanks!

  54. Well, in short, yes.

    For those that are just as stupid as I am. I took that link, copied the title, went to the intel site, found the selection and chose the one for me:
    File name:
    Size:37.25 MB Language:English
    Operating Systems:Windows XP *

    No Zip, or RAR, jumped it to a USB, to the desktop, execute.
    Even though intel does not list the N-100 (105 closest), seems to load the stand-alown wifi controler. Not sure how to close down the windows XP controler (just pops-up as "can not configure")
    BUT, I'll mess with it, I do see local wifi connections though!!!

    Thanks man,
    I'll be back with the rest later...

    1. Hi again,
      well your case seem quite interesting, I try to test the driver file (Wireless_15.3.1_x32.exe) and it seem that it didn't help much. if you follow my guide to check the hardware ID, you will arrive at a pint where you will open a device manager. There, you will see several hardware marked with yellow which mean the driver is missing. Get the hardware ID for each of the device with the yellow mark and post it here.

      Note that if the wireless installed correctly (you will see the Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 100 listed in device manager under the network adapter), it mean the problem is the network setting. So, if you get any error, post the exact message you get from the error.

      sorry for my late reply =)

  55. Nice to see that you hang out to help people.
    I had come to the conclusion that xp onto 257 was not possible, but I'm just a novice. Part of the reason I wanted xp back in the first place, took me three years of owning my previous platform to figure out where everything is, and then how to use everything. Took me a week with 7starter to have no doubt that it is absolute garbage. Upgrade to pro via internal activation?...that's where I was headed.
    Anyway, my d257 is 100% now on xp home sp3,
    The WiFi PROSet application is flawless. A little different though, 2 hours to get me an online profile the first go, but it's fine. BTW, I had tried three other PROSet release dates, none worked at all. so you picked the right one for me 15.3.1.
    For the others, I used some of what I had already down loaded, and some things work just fine from the OEM xp HDD; like sound, pad, and USBs.
    Everything good, no more yellow (?) ALL GONE :)
    Still running IDE though, I don't see a problem with it.

    Unlike others, I come back just to say thanks. Helping people to learn too, that is best.
    WLan: as above.
    Chipset: INTEL
    Graphics: INTEL
    Lan: Realtek 5.790.824.2011....8/24/2011
    SD Reader: Realtek 6.1.7601.85...9/2/2011

    Thanks Black

  56. Ho, and for got about your hardware question,
    Only (?) under "others"
    or unknown device, cu'z not only did the XP HDD not have drivers for the hardware, but it also did not have the software to identify the installed hardware...something there, but nobody know what it is...he, he.
    After I got the WLan working I did the self diag. @ intel and also...could not detect hardware...except where I had already loaded a driver via an installation package...inten could see what I had already done...but not what I should do.
    ie, latest updated version...correct...sheesh..

    1. normally it refer to INtel Management Interface which you can download here:

      but sometimes it may refer to ql, battery, or others, simply post the hardware ID here and ill check the device ID

    2. Sure, I will do that for you. I read your tutorial for hardware investigation. Some drivers did not load like the computer said they did before? D257 working OK right now though.
      Maybe you can find the best drivers for me and then others can come here to get them.

      This will take a long time to do though.

      [+]Processors (TWO entries-both the same)

      Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N455 @1.66GHz


      Driver Date 4/1/2004
      Driver Version 5.1.2600.0

    3. try int5el detection rools, i find it useful to check for the latest drivers, I'm currently quit busy until next week. You can check out the page here:

      btw thanks for the info =)

    4. Ya, been there many times.
      This tool not work well with this configuration.
      Graphics it reads, this driver is "current".
      Chipset it reads, this driver is "valid".
      For everything else it reads "unknown" ie, (realtek this driver is unknown).

      I learn more though.
      I find how to look at inf* with regedit, hkey-local-system...for chipset.
      I do have a new driver and files. Not too good I think though.

      So, question,
      Should I look for newest driver in system for "5, 4, 3, 900 series" or older but have "xp home edition" not just "xp*".
      Maybe we are just guessing now?

      Intel detect me as "Intel 6, 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets"
      AND "". I confirm driver with regedit.
      I no like this one though. I search intel for inf chipset file
      "inf update utility- for intel x79 chipset" "8/27/2011"
      This OS list windows xp but not home edition.

      What about
      Is this not the right one?
      Will this help motherboard operation and make better use of the upgraded ram (2Gddr3)?

      I ask cu'z I just fool around to learn for fun.

  57. Aloha !
    Does anyone have the AHCI Driver working yet ?
    I downloaded the driver, and there are about 8 versions inside. Which particular one did you use if you got it to work ? (7, 8, 8R, ??)

    I have successfully done AHCI and XP install with other AOD2xx series machines, but cant get this one to go correctly.

  58. You know, if you do a bit of reading, it's not really a big deal.
    My system works just fine on IDE. Bios set to such, although, my older factory Acer HD from a ZG5 did not support AHCI; which I'm running now, on IDE in the 257.
    Supper fast net box. BUT, then again, it's the RAM that is my concern; right?
    From what I understand, it can be made to work, if you really want it too. Read around a bit more. You may be able to boot the new AHCI file via a jump-drive, with the BIOS boot program configured to load the jumper first.
    Once that's done for the first time, then it's there forever.

    I didn't bother, as I said, my system works just fine on IDE.

  59. Very much thankful to you sir; I have got every driver working and now I am out of trouble of win7 on my netbook; it was like chicken biryani fed to a small kid !