Dec 19, 2014

ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 Drivers For Windows 7


I got a request from a user asking drivers for ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 for his Compaq Evo Notebook Running Windows 7. Most notebook form 200-2005 (such as compaq Evo Series and Lenovo Thinkpad T42) have this type of graphic card which didn't past the Windows 7 upgrade advisor. So, after windows 7 installation you will notice that it only listed as Standard VGA with limited graphic capability.

Actually you can install the Mobility Radeon 7500 in Windows 7 using the original Windows XP driver. In this tutorial I will show how to install it in EVO N800c.

1. First download the SP27665 (original Windows XP driver for EVO N800c) and run the driver. You will get an error, ignore it, because we just want to extract the driver file.
 (for other model, obtain the windows xp driver from your manufacture download site, if you want to use this driver for different model such as Acer and Toshiba, please contact HP for permission to use their software).

2.Now you will have C:\swsetup\SP27665 folder. We will use it later.

3. A device manager will open, right click on standard VGA and select update driver.

4. Select Browse my computer for driver Software.

5. Select Let me pick from a list of device driver from my computer.

 6. Now select have disk - browse and point to C:\swsetup\SP27665\Driver\2KXP_INF. Select the Inf file. (if you have more than one choice, choose the first one)

Click OK, next and continue with on screen instruction, it will flash a few second while installing the drivers. Reboot after finish.

Models of Compaq Evo that compatible with this intallation:

Compaq Evo n160
Compaq Evo n180
Compaq Evo n410c
Compaq Evo n600c
Compaq Evo n610c
Compaq Evo n620c
Compaq Evo n800c
Compaq Evo n800V
Compaq Evo n1000c
Compaq Evo n1000v
Compaq Evo n1005v
Compaq Evo n1010v
Compaq Evo n1015v
Compaq Evo n1020v
Compaq Evo n1050v

If you have any problems fo let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Hi, i've already tried your trick but it doesn't work on my compaq evo n600c. It keeps showing me BSOD so i have to reset the standard vga via safe mode. Please help me find the right vga driver that will work for my compaq evo n600c with windows 7. I mean, the right vga driver that will make all videos on my laptop run smoothly.

    1. Hi, normally this cause by the driver version, it did install well on Evo 800 and 601c. So, my suggestion is to try with previous version from this link :
      Scroll the page until you find the list which should look like this:

      Version:7.96 (18 Mar 2004)
      Version:7.96-031113A-012783C (16 Dec 2003)
      Version:1.00 A (1 Jun 2003)
      Version:7.80.3-1.00 D (8 Jan 2003)
      Version:1.00 C (23 Oct 2002)
      Version:1.00 C (23 Oct 2002)
      Version:1.00 B (12 Jun 2002)
      Version:1.00 B (12 Jun 2002)
      Version:1.00 A (18 Apr 2002)
      Version:1.00 A (16 Apr 2002)

      I strongly recommend to try with the first and second from the list. Other alternative is to try the MOD driver released by They released a MOD driver which worked with most old AGP graphic for windows 7 and above.