Jan 23, 2016

HP DX6100 MT Windows XP/7 Drivers

If you went to HP support site, it only list out drivers for Windows XP and Vista and no support for Windows 7. Another thing is, there is no Audio driver for Windows XP listed, so here is the driver set you will need:

Windows XP:

1. Chipset : Automatically Installed
2. Audio :
-Install MS-UAA Patch First and reboot (IMPORTANT) : Download
-Install ADI AC97 Integrated Audio : Download

3. Graphic : (Choose one base on your model specs)
-Intel 915G Graphic : Download (Normally automatically installed)
-Nvidia graphic : Download

4. Modem : Agere (LSI) Soft Modem : Download

5. LAN/Ethernet:
-Realtek Ethernet Controller : Download
-Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller : Download

Windows 7

1. Chipset :
Not important, Windows will update the necessary driver.
Or if you want it badly, get it here: Download from Intel

2. Audio : Download
Installation : Download the driver file, extract it, run to install. If failed, try to right click on setup and select run as admin.

3.  Graphic:
Intel 915 read the installation instruction here : Download and install
Nvidia Graphic : Let nvidia detect and give you the best driver: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us

The other drivers automatically installed.
If you have problem with audio, get me the hardware ID for the audio and post it here. Here is the guide to get the hardware ID.


  1. I've dwnlded the win7 audio driver which mentioned in ur post in win7 category , 2nd Step.! I dwnled with mediafire link u gave..! My Pc says "This Operating System Is Not Supported By This Software"..!
    Plz Help me I want Audio/sound Driver for my pc .!
    HP Compaq DX6100 MT Base Unit
    HP S/n :- INI451031V
    P/n :- DX439AV
    Motherboard :- Hewlett-Packard 0984h

    Plz Help me fast.! I need them very badly.!

    My Fb I'd :- http://fb.me/ravi.unique.129

    1. get the hardware id for the audio and post it here, follow the instruction here:

    2. I don't have audio driver how can I find audio driver Hardware I'd..?
      However I found this HardwareId in Device Manager :-

      Plz provide audio driver for my pc fast..!
      My fb I'd :- http://fb.me/ravi.unique.129

    3. I went to device manager , there under other devices category "Multimedia Audio Controller" is Highlighted With "Yellow Color Warning Symbol (!) ".! I right clicked on it selected properties - then details -> Then selected Hardware Ids from Dropdown Menu.!
      There were some Ids like this :-

      Now plz give me audio driver for my pc.! I've given the hardware ids I hope I can get the right driver from u.! Plz Help me..! Respond asap.! Plz...plz..plz....!!!

      My Fb Id:- http://fb.me/ravi.unique.129

  2. Just Now I've downloaed win7 graphic driver.! It Worked..! Thanx A Lotttt.! But I need Audio Drivers Too.! Plz They r important 4 me..! Plz give correct working audio driver 4 my pc.! I've given hardware ids & details of my pc in previous comments.! Plz Give the correct working driver fast..! Waiting 4 ur reply..!

    My fb I'd :- http://fb.me/ravi.unique.129

  3. ok im dwnlding this driver. i hope it works. ill let u know soon