Jan 29, 2016

PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller

Both PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller refer to Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework, also known as DPTF. The main function is to help enable thin, quiet, and cool platform designs. To solve the driver issue you need to download drivers provided by your laptop manufacturer.Is it important? I'm not so sure, but if you want my personal opinion, it would say it is not a big problem and will not bother my system. However, a user reported that without this driver his Yoga 13 (lenovo) getting slower.

Yellow mark on the PCI means your pc detect the hardware butdoes not recognize it.
 Note :
If you are using driver from other brand, such as using HP driver for your Asus notebook. You need to get permission from them first. Will it work? most of the time yes, but if you do get the permission, use it at your own risk.

The easiest way is to run windows automatic updates. However it is not guarantee that windows update will detect and download the drivers for you. Here is a quick list for most common model.

HP /Compaq:
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 and 64-bit) : Download
Notes : This is the latest intel chipset driver for HP/Compaq model. The chipset will not only update the PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller but also other Intel chipset component.

Windows 8/8.1/10 : 64-bit (Yoga) :Download
Windows 8/8.1/10 : 64-bit (Thinkpad) : Download 

Windows 7/8 (32-64-bit) : Download

Advance User - Advance Installation. (If you prefer to get it from Microsoft)
If you want the driver from Microsoft, just go to Microsoft update catalog and search for  Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. Choose the latest version depend on your windows version. Here is the result when i run the search:

How to install?
First download the driver from the update catalog, here is the URL and open it using Internet explorer:


To download, click add, the view basket. Download the file. You will get a cabinet file (compressed file). Extarct it using Winrar or 7zip software. Now open device manager, right click on  PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller and select update driver.
-Select advance
-Click Browse and point to the driver folder we extract earlier.
-Continue with on screeen installation until finish.

Need this driver for your model? leave a comment, I will add it for you.