Feb 24, 2016

ACPI\TPSACPI01 - It is TPS BIOS Method Device

ACPI\TPSACPI01 is part of the Chipset component, normally your Chipset driver or Intel Management Interface (MEI) Driver (In most Toshiba Notebook) will install this component for your computer. When a device ID start with ACPI, that's referring to Advance Control and Power Interface.

In device manager, you will see it is listed as unknown device.

Here is the driver you need to install:
ACPI TPS Driver (compatible with Win XP and Above)

Extract driver files, within the extracted driver file, run setup to install.
If it prompt "Windows can't verify the publisher of this software" select install this driver software anyway.
No need to reboot, and you will see the unknown device no longer listed and replaced with TPS BIOS Method Device.

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