Jul 30, 2017

How to Identify and download sony vaio drivers

One of the common problem for Sony VAIO users is downloading drivers for Sony website. The reason is their model is not listed on Sony Support site. Actually if this  happen to you it means you need to know how to get the RIGHT model number and sony call it Product name.

You can find this product name on the back of your VAIO.

For model released 2009

For model released 2010 or later.

In case you don't have the sticker:
  1. Click the Start button,then click (My) Computer. 
  2. Click Local Disc C:. 
  3. Next click Windows. Click the file named Model or Model.txt*. 
  4. The file will show the model number. (e.g., VGN-FW550F)
Now you have the right model number and your task to get the proper driver would be easier.

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