Jun 30, 2020

Acer Aspire Beeping on Startup and Blank Display

A friend  ask me to fix an old Acer Aspire 4736z which she hasn't use for about 3 years. So when I without asking any question what is the problem I just took it and just look at something that need to be fixed.

The original laptop picture was too graphic to be shown here since it was in the quite place for 3 years =)

It must be something to do with RAM??
Upon boot, the laptop make a continuous beeping sound. In my mind like other person who grew up with Windows XP, it must be RAM. So I open up RAM slot and unscrew the RAM cover and remove it form the slot.There are 2 slots, but only one RAM. I rub the golden parts with eraser, clean it up and put it back again.

Still Beeping
The Beep still there and sometimes beeping could be warning for certain hardware failure. Just out of curiosity I just press F2 upon boot and the beeping stop. I just press F10  and press enter. The reason is the first F2 is a common key to enter BIOS and F10 is to save changes and exit and Enter is to confirm.

Windows Sound - Blank Screen
I just wait for few minutes and finally I heard the Windows 7 Log In sound. So I hook HDMI port and connect the laptop with my monitor. The screen just blank at first, I remove the HDMI and put it again and now Im able to duplicate display and conclude the problem was the Laptop Screen.

New Screen
So what I can conclude from this troubleshoot.
1. Press F2 , F10 and Enter and if the beeping stops means the display need replacement.
2. Connect it to external monitor if you need to use or backup your important file.

The new screen could be around USD40 - USD70, but the price range are different depends where you live.