Mar 16, 2009

Ask Question About Laptop


Here you can ask question about laptop problems, i,m not an expert but willing to share what i know. You can also post your question at fixya. Before leave your problems in the comments section please provide your laptop model and OS(xp or Vista).


  1. where can i get the driver for my compaq presario CQ40-401AU..Im using window vista ultimate and AMD Turion 64x2...please help me find the driver..thank you.

  2. I already listed your driver


    and you can refer to the original site from hp:

  3. i will like to ask,i want to install my hp notebook cq40-401au with win xp,where can i find the sata driver?i've seen this model install with xp,i searched many website to download the chipset sata driver but to no avail,still same.thx

  4. abe,np abe x install microsoft office kat laptop eden...? cmne eden nk wat koje nie be....
    help me be.hahahahah.............

  5. kawe tok ingat la, nati kawe buh

  6. hi, i successfully install xp in cq40-324tu with slipstream cd.but after install the chipset and reboot, my laptop keep booting , hang and then require hard disk?.my bios version is f.24 and i cannot find any word with sata native control in my bios setting.


  7. if you are slipstream and success, i hope you use windows xp sp2 which you can download directly frm microsoft page because sp2 support most drivers and intergt=rate it using nlite:

    download sp2 updateand then download the win xp for 324tu here: you want to be notified by email you can subscribe or leave your email here

  8. thank you for your information.
    im using win xp pro service pack 2.
    at first, im using it without slipstream and my compaq detect it as a virus. after using slipstream cd (my winxp cd+sata driver) i can install windows without any problem until i restart. then its hang at xp logo...boot again and require disk.
    if i put the cd it will prompt to install windows again.

    thanks again in advance.


  9. I think you need another sata driver and slipstream it with nlite because the current one might not compatible and that what cause the problems:

    Download ICH9 sata driver,
    The driver is located in iaAHCI.inf
    It is called ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller

  10. hi,
    its the same sata driver that i downloaded before.
    before this i think maybe i did use the wrong sata driver. i follow your link here, and downloaded it again..its was the third same zip folder i download.
    i integrate it with xp using nlite, burn and put in the cd drive. i can install the windows.but after i restart, its hang at xp logo.


  11. i just thinkin about your problems and i hope this discussion will help you and i will find the better solutions:

  12. hi,
    i have post the same question regarding my problem in your given link.
    i will try to find the solution and if i manage to solve it i will post it here.
    anyway thanks for your concerning.
    i really appreciated it.


  13. Hi I have a Compaq Presario V2433AU, it came with XP Home, it's been updated to SP3.

    The system is running very slowly so I've decided to do a Clean Install of XP Pro.

    Everytime I do the computer shuts down on the "Press ENTER to install" or the "End User License Agreement" screen.

    What do I need to do to format the hard drive and have a clean install of XP Pro?

    Thank you kindly.

  14. Yana:
    hope you got the solution and share here with us.

    lawrenece: here there aer several things that might casue your system restart. what you did is right right to install clean xp but there are several thing that cause your system to restart.

    1. I think you can try install XP pro using another cd cause i expect your cd might corrupted.

    2. May be your hardware and first i expect your ram or hdd. but try the first suggestion i mentioned above and inform back the result.

    p/s: please make sure you laptop not overheating

  15. i tried donwloading drivers for V2620TS from the official site... but could not download...
    could you please provide them...

  16. I need to know you can't download all or certain driver and which one you want to use, windows XP or vista.I will upload all and provide them to you but if you provide me which driver you cant download the process will be faster. once again please inform me Win XP or Vista, if you want to be notify via email plz leave ur email here,

  17. thx for U sharing, nice work bro so i feel help your blog,,,,,but i hope can same driver compaq presario CQ20-320TU for win xp.
    thx a lot

  18. hi, i have a compaq presario v3700 laptop. i installed the windows xp sp2 recently. my problem is that i could not find all the necessary drivers for my notebook. would you please help me. all the details are given below:
    Product: Compaq Presario V3700
    s/n: 2CE74620WN
    p/n: KG527PA#AKL
    service: V3733TU

  19. Please help! i want compaq cq40-325tu driver for xp!!!

    please email me agent TQ

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  21. hp 500c vista drivers plz...

  22. hi .. i got Compaq Presario CQ40-421TU ... i slipstreamed the iaahcp drivers into xp cd and installed windows XP ...

    but now , i cant find the drivers for audio/graphics/lan/wifi/bluetooth etc on the HP's original site ...

    so i was googling ... and got this amazing blog ! ... please provide me the link for the drivers for XP ..

    thanks in advance

  23. ok thanks a million ... i am downloading these and installing ... will get back to u asap ... ( i have done a fresh installation and started installing just to be safe from previous relics ) ...

    btw the guy from whom i bought the laptop , is saying that its needed to first downgrade the BIOS using windows 98 ( !!!!!! ) and then install xp and its drivers ...

  24. thanks ... the drivers worked just awesome ... except for the AUDIO ...

    and as i googled , manyyyy people are having trouble with audio in XP in CQ40 series ... here's the most remarkable one : ...

    so no audio yet .. but rest is working just awesome ... thanks ...

    looking forword for fix in the audio ...

    PS : u have put the link for Cyberlink YouCam and the Card Reader driver link ... actually there isnt any link for Cyberlink YouCam ... but its alright :D ...

    thanks once again ...

  25. thanks for your feedback victor, ill work on it,i will try to find the laptop similar to your and check the solution the the audio driver, ill fix the youcam later, thanks again

  26. ya common u r welcome .. anyways ... i just saw that u have forgot to add the bluetooth driver .. so can u please give me the link for bluetooth driver first ... the audio can wait ... but this one's urgent ... thanks !!!

  27. thanks .. now bluetooth is working perfectly ... just the audio problem remains !!!!!

  28. where can i get the driver for my hp dv4-1220us i am using win vista ultimate and how can i change to win xp 32 bit please help me find driver...
    thank you

  29. Your vista drivers for HP dv4-1220us here:
    Vista drivers, to install windows XP and all the drivers i will added as soon as possible, come back in one or two days

  30. nx8220 hp notebbok every time i bootup the machine it will ask me to insert sd card,and i can't even go to windows or bios what can i do to get rid of this message.

  31. I need more details themba, fisrt winXP/Vista, when it happen? after format or it just happen, if there any chnages you made before the problems happen provide the details here

  32. another options is pull the battery let it sit for a minute then it will boot fine. but i will try to find better solution for this, HP said to bring your laptop to services center but i know we dunt really like the option=)

  33. Jis.......

    Kawe ade problem ngan laptop kawe. Jadi lembap sikit. Camane nak cek mana sakitnya.
    So lagi....dvd/cd-rom pada laptop kawe ni payah nak baca cd la. tgk kat device manager, tapi takdok masalah/conflict gapo pun.

    Kawe guno laptop acer travelmate 280.

    TQ....selamat berpose

    CgUbai SMKL

  34. Hi, I have Compaq CQ 40 -425 TU. I get Blue screen error while connecting USB devices ( Pendrive or…portable Hard drive”

  35. to Mr. Ubai aka. CIkgu ubai =)

    Biasanya kalau laptop slow sebab banyak program masa start, nak check dia
    1. click start - run -taip "msconfig" lepas tu pilih startup, kat situ tgk program yang tak pakai buang, kalau xbrani bia dulu.
    2. kalau pakai themes tpaksa bunag sebab themes memang pakai banyak ram, kalau nak pakai jugak boleh tapi kena beli ram baru, hehe
    3. mantain komputer = click start- all programs - accecories -system tools - disk defragmenter -defragment local disk C.
    4. virus jugak mungkin ada kacau, try bukak task manager. kilk Ctrl+alt+del, tegok kat process, tegok bahagian mana yang paling tinggi jumlahnya.

    pasal dvd/cd rom tu kawe sero sebab dia dah lama jadik defektif, mgkin kna tukar baru, kalau boleh elak pasang cd kotor (calar),sebab makin cepat dia rosak, lagi satu kalau DVD/cd rom tu selalu buat burn pn dia jd g2, kalau dah teruk sgat sampai xleh baca bleh beli external usb (rm30-40) pastu DVD rom biasa (samasung (rm90), kalau nak ganti baru leh tapi mahal la ckit dalam rm250.

    kalau nak cek dia betul defektif ke x try cari mana2 cd original(apa2 xkisah, yg xcalar) kalau baca elok memang defektif dah tu.

  36. HI i have hp dv4 1220us install win vista 64 bit but i want to install win xp 32 bit how can i do i try many time not success,plz let help me to do

    Ps also driver for xp thank many

  37. hi.. I need help, I have HP pavilion dv3-2117tx.. and I already install win xp 32.. but i have problem with driver for xp.. please help me find the driver.. thank you..

  38. hello..
    I have compaq presario CQ40-317TU
    today i formatted my laptop n installed Xp.everything is working except audio.please help me what to do?tell me the steps..

  39. hello ishani,
    The audio diver i listed here:
    at the end of the post is step by step installation if in case normal installation fail. report back the progress.

  40. hello
    thanks for ur reply..I followed ur steps at the end of the post..but the links are not working..please tell the full urls..


  42. hi there,first a little information, if you are using compaq or acer, there are several model that built for VISTA ONLY and not for XP, means you can't directly install windows XP, and your desktop are compatible with both Operating system while your notebook are not.
    To install windows Xp in you laptop you need to tell your model (compaq, acer,etc). Provide me with your laptop model so i can assist your to install windows XP in it. A little more info, most acer laptop need to change setting in BIOS while if you use compaq you need to create a new win XP cd from your original one, the process called slipstream. Reply asap,

  43. any driver compaq cq40-107ax for xp??

  44. helo black, thanks for linking me to my i wanna ask you, does the driver imported by driver max from xp compatible for window 7?? hope u answer me bro, thanks again.

  45. ok i can't say neither compatible or not, it depend on type of drivers, for chipset, graphic and sound normally i cant be use fo win 7 but other drivers may work, if wrong driver installed you will get BSOD, if you you want to try make sure create a restore point first, then install the driver suggested by drivermax, restart..if you BSOD(blue screen)restart and press F8 repetedly during the post screen and select safe mode..restore your computer to earlier time.

  46. SIR,

    MY ID IS "" please give me advise in this id

  47. hi deepak sachan,
    you need to create a new windows XP cd. You will need to put additional file (sata AHCI) to you XP installation cd. To create a new windows XP CD you will need a new Writable CD and follow guide here, make sure to use AMD SATA AHCI in the guide :
    FOllow this link for the tutorial:

  48. halo black..last time i asked u 4 ur help find my compaq presario v3751au drivers.. thanks a lot, most of them work, but i hv problem with my graphic card, nvidia.. it shown in the quick lunch bar, but i can't open the nvidia control makes me think that i still do not install the nvidia..i tried to use ur link but my comp failed to open the driver. can u please fix this 4 me??thanks

  49. Here is the latest Nvidia Drivers for your model Nvidia Gforce 7150m:
    GeForce Release 179.

    To check weather your driver installed open device manager(right click on my computer select manage) and if there are no yellow mark under display so your driver successfully installed. What i always do is automatically search driver for my nvidia using this tools here:,

    select the second options there.

  50. My laptop is compac pressario CQ40-538TU. I have problem with my laptop. when I shut down it, it is still on. it happened after I installed window 7 in it. before I used Window Vista. what happens to my laptop? if there is a problem, how to solve it?

  51. Hi Budiman,
    after click the shut down button, and it still on rite, can you open any folder or run any program at that time?, reply back.

    (p/s: for now you can shut down by open task manager, select shut down and on the panel click shut down with holding Ctrl+alt+del), it will shut down in 2 seconds but not really good method because if u do that for many times maybe there are other effect.

    reply back

  52. Just install Window XP into my Compaq Presario V3700..but the graphic kinda problem & no sound at all.
    Had try install the driver from HP website, but it still having the same problem.
    Any suggestion?


  53. hello again .... (you helped me before with that cq60 a35 ec) .... can you tell me what directx should i use ? thank you again

  54. Hi pete,
    for your audio first follow this guide:

    for your graphic i need to know the exact model for your laptop, yes..on the laptop it write v3700 but it not the exact model number, refer here how to check it:
    check your model, the first is the model number we need, reply back and i will post your graphic drivers.

  55. hi dude ..... sorry for bother you again.... do you know how to increase my card video memory? looked in BIOS but .... got nothing ....and in dxdiag show me i have 512 MB .... thanks

  56. Hi pete,
    for your audio first follow this guide:

    for your graphic i need to know the exact model for your laptop, yes..on the laptop it write v3700 but it not the exact model number, refer here how to check it:
    check your model, the first is the model number we need, reply back and i will post your graphic drivers.

    November 14, 2009 1:21 PM


    Hail Mr Black,
    Sorry for the late, here is exact model for my V3700.

    Presario V3700
    Model: V3839TU

    Appreciate ur kind response & thanks for the help.


  57. Hi pete,
    I hope you already succesfully installed sound driver, your graphic drivers is X3100 (which is Intel 965 chipset), Download here:

    Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

  58. Hey Mr Black,
    Just want to inform that the sound & the graphic working great!
    Thanks for the help.

    I've got this damaged Acer Aspire model-5570ANWXMi, do u know where to sell this old/dmg stuff arr?


  59. it depend where do you live pete, but the truth difficult to sell damage stuff for a good price, computer shop will buy it for very cheap price, normally i recommended to fix it first, which part damage?,
    here the figure normally to fix certain part:

    LCD/Screen=USD$ 200
    motherboard= USD$ 150
    sound, camera, wireless, ram = around USD$ 45-60 eacch (ram quite cheap nowadays (USD 15=1GB)

    i name the price to fix coz if you sell damage stuff the price are very2 low, but if you fix it you still can sell for half original price.

  60. It's hard disk & motherboard.
    Anyway, thanks for the info dude.


  61. Hello sir, i am srikumar & my laptop model is " LENOVO 3000 G430 I have the problem..i cannot install the driver audio in my Lenovo 3000 G430..i using os Win XP sp2. Alredy download the driver "ConexantHDAudio 221_XP" from this website when i install it the problem i already print screen.
    Need ur opinion to solve this problem... please help me. my 09853381071 & E-mail:

    The error say :

    Driver Installation Failed : Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver

  62. hi im krishanu. i have compaq cq40 425 tu laptop. i ve tried several times installing nvidia graphics driver in my notebook. but no one is installed. my laptop has dual core processor with 1024 video memory. plz help me.

  63. my laptop posses win 7 32 bit os & its integrated driver is intel mobile chipset family express.


  64. Hi krishanu,
    your graphic driver is:

    If you have nvidia graphic:
    Nvidia GeForce G 105M/103M Graphics Driver

    or if you have Intel Graphic:
    Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphics Driver

    You can Download all the drivers for your model (windows 7) here:

  65. Hi there...I want to install Windows 7 but cant seem to find supporting drivers anywhere. I have a Presario V3839TU notebook which has Vista Ultimate installed currently. Can you help?

  66. i want to install winxp on compaq cq41-110au, i use winXp with AHCI driver for AMD which i was made with nlite but it's useless i cann't install it, please help me to install cq41-110AU?

  67. ok, maybe there are slight error while you perform the slipstream,
    here is the guide:
    you must note that in amd you should select ONLY XAHCI86 in step 8,
    remember if you are about to repeat the process again(slipstream), delete all previous folder and create new folder to perform slipstream.

  68. Hi I recently installed a new hard drive in my HP zt3000 laptop and when I installed windows XP again on to it I had no wireless devices listed or accessible. Is there a way to get your computer to recognize that you have a wireless device?


  69. I will upload all and provide them to you but if you provide me which driver you cant download the process will be faster.

  70. hi,,,please help me,,,,i need xp driver for my laptop.hp pavilliun dv4-1527tx,,thank you

  71. black..cek nk tanya..cek ade laptop compaq presario V3000 or kat blakang tulis V3614...cek install sound driver...ikut mcm biase la...mule2 uaa tue...then conexcent...tapi tak bole...kadang2 bole...contoh..tibe2 sound ade..tgk kat device manager pun da ade da conexcent tue...tapi biler restart...driver conexcent tue hilang..sound pun takde balik...mcm tak lekat...ade solution kat

  72. black..cek nk tanya..cek ade laptop compaq presario V3000 or kat blakang tulis V3614...cek install sound driver...ikut mcm biase la...mule2 uaa tue...then conexcent...tapi tak bole...kadang2 bole...contoh..tibe2 sound ade..tgk kat device manager pun da ade da conexcent tue...tapi biler restart...driver conexcent tue hilang..sound pun takde balik...mcm tak lekat...ade solution kat

  73. hello.
    according to my question b4 about acer aspire 4740 xp driver.
    others done... but have 2 driver tp done my work.
    the lis is :

    1)Modem device on High Definition Audio Bus

    2)PCI Simple Communications Controller.

    Only this driver. Tq. do reply me at ym I(weezerdaszausic) or mail me at really thanx.

  74. hi, ak nk format laptop..
    tp ak x de driver.. so mane ak nk dpt driver untuk laptop ak..

    For window 7..

    bley tolong x?? urgent ney....
    thnx u...

  75. dimana saya bisa mendapatkan recovery disc.punyaku presario CQ40-411AX dengan OS window vista home basic 32bit

  76. johny, mau recovery itu Drivers or mahu reformat/reapair with windows vista?

  77. what should i do if suddenly my sound just disappear? should i reinstall the driver or what??
    sek kito...haha

  78. my laptop is compaq v3614au.
    sek kito...

  79. hom, reinstal the driver, if still not work install this driver:

    install manual , use device manager
    sek kito LOL, =p


  81. i have a presario cq40 410tu using xp which was bought in vietnam by a student who lives with us he never made any recovery disks, we have had to replace the h/d.i contacted hp in australia and was told we can only get the disks from country of purchase which is out of the question at the moment, any suggestion will be welcome.

    regards ishakti

  82. hello sir i want drivers for my laptop CQ-40 108TU FOR WINDOWS XP.PLZ GIVE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

  83. HP Pressario F700 Notebook complete driver please....? I can't hold any longer.. M really tired.. please help..

  84. HP Pressario F700 Notebook complete driver for Windows XP 32 bit..please....? I can't hold any longer.. M really tired.. please help..

  85. thanx.. m gonna try.. with the link you passed to me..

  86. Thankx Black.. it's working.. but there's one more thing that i can't sort out.. What is "Modem device on High Definition Audio Bus" There's no driver for this.. Can you plz help me once...?

  87. For modem, download this driver:

    extract the file and you will have audio and modem driver folder, install the modem driver only.

  88. Thank u for helping me. It's done now.. but the drivers installation is a bit annoying with this Laptop.once again thank you...and wish u good luck..

  89. Hey guys, Im looking for a solution here, my dropped hot coffee on my laptop keyboard and now as a result few keys are not working (w,t,m)
    I've tried cleaning it up but they still don't work, can anyone tell me how can i fix them, a new keyboard is costing too much :(

  90. i dun have any options beside to replace your keyboard, some people say just left tae it out and let it dry, maybe it may work, but i cant confirm

  91. Is it possible to upgrade a laptop from say an Intel Celeron processor to Intel Duo Core?

    I need help here.

  92. did u know anything about the VPN?
    If yes can u tell me how to set up VPN?? I need to connect through by internet to another computer.

  93. I had hp 500 notebook with operating system windows xp ...after i start my note book my driver works for five min and later they won't work and if i resart again they work for some time and later they won't function and also i get a message "audio device not found" when i use any media player can u help me this please MAIL TO

  94. my compaq presario cq62 U bottom on the keyboard mute the volume when am typing.. J bottom stop moving the cursor. I don't want it that can it make it stop..Help me stop it

  95. Hi, I've just downgraded a Toshiba C650D-11K from Windows 7 to Windows XP Professional SP3.
    I Installed everything, no problems, but I can't find the audio drivers :/

    This is the audio card:
    Conexant Cx20585 @ATI SB800 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5069&SUBSYS_1179FDE4&REV_1003

  96. Hi, I've just downgraded a Toshiba C650D-11K from Windows 7 to Windows XP Professional SP3.
    I Installed everything, no problems, but I can't find the audio drivers :/

    This is the audio card:
    Conexant Cx20585 @ATI SB800 HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_14F1&DEV_5069&SUBSYS_1179FDE4&REV_1003


  97. I have a problem with my Compaq CQ42 207TU. There's one unknown device. The Device Instance Id is ACPI\PNP0C32\2. I installed xp sp3 and no problem with other devices. Could you help me with this?

  98. Download this Driver:
    extract the files, open the extracted folder, right click on the inf file select install.
    or install manually from device manager

  99. Hi,

    I am having Compaq Presario C700 (C795TU), I formatted the laptop and installed XP and facing Audio problem, I tried everything but nothing has worked the last thing which I tried I m giving the exact steps

    1) ======================
    I have installed MS-UAA

    KB888111 and Sp33867 patch

    2) Then downloaded Conexant High Definition Audio Device
    DriverVer = 02/14/2007, (4.1MB)
    3) Run the Conexant packages above. Received an error about no compatible hardware. I just want to run the installer to extract the driver files. The driver files will be extracted to C:\SWSetup\SPxxxxx
    4) Go to Control Panel > Device Manager. Single right-click on the Audio device on high definition bus and select "Update Driver". From the Hardware Update wizard:
    5) Select 'no, not this time' when asked to connect to the internet, click next.
    6) Select 'install from a specific location' (advanced), click next.
    7) Select 'Don't search, I will choose the driver to install', click next.
    8) In the next dialogue box, click Have Disk.
    9) Browse to the folder where SP36090 was extracted (e.g. C:\SWSetup\SP36090) and select CpV30D5a.inf, click OK.
    10) In the next dialogue, select Conexant High Definition Audio-Venice 5045. I received a warning that Windows cannot verify compatibility with this driver, select 'Proceed' or 'Ignore' (or whatever option that allows you to continue installing the driver).
    11) When the driver is finished installing, restarted my PC

    12) Now going to control panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Harware (tab) -> selected Audio device on high definition bus , device status showing as : Reinstall the driver for this device (code 18), tried several times reinstalling but the same error is coming.

    In my regedit the CSD version is 200 (means SP2 pack)

    Pls help me.


  100. i have problem with my cam i m using presario cq62 105tu my can nt yet on it show me an notification that turn your cam but its inbuilt one plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me in this my id is

  101. if you have windows XP install this driver software:

    if you have windows 7 install this driver software:

    after installation finish, click start and look for Cyberlink youcam, you'll see the shortcut to run your webcam appliation.

  102. Dear Black-x

    Iam facing a problem with my acer aspire 5720g laptop(windows xp installed),the right side speaker is not working(head phone is working properly).Sound and audio device properties found ok,re installed realtek audio driver but not solved.
    Please advice me to solve the issue.

  103. there are several thing you can do, first at sound and audio properties you can check the right side and left side balance.
    Second, try to play sound using other player because maybe the player setting have problems with audio configuration.
    If you believe the driver was the problem, there are several realtek audio driver version. You can get the latest driver at
    Hardware failure (your internal speaker) is the last thing i would guess.

  104. How to recover the bios in cq40-317TU via pendrive??

  105. I,m not going discuss how to flash BIOS if your laptop work normally and you just want to upgrade your BIOS version.

    If the reason you want to upgrade to make the sound work on XP i suggest do not go with BIOS as solution, there are several options to solve that.

    Before i discuss further how to flash bios, i need some information,

    1. Is it your BIOS damage caused by you flashed another version of BIOS?

    2. Have you try any method? where did you get the guide?

  106. hi , my laptop sound is not working , whenever try to enable audio the error message "no active mixer device is availabe, install new hardware " comes. please help me what to do? i checked windows audio status in the device manager ,its in automatic and in started status. the audio notes is cognexant audio definition is not can i install new audio driver, please tell me detailly {compaq presario c700 -c795tu}. thank you very much , expecting your reply .thank u.

  107. in devmgmt.msc , sm bus controller and conexant high definition audio are marked in yellow . what to do sir pleae clear my doubt. thank u.

  108. Hi Shiva! It seems you haven't installed the Sound and Modem drivers yet or might have been uninstalled. Re-installing them will fix your issue. If you could mention the Operating System, that'd be better for anyone to help you.

  109. Bagaimana cara supaya cq41 yg sudah terinstal win7 bisa dual sistem dengan xp.
    Saya sdh coba teknik "Slipstreaming Guide To install Windows XP" tapi partisi yg saya siapkan unt xp tidak terbaca/terdeteksi.
    Tolong ya, perlu sekali nih install xp-nya sementara sayang juga win7-nya.

  110. hello sir , nonontech , jus now i seen ur reply, it microsoft windows xp.pls help me to solve this. thank u.

  111. hi shiva,
    what is your laptop model?

  112. Hello Black-x, sorry if so verbose.
    Laptop Compaq Presario C500
    I re-installed an evaluation copy of Zone alarm pro and uninstalled this is after I downloaded bootable partition magic 8.
    When I restarted my computer, it just cycles over and over again (restarting)
    used my my XP pro sp2 installation cd, a message "setup did not find any hard disk drives" which lead me to
    sites about slipstreaming using nLite.
    checked on my cmos and saw that the hard drive is still there.
    used 'partition magic 8.0' and saw all my drives still intact (C:,D:,E:) except that it does not have a logical drive assigned to it PM8.0 does not seem to allow re assigning of logical drive letters.
    I have downloaded the driver from HP but it is an setup.exe file and does not have any .inf file which is needed in nLite.
    I just want to ask if I was hit by a worm virus or uninstalling 'zone alarm' somehow managed to tweak my bios?
    Should I continue with the nLite instruction and can I just use the updated AHCI/ICH8M/ICH9M you mentioned or what should I do?

  113. After you restart and it cycle mean your windows is either damage or corrupt, normally the ways to solve it is recovery, system restore and reformat.
    "No hard disk found" was common problem for HP/Compaq product because the designed for vista/7 and not XP

    1. Ok first of all, i don,t think that uninstalling zone alarm causing problem your bios. virus normally will not harm your BIOS (in some case maybe yes but from my experience i haven,t found one)

    2. second beside reformat or reinstall windows, try restart and when post screen appear (COMPAQ) instantly press F8 repeatedly until a multi-boot selection appear, select safe mode and log in, perform system restore.

    3. If you cant log in using safe mode, just slipstream with AHCI/ICH8M/ICH9M using Nlite.

    If im not mistaken, you can disable Native sata mode in BIOS so you can install windows without slipstreaming, try check your BIOS if there are option to disable/change it try disable/change native SATA mode.

  114. hi, im using compaq CQ-42.

    i've got problem with wireless network.
    it's said "cannot connect to wireless network". im use tp-link router.

    but if i use my garmin-asus m10 sharing wireless as a modem & AP, that's work!

    any same trouble with me?
    please help.

    thx a lot

  115. hi,,
    i'd not install grapics driver fo ma' compaq presario v3000 amd, win7 32 bit. i tried ur evry software driver even with vista driver bt couldn't make it.. errrrrrrr fully tired.... plz help me finding da right driver for ma graphics display..

  116. Resha:
    If using garmin-asus m10 it easy and there will be no problem, but tp-link is a router which is different. If you just want to connect with wireless i think just use the integrated wireless on your laptop instead of using the router.


    Download this Driver:
    Install and if installation failed:

    1.First open device manager by click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC
    2. At the list of the devices, look at the Display adapter and press the > sign to expand the list you will see the standard VGA listed(or vga mark with yellow).
    3. Right click on the standard VGA select Update Driver.
    5. Select browse my computer for device driver software.
    6. Select let me pick from a list of device drivers in my computer.
    7. Then select Have disk and select Browse
    8. Browse through C:\Nvidia - DisplayDriver - 2179.48 - Vista - International - Display.Drivers
    9. Select the nvac.inf or nvam.inf(or any inf available). Continue with on screen instruction. You will see many list of graphic driver, or maybe one, select Nvidia 7150M

    (if there are no nvac.inf select other inf listed) sometime i always try quite weird stuff like if my graphic is Nvidia 8400M G, but i like to test with higher model, like i select vidia 8600M G if i fail with Nvidia 8400G M.

  117. firstly very thankful to mr black x for replying to mah queries....well, i succefully install'd the graphic driver according to ur advice mention above. But though sometimes i get my desktop flickering. it gives my monitor 1 sec flash (black) screen and re-comes to normal position.. windows error says that 'kernal microsoft 2000 port not responding vista display and has been recover back'
    What may be causing this problem? or my display hardware is not working properly? when i google search this problem, most of people using compaq presaria v3000 notebook suffer this problem...

  118. Black-X,
    I am rebuiliding a non operating HP-Pavilion-dv9917cl laptop for a friend. It originally came with Vista which he did not want. I had a space copy of XP Home 32b so I loaded it on the laptop. Basically the laptop boots in to windows but hardly any of the hardware item are working such as video, network adapter, wireless adapter, sound, and web cam. Hp only offers drivers for Vista. I found your drivers for XP and downloaded them onto a thumb drive to transfer to the laptop. I ran all fourteen of them with two errors being sound card drivers. After I rebooted the laptop I still had all of the original hardware errors in the control panel. Nothing had changed! Any thoughts? What should I do now?
    Thanks in advance,

  119. Hi KC,
    first of all, for the audio:

    1. Download this patch:
    another link: mediafire link

    2. Install MS-UAA and restart.
    3. Download this audio
    conextant audio
    4. extract the file and open the folder, run setup exe. if not working do manual installation.

    manual installation guide:
    1. click start - select run
    2. type DEVMGMT.MSC and press OK
    3. A device manager will open, there you will see list of the devices. look for audio with yellow.
    4. right click on it and select update driver.
    5. select no to connect. next
    6. select install from a list or specific location (advance). next
    7. Select don't search i will choose the driver to install.Next
    8. uncheck the "show compatible hardware" checkbox, select HAVE DISK and select BROWSE.
    9. browse to the driver folder you download earlier (cx20561_103c30cf) and select WiSVHe5.inf.
    10. continue with on screen instruction. ignore if windows complaint (continue anyway).

    To check what drivers you still missing in windows xp is:

    1. click start - select run
    2. type DEVMGMT.MSC and press OK
    3. A device manager will open, there you will see list of the devices.
    4. The device with yellow exclamation mark(!) or question mark(?) means that the devices driver not yet installed.

    I already write how to check your driver in windows 7. even it for winows 7 it almost similar to windows xp. you may read it here:

  120. hi black-x,

    please notebook Compact Presario CQ40-338TU seems like overheating during normal usage, could you kindly suggesting any tips, what should I do. on the HP support center they told me to upgrade the BIOS , is this way really can help? thankyou in advance...:)

  121. Hi there,
    Normally overheating commonly happen to AMD model, not Intel like yours.

    1. FAN: I beleive you are using fan (flat fan under the laptop). It important because there must be a space between the bottom of the laptop with the floor(surface) so it will allow effective heat flow out of te laptop.

    2. Extra fan; at the left of the laptop (top left near to ESC button) for me proven to reduce the heat effectively.

    3. Reduce CPU and memory usage by remove any unwanted backgroud prgram. You can check that by click start and select run, type MSCONFIG.MSC and select STARTUP, there remove any unwanted applications/program.

    There are lots of thing can cause overheating but this is my initial suggestion for you. You can check improvement by using SPEEDFAN software. Download and install, see the difference before and after you try my suggestions.

    There are peoples who suggest BIOS, it may or may not fix your temperature because i never take that as a option to solve overheating problem. I you want to do it anyway, attempting to upgrade your bios can VOID warranty and if you are under warranty, send it to HP center, it will be safer. Beside the risk of warranty void, Wrong BIOS could cause system failure.

  122. Hi Black-X,
    thank you for your reply. i've tried to do what you suggested. btw, when i selected run, dan type MSCONFIG.MSC, it showed dialogue box said 'windows can't find MSCONFIG.MSC, make sure you type the name correctly, bla..bla...why did it happen?

    i've already installed the SPEEDFAN and just curious why the fanspeed wasn't detected at all. in the first run, i just saw the hardisk temperature and the core temperature.

    is that mean the fan had broken/stopped? could you kindly tell me what to do next, please?

    look forward to ur reply soon.

    many thanks, :)

  123. Hi sense,

    1. My bad coz, it is MSCONFIG not MSCONFIG.MSC

    2. What is the core and HDD temperature reading?

  124. hello mr black,, my lappy compaq v3000 (v3203tu) intel,i just install a windows7 the problem now is my lappy cannot read USB external harddisk but can read USB flash.. what should i do.

  125. first try using other port,
    Second, open Disk Management by click start and type DISKMGMT.MSC and press enter, If you see your external volume there, right click and select change Drive Letter and path and assign any letter for the Drive.
    If you see you external device and
    Third try plug in the external in other laptop, if not detected mean your external have problems

  126. yeah. the disk manager, its not there,,then i refresh and i did as u said,, its appear n working well.. so THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE,, REALLY APPRECIATE !!

  127. u are welcome, btw thanks for the feedback, next time if user have the same problem i should add REFRESH on the instructions, thanks for sharing =)

  128. How i install my window xp service pack 2 drivers in Compaq presario cq60-302au

  129. Compaq Presario CQ60-302AU windows XP driver:

    Download and install drivers by double click each files, for certain drivers, installation manual already provided.

  130. Will the Compaq Presario C700 Windows 7 drivers work with a Presario C770US. I know that sounds like a silly question, but the laptop does say Product: C700 but also says C770US.

  131. salam ,,,bro...i ader masalah pc(desktop)dia tulis begini"bios checksum error......detecting floopy drive A:...detecting.....system halt"
    lepas tu 'hang'.b4 this i ganti cmos bateri....dan lepas tu i clear cmos....masalahnya tetap sama gak(tak bole masuk bios ).apa yg boleh saya buat...any suggestion...thanks in advance....

  132. @sham,
    salam bro, mknanya BIOS dah corrupt, kenalpasti model motherboard tu, download latest BIOS kat website dia, dan flash BIOS tu gune bootable floppy.
    kalo ade masalah nak cari bios dan flash post model motherboard tu kat sini, kalo sticker model dah hilang, tengok kat board tu ada tulis model ape mtherboard tu.

  133. m/board jenis aopen mx46u2-gn 533....boleh tolong uploadkantak link dia...trma kasih atas cadangan ni....wasalam....


  135. 1. Display - power supply - xrosak.
    2. Kalo format ok biasanya HDD tak rosak. (kalo HDD rosak dia akan bunyi "krek" kat hdd tu atau pun hang kejap2)
    3. Kalo nak tau problem tu disebabkan oleh processor atau x - install software SPEEDFAN (search aje kat google - free), tgk suhu dia, kalo bawah 75 ok la tu tp dikira panas lah, the best 45C dan ke bawah.
    4. Kalo nak tau samada masalah software 2 bende jer:
    A - kalo win xp hang try win 7 (ni nak cek kesesuaian windows)
    B - kalo nak tahu masalah driver atau tak - try masuk safemode tgk dia hang ke x (safemode with networking)

    5. Cek RAM - kalo ade 2 ram try satu2 tgk ok ke x, kalo ade satu amik dia gosok nagn pemadam, pastu pasang balik.

    Cuma konfius sikit - dia hang bila masuk windows atau selepas beberapa ketika?

  136. salam bro,,,,,ddia hang bila masuk windows ajer,,,,,,sori lambat reply....tq

  137. dah cek ram tak, dah try safe mode x?

  138. safe mode with networking.......tak hang pulak......mainboard rosak dah.....i tukar mainboard laen dh......thanks..

  139. page_fault_in_nonpage_area.....tiba2 pc keluarkan yang ditulis mcm di atas cari dlm google tp kureng faham la....(boleh bantu)skrin biru...apa masalahnya dgn pc sy bro...any cadangan....thanks in advance

  140. @Sham,

    ada 3 sebab iaitu RAM, HDD dan VIRUS, tapi 90% masalah tsbut disebabkan RAM, iaitu RAM dah rosak, try tukar RAM tgk kuar tak lg error tu

  141. hai there, this blog has help me a lot while upgrading to window xp to window 7 on compaq v3000, AMD version. but lately, my sound disappear from the deveice manager.. everything have been done, but the still the same.. and maybe the hardware already corrupt?? how can i check if the hardware is faulty?? thnks k, really need help here...

  142. @WaOne
    First try system restore and select the checkpoint where your audio still working.

    Second on the device manager under the VIEW select show hidden devices. Look for any new device appear with yellow exclamation mark.

    The best way to check hardware faulty is to install windows xp, If there are no sound device at device manager after installing the audio drivers (and u got no sound), it mean your audio device (audio chip)corrupt/broken.

    This case already happened to one of my friend lappy(V3214au).

    So if it confirmed cause by hardware faulty, nothing much to do unless there are expert to replace/fix audio chip.

  143. first, thnks black for 4 the replay.. really appreciate it..

    as u say, first and second methods, done already, but still have the same problem..

    btw, only window xp can detect whether the hardware is faulty or not?? can window 7 do it also??

    as for your friend case, what the alternative he used to fix the problem??

    man...., i think that my sound chip is already corrupt... :(

  144. About my friend case, he got himself a new laptop.

    yes windows 7 also can be use but i strongly recommend windows xp coz it less restriction compare to 7.

  145. ea?? new laptop?? think about the same also here..hehe

    yups, that true, window seven to many restriction.. but can u give alternative that using window 7?? maybe i can try before reformat and used xp to check error..

  146. yup a new one, actually he is a local newspaper reporter and he does not have time to do some research wif me if there anything else we could do to solve this problems, by the way just reformat it using windows 7 and look for audio devices after installation. If you want to avoid reformat, the main thing to do right now is to look for all the changes on your system, example, remove the audio drivers installed including any updates from Microsoft.

  147. o0o.. really?? no wonder he buy a new one...

    mm, somehow, my laptop detect the hardware audio yesterday but after i shut down, and open again, missing hardware audio again... aiyoooo...pening ler ini mcm..haha

    o0o, changes done by update from Microsoft? quiet many update, how i want to determine the new update?? coz i already turn off the live update already...

  148. well, my friend's case was the same, sometime u get the audio and sometime not, after several days it gettin worser.

    Go to control panel - unistall a program - and select view installed update. On the very right u'll see the date for the update.

    p/s: Normal lah laptop lame buat hal, tapi kira bertuah dari kebanykn yg rosak graphic chip lnsung xbleh bukak, commom problem for AMD model.

  149. done it, and still happen... i guess i need to try format first...

    getting worst?? u mean?? total corrupt the laptop??

    itu ler, rmi yang pki AMD kne problem, tp xtaw lak kne kat diri sndri gak... tu yang agak serabut...hehe

  150. getting worse mean sometime there are sound and sometime not, but now no sound at all. buy new one lah buddy =), its the right time, paling kurang carik yang intel i5, puas hati sikit pakai =)

  151. that became worse ea..hehe

    phew, i5 tu.. xlarat nak bayar cik bang... mengidam nak pki netbook je..murah cikit...senang cikit nak bwk jalan2 ngan uat keje kat mane2... ade netbokk dual core x???

  152. ada macam hp mini 5103, try tgk kat ada x model tu

  153. acer da kuar ea?? aritu survey, asus je..xpe...mmg da stby2 cri nie...

    btw, utk problem laptop nie, da reformat blk..pki window 7 jgk.. starting after reformat, sound ade.. but when start open game, DOTA, trus sound hardware tu ilang blk... mmg da sah kot hardware faulty nie...

  154. skrang utk mini dah ada kuar dah dual core tp hrga agak mahal la skit, (xpasti sbb dah 4 bulan dah x ke lowyat).

    Senang jer nak tau faulty atau x, lepas format tu kita restar kadang2 ada kadg2 xda, nak lg confirm guna windows lain utk format and mst masalah sama jgak brulang.

  155. mahal cikit tu, tp still under 15xxk jgk hrge, tp kire ok jgk kot price mcm tu...

    ea...itu ler... mcm da cnfrm je hardware yang faulty nie...pas raye nak try window xp lak... x boleh gak....mmg ke lowyat ler nmpk nye..haha

  156. Here i have compaq NC6400 laptop, and installed windows 7 on it i face speed problem , and sound driver problem mic get stoped beteen or drivers fails it show always mute, then i installed sound max it work but it say not the correct one, and my finger print and bluetooth drivers also required,

  157. For compaq NC6400, of course it use Soundmax driver to get the sound, so if the sound work so just ignore if it say incorrect driver, unless it prompt every time you enter the windows we need to solve that.

    1. About the sound driver, what version did u use right now?

    2. For Bluetooth and fingerprint:

    Download the following vista drivers:


    After finish download you will get 2 drivers, do this for each driver to install:

    1 - right click on it and select PROPERTIES.
    2. Select COMPATIBILITY tab.
    3. The tick the box "run this program in compatibility mode for" select WINDOWS VISTA.
    4 - Click APPLY then OK.
    5 - Right click again on the drivers and select run as admin"
    6. Continue with on screen installation and report the progress.

    So about the audio, to easily solve the problems if it always prompt it not the right driver is ; by get me the hardware ID for your audio, to get the hardware ID you can follow my tutorial here.

    p/s: i apologize for the late reply

  158. when i type the cursor going backword automaticaly?
    what can i do for this?
    and i am using windows 7

  159. There are many causes so many thing have to be considered, first i want to know that is ths happen only in MS office word, or browser, or happen in all application, such as notepad, wordpad, emaul, Facebook etc?

  160. hi bro my presario cq42-105tu can't detect wifi i have download the driver but it still not work... can you help me please...

  161. hi there,
    I have a problem here,as my laptop (acer 4738, windows 7) cant notify me either ‘capslock’ is ‘on’ or ‘off’…is there any driver should I install, or is there any suggestion from you on how to solve this problem, since I’m truly facing this problem whenever Im typing…truly need ur help to assist me...thnx a lot in advance! =)

  162. @cheffzbros
    i need the hardware ID for your wifi, refer here to get the hardware ID:

  163. hi my friend
    i just insatll bell netbook
    the camera is not listed on device manager
    so i can't install it
    but another person intall camera driver
    how it possible please say me
    Advance Thanks

  164. First,there are 2 reason which make this happen:

    1. If you install windows 7 the driver automatically installed but you just don't have a shortcut to launch it.

    2. In windows XP you need the driver because windows XP, unlike windows 7, it doesnt contain generic usb driver like windows 7.

    It not showing on device manager:

    It is common that windows not show it on the device manager ( i don't really know why) if it not yet installed. But after driver installation it will inform you a new device plugged to your laptop.

    how to get the webcam to work

    1. We need Driver + application

    Bell netbook is aacer rebrand model. I need the a full model for you notebook which you can find it on the notebook itself (example: Packard Bell Dot SE)

    2. After that post the MODEL and Operating system you use right now (windows XP, Vista or 7) here,

    note: example Packard Bell Dot SE is a re-brand of Acer Aspire One D255. So we just need the driver fo Acer Aspire One D255 if the support center doesn't provide the webcam driver for your model.

  165. di mana nk cari driver windows vista dgn 7 bagi model compaq v3628tu

  166. I have compaq c784tu laptop. I have installed windows 7 ultmate 32 bit. My inbuilt dial up modem gives error 680. My cd/dvd drive can read cd/dvd but can not write cd/dvd (showing firmware problem). Is there any drivervproblem. Sujoy

  167. for both devices, open device manager and right click on both device nad select uninstall both and then reinstall back, report back the result.

  168. I have done, but no result. Error 680 showing as earlier & cd can not write.

  169. hey man i am using compaq presario V2000, operating system- windows xp service pack3, i have download realtak ac97 from but my problem is not gone, what should i do? need ur help...pls

  170. I downloaded drivers (Acer TravelMate 4150 VGA)but before installing following error shown:

    Not copatible with current Hardware


  171. hiiiiiiiii
    i have compaq presario cq40-601TU, i want windows 7 drivers ,, please post the drivers link...........

  172. Dear My Bro, saya punya laptop Compaq cq 42-207TU dengan Win7, saat booting tanpa batere eee..listrik padam, selanjutnya tak dapat booting lagi. muncul " Windows error recovery windows failed to start, A recent hardware or software change might be the cause....Tolong dong kasih tahu cara penyelesaiannya..?

  173. hi i have compaq presario CQ42 and i need wireless drivers for xp servicepack 3

    1. Please download ur driver here
      just copy and paste this link in browser

  174. hi, Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX

    i need help to get wirless driver for my computer...... Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX....... laptop.window 7........ anyone to help?

  175. abe kito tu....lptop Compaq Presario V3700, wndow7..... ph tu xdop BLUETOOTH ko....? klu ade driver dio gk ejah mari la...mtk tgl ni...

  176. nak tanya..
    driver apa yg diperlukan selepas sesebuah laptop tu diformat

    1. Driver yang paling penting ada 2 iaitu AUDIO dan GRAPHIC,

      1 audio = untuk ada bunyi,

      2 graphic = untuk bagi windows kita maksimum resolution (gambar cantik).

      Setrusnya driver yang juga diperlukan dan penting mengikut kegunaan:

      3. Chipset (pstikan kmputer berfungsi dgn baik) - termasuk
      4. Network : wireless, LAN, Bluetooth. (sesetengah laptop tiada bluetooth)
      5. Touchpad (keyboard, mouse dan input spt ps2)
      6. Modem (fax etc)
      7. Webcam (camera)
      6. SATA AHCI (HDD)
      7. Intel Matrix stograge manager

      Untuk model yang baru ada driver tambahan untuk peningkatan perfomance(presatsi)

      8. MEI (intel management interface)
      9. Turbo boost
      10. card Reader (baca memory card seperti Micro SD)

      Driver bergantung pada model, yang wajib ada bagi setiap laptop :

      1. graphic
      2. Audio
      3. Chipset
      4. Wifi

      (yang lain tu xda xjejaskan prestasi laptop)

      Maklumat tambahan:

      1. Driver untuk setiap model adalah berbeza mengikut:
      -windows (xp -vista-7)
      -model (acer, compaq etc)

      2. Untuk mendapatkan driver yang sesuai, kenalpasti model dan windows. Contohnya acer aspire 4520 - windows xp.

      3. model laptop biasanya dapat dikenalpasti melalui sticker yang ada pada laptop tersebut.