Nov 19, 2014

Dell Service Tag and Express Service Code


Dell Service Tag : refer to 7 character identifier that is unique to your product.

Express Service Code :10-digit numeric Version of the service tag which can be typed into a telephone for a call routing. Sometime your products will show E Service which refer to Express Service Code.

Both ID (identification code) normally located at a sticker on the back or bottom of your products.

Every Dell products will have this information, except some peripherals and accessories.

We use both Dell service tag and Express Service code mostly to identify and obtain support online. For example your service tag is FJR6K1. Now just go to the Dell Online support website : and enter the service code in the service code field.

You can choose to enter either  service tag or express service code

Press submit and it will identify and show support that available for your products. Here is the result from service Tag we've entered earlier.
Support page

It will display the support that available online, including the basic information about your device, diagnostic, support topics and articles, drivers and downloads and parts and accessories.


  1. Can you pls help me i dont know my dell inspiron N4020 system password
    Service tag(S/N) 5VGPFL1
    Express service code 12786423589
    Thanks you in advance.god bless

    1. Here is what I know about resetting BIOS.

      If you can do some technical stuff:
      -remove power chord and battery. Open back case of your laptop, locate the CMOS and remove it for 5 minutes.
      Locate the reset jumper,remove it for 30 secs (However not all model have this type of jumper especially laptop). Normally most desktop will have this option.

      Bios Master password tools,
      - Go to
      -enter service tag number,
      -It will generate 3-4 master password which you need to test.

      If your system blocked, don;t worry, read here: