How to fix Your Laptop Graphic Card

Heat is the main factor that cause laptop's video card failure. The continuous overheating cause the solder connection around the chipset melted and unseat. Base on your model, your graphic chipset (GPU) could be embedded on your motherboard or a removable type. You must read your manual on how to disassemble each component but basically you will need to remove the back compartment and you will see the heat sink and, GPU and CPU right away. What we actually want to do is to re-heated the GPU so that the solder connections seated again.

Fix Laptop Removable Graphic Chipset.

Certain laptop such as Acer models have a removable graphic chipset which allow your to remove them from the Main board.
Removable Laptop's Video Card
 First Step : Remove the back cover/compartment and then remove the heat-sink.

Second Step : Remove the graphic chipset and wrap it with aluminum foil or use a screw driver to create a gap between the GPU and the Oven.

Third Step : Put t in the oven for 10 minutes with 285 Degree.

Fourth Step : Allow it to cool before reassembling. (please apply fair amount of thermal paste on the GPU)

Fix laptop Embedded Graphic Chipset

For some laptop like Compaq Model, you can't remove the graphic chipset since it is permanently embedded to the Main Board.

First Step : Remove the back cover/compartment and then remove the heatsink.

Second Step : Cover all other components (except GPU) with aluminum foil to avoid heat to come in contact with other component.

Third Step : Apply the heat by using a HeatGun for about 40-50 seconds 1-inch above the GPU and apply it at the center of the GPU.

Fourth Step : Allow it to cool before reassembling.

Notes :
You can also use any tools that produce heat such a a hair dryer but of course it will take longer compare to HeatGun..

How to Upgrade/Replace Laptop's RAM - Guide

RAM (Random Access Memory) is a very important component for your laptop and computer performance. It allows you to run many program at one (multitask) without lagging and delay. Imagine the RAM as a table for your workspace, the bigger workspace means you can have multiple items on the table instead of small workspace allows limited items on the table.

It is not difficult to upgrade your laptop RAM, you just need to get a screwdriver or a small knife will do. Before start, you need to remove power chord and battery and also remove anything that attach to it such as USB Mouse and headphone.

1. First loosen the screw on the RAM compartment.

2. Open it  and you will see your RAM right away.
2. Most laptop have 2 RAM slots, if you own an old laptop you might see only one slot.
3. Pull the retention clip (1) and the RAM will tilts up(2) and pull it up to remove it from the slot(3). Make sure you don't touch the Golden part with your hand.

4. Now take your new RAM and press it at the memory slot (45 Degree angle) until it seated properly.
5. Press the RAM down until you hear a snap sound.
6. Now close the cover and we are done.

The ram slot and ram cover will be different base on your laptop model. Example most Compaq laptop (like picture above) have a very small cover while Acer laptop such as Extensa 4920 have a very large memory module cover.

Things you need to know Before Buying the RAM or Upgrade and Replacement
1. Make sure you use right RAM type such as DDR2 and DDR3. Most current Laptop use DDR3. You can identify your RAM by looking at the RAM itself and  I always advice my friend to pull out one RAM, go to the store and show the RAM so they can give you right RAM for your laptop.

2. If you are using 2 RAM slots. The best practice it to use the same RAM for both slots such as 4GB(amount) DDR3(type) 1333Mhz(clock) x 2 slots.

3. Know your RAM limits. You laptop do have limit on how much RAM you can put on them. If you use 4GB x 2slots = 8GB total, but your laptop will read only 4GB if it only support up to 4GB of RAM.

Memory Limits depend on Operating System
Each operating system does have limit, depend on your operating system you should plan your upgrade properly. If you installed more than what it do support,you computer will boot up properly and it will  show a message like this : 8GB installed memory (4GB Usable). Here is example for Windows 7, you can get all windows memory limits here.

VersionLimit on X86Limit on X64
Windows 7 Ultimate4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Enterprise4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Professional4 GB192 GB
Windows 7 Home Premium4 GB16 GB
Windows 7 Home Basic4 GB8 GB
Windows 7 Starter2 GBN/A

Compaq Presario 061 Drivers and Details (SR1250ND)

Compaq Presario SR1250ND is also known as Compaq Presario 061 and design as a Windows XP base Desktop PC. HP released official Windows XP drivers support for this model if you does not have the Driver and Utility Installer CD/DVD.

Original and Official Drivers - Windows XP

CHIPSET: Summer 2005 Original Intel Chipset Drivers : Download
AUDIO/SOUND : Summer 2005 Original Realtek AC'97 Audio Drivers : Download
GRAPHIC/VGA : Summer 2005 Original nVidia Graphics Driver : Download
KEYBOARD/MOUSE : Summer 2005 HP Multimedia Keyboard Mouse Driver : Download
LAN - Ethernet : Original Realtek LAN (Local Area Network) LAN Drivers : Download

Drivers for Windows 7 Upgrade

Presario 061 (SR1250ND) Does Support Windows 7 and it passes the minimum requirements to run Windows 7. You can get all  the drivers installed automatically by using Microsoft Automatic Updates. Or you can also download them separately by using the link below:

Chipset: Intel Chipset Device Software From Microsoft - Download
Audio : Realtek AC'97 Audio Driver from realtek : Download
Graphic: Nvidia GeForce 6200 with Turbo Cache from Nvidia : Download
Keyboard and Mouse : Automatically Installed
LAN : Realtek RTL8139 from realtek : Download

Specification and Information (Product No : EC518AA) - Norway/Denmark

Processor : Pentium 4 516 (P) 2.93GHz
Processor Socket : 775
Chipset : Intel 915P
RAM : Up to 4GB DDR2  (1GB x 4slots)
RAM SPEED : PC2-4200 MB/Sec
HDD : 160GB SATA - 7200RPM
Chipset : Intel 865, 915, and 945 Family Chipsets
Graphic Card : nVidia GeForce 6200 TurboCache graphics
LAN : Realtek RTL8139 Family Fast Ethernet Network Interface cards.

4 Simple Steps to Clean a Laptop Screen

Cleaning your laptop screen or monitor is not hard since you can you your household products to do it. You don't have to buy a LCD cleaning products since

1. Turn off your laptop or LCD/LED Monitor :
Remove any power source such as power chord to avoid the electricity flow.

2. Create Your own Cleaning Solution.
You can simply use plain water, but it is better to mix it with organic solution such as vinegar. If you worried about the vinegar smell,  replace it with perfume . (I always use perfume, just make sure use a very small amount, you don't want to work with strong smell, trust me!).

3. Remove Dust by using Dry Lint and Brush.
First just wipe your screen without solution, just use Lint, and then use paint brush to remove dust and clean the screens' edge.

3. Use Lint-Free Cloth or Your old T-shirt
It does not really matter what type of household item your want to use to wipe the LCD or screen, just make sure it is smooth and do absorb water. Apply a small amount of water or solution we created, make sure it is not too wet. I prefer to use empty spray bottle, the wipe your screen gently. (don't use excessive force to wipe because it could damage your screen pixel).

4. Final Touch
Again by using dry Lint Cloth wipe your screen again to remove any excessive solution/water on your screen.

I'm not a very careful guy, normally I just spray some water and let it there for 1 minute, then wipe with my old towel. I did this for about 7 years for both my laptop and my LED monitor.