Sep 13, 2009

Compaq Presario V2414NR Windows 7 Sound Driver

Your Audio is:
Conexant CX20468-31 AC97

to install the driver there are some method you need to do.
note: just try to update driver manually by:

- Opened device manager (right click on my computer and select manage, search for device manager at the left)
- Right click - On the audio(with yellow mark) right click and select Update Driver Software
- select no to search online, select manually install driver, select dont search i will choose the driver to install adn next browse to c:\swsetup\sp30399
- Clicked Next


1. Download driver sp30399! You can get it from here: Download

2. Run the exe

3. Go to the extraction folder (Default: c:\SWSetup\SP30399)

4. Edit qta3091.inf:
Search code block:

and add this line under:

So the result would look like this:

Attention! I've copied this part from the device manager:

You may have a different device description. If you wanna be sure, go to the device manager, open the unrecognized audio device's property page, select "Details" tab, and select "Hardware Ids" from the Property combo! Copy any of the listed strings and replace it with my device description!

So the final result would look like this (if you have different device desc.):
5. Now all you have to do is to install the driver manually through device manager like the first method i posted above with blue font

Credits: MR. RAVEN


  1. I tried both methods and neither worked for me. If someone figures it out it would be great to know.

  2. you are genius! thank's for the trick it's work for my presario v2000. thank's a lot..

  3. Worked, thanks a lot!

  4. thanks a lot Mr. Raven worked for me... you are the best m8..

  5. thanks! worked for me too... just follow the steps...

  6. Hi, Mr. Raven, can this similar method of tweaking the driver be done for a video driver as well...i am struggling to update the video driver

  7. Hi sanjeev,
    This is a repost from mr raven and you can check him at

    There are 5 common method to install driver.

    1. Direct install
    2. Manual install (from device manager)
    3. Compatibility and permission (mostly for Windows 7)
    4. Manual Install (force method)
    5. Modified INF (which describe in above post)

    I would like to share something here, So far from my experience, Modified INF is the method when force install didn,t work. If you need me to help, i need you to get the hardware ID for your graphic and operating system that you use.

  8. Hi Black-X, thanks for the response on my post, as informed, i am trying to work-around a way to have the "windows7" video driver, - currently i the "default" driver it takes upon installation of windows7 is "standard vga graphics" which does not give the correct resolution - nor - it allows the "Aero" themes....

    can you help on that pls....

    thanks in advance

  9. Hi sanjeev,

    open device manager by clicking START and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC and a device manager will open, under display adapter at the Standard VGA graphics, right click on it and select PROPERTIES, then Select DETAILS, on the Drop-down Menu select HARDWARE ID, copy and post it here

  10. Hi Mr. Balck-x,

    Thank you for the update above, in fact, I tried the method described in above posts to successful in installing the existing "xp driver" - that is "Microsoft XDDM" type....but now,I am wondering, if this will enable Aero features...although the "win7" screen savers" are enabled.....

  11. Hi Mr.Black-x, as per ur request above...I am attaching the HArdware id's PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3582&SUBSYS_3080103C&REV_02

    I saw all of them, did not know which one to post....

    OS is windows 7

    Please let me know further...

  12. You are using Intel(R) 82865G Graphics Controller/or similar. For now there are no options to enable aero using windows setting, the only way is to install software that provide aero environment for your laptop, just search using aero keyword at, there are several software to choose

  13. Thank you Mr.Black-x for all the help and assistance in resolving the graphics with the tweaks, I am able to experience limited functionality...which is far better than none previously.....

    At least now, I am able to use the screen savers/aero glass with limited features and more importantly, "Sleep" option is enabled again.....which is great

    Thanks once again and have a wonderful day........

  14. yu are welcome and thanks for the feedback, sure it useful to others too

  15. Thx Mr. Raven. It worked for me too.

  16. Hi Mr. Blac-x,

    Hope u r doing great............

    I am back again to seek your technical help......this time is for my Desktop......m not sure if this is the right forum for that...nonetheless, I am asking for help........

    I have an IBM Eserver model xseries 205 (Type 8480)....i am wondering if tehre is anyway taht i can modify the BIOS to include SLIC 2.1 for "windows 7" installation and activation.

    Thanks in advance for your help.....


  17. Hi sanjeev, im doin fine here just quite busy with final exam. So about the BIOS, advance BIOS configuration is beyond my knowledge especially server type desktop. About the SLIC 2.1, there are some model success and some not, it require tests to find the right bin file which need you to find proper bin file or modified original bios with other files. I think forum is the best place you can seek for the solution and i apologize i cant help this time, btw good luck =)

  18. Good Luck with your Exams, Mr. Black-x.....i figured it out that we need to modify the original BIOS with some files...but do not know HOW to...anyways, as u suggested, i will go on the dedicated Forum for BIOS MOD and see if i can any help.....

    Thanks once again for your response.....

    Good luck!

  19. Another thing is, when you do your study about the BIOS, you will see many different ways to modified the BIOS file including rename the BIN file. I did my study for BIOS because i want to start a new blog about BIOS, unfortunately this is my final year on university, quite busy with final projects. Anyway if you figure it out, remember to mail me, thanks

  20. HI Mr. Black-X,

    Hope you are done with your exams by now?

    I am still not able to figure out how to modify the BIOS, on the listed forums, there is no help for my particular model "IBM Eserver Xseries205" BIOS is M51G(it is some kind of legacy IBM BIOS).

    Hope you can find some information on this and help me resolve the issue...



  21. Im already on my semester break and Im at my hometown now, the best is to try with the IBM series which other people tested and successful, the big problem is the BIOS modification may differ across every model, so sometimes we have to figure it out by testing to rename it and i know it is hard, so just try this search google with this keyword and you will find many forum discussed about this:

    keyword: ibm SLIC 2.1 bios

  22. thanks for the prompt response, i have searched - worst part is with giving the keyword u suggested, i get all IBM/lenovo 2.1SLIC mods but for my system that is xseries205 motherboard M51G - Intel845chipset and BIOS M51G....i tried to open/decompress the BIOS using all available tools of PHOENIX/AMI/AWARD - but no success....will keep trying though....

    cheers!! and happy vacations!!


  23. i remember that one forum and the url (i search on april), i found an IBM series and that the only series that the person said hes successfully do it with success, i will try to search again and inform you if i got something, cheers too sanjeev =)

  24. Great buddy, appreciate your help...look forward to get some info.......


  25. hi black x

    hope you can still read this. great job for the audio and it worked like a charm.

    now i still have problems with video and pci modem drivers.

    model is Compaq Presario V2617TS and installed Windows 7 Ultimate x86

    Hope you can help me. Thanks!


  26. For your Graphic:

    1. Download this file:

    2. Right click and select run as administrator.It will resulting in error, ignore it because the purpose is it will extract the driver to C:\SWsetup\sp32127.

    3. Open device manager. To do this click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.

    4. Look at the graphic adapter you will see Standard VGA. Right click on it and select UPDATE driver.

    5. Select Don't Browse my computer for driver software and click browse (tick the box INCLUDING SUBFOLDER).

    6. Browse to C:\SWsetup\sp32127 and click next. continue with on screen instruction and reboot.

    FOr the PCI right click on pci modem in DEVICE MANAGER and select Properties - DETAILS - on the dropdown menu select HARDWARE ID. copy and post the hardware ID here.

    report back the progress

  27. *note:
    sorry, on step 5:
    5. Select Browse my computer for driver software and click browse (tick the box INCLUDING SUBFOLDER).

  28. help this is my V2000 AUDIO hardware ids



  29. i replied you mail, check your inbox =)

  30. Hi Black-x,
    I have a Compaq Presario V2000 (EC155UA#ABA) running Win 7pro.
    I'm having a hard time trying to find a compatible WDDM graphics driver for it.
    My graphics hardware is: 0x8086 - 0x2592 PCI
    Is there a fix?


    1. Hi there, there is compatible driver but yet still no WDDM.

      Your model is v2000 series, specific model: Compaq Presario V2335US.

      The graphic adapter is :
      Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset Family (900 series).

      You can get the driver for windows 7 here:

      How about WDDM?
      There is one method that always work with me, but i cannot say that it will work with your model since i never test it.

      1. Download original XP driver:

      2. Extract the driver using WINRAR or - run it, resulting in error - ignore it coz it will create a file located in C:\SWsetup\sp32127

      3. Open device manager (click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter).

      4. Right click on the standard VGA or video adapater(intel 910/915) and select update driver.

      5. Select Broswe my computer for driver software.

      6. Select don't search i will choose the driver

      7. next, have disk , browse and point to the driver we extracted earlier and select ialmnt5.inf and continue with on screen instruction.

      report back the progress

    2. Thanks for your help Black-x,
      I tried the second option of installing the original xp driver and it all went as you said, however the device manager still shows the same "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". I suppose it either did not install or it was the same one I had to begin with.

      I have not tried to install the driver for windows 7 yet.

      By the way, the manager also shows (!) for:
      Mass Storage Controller
      PCI Modem
      Video Controller

    3. get me the hardware ID both both 3 devices that marked with (!), normally mass storage it refer to card reader