Jul 26, 2012

HP Pavilion dm1 Windows 7 Drivers


 Hp Pavilion dm1 series is one of the model in Hp Pavilion Notebook Pc and in united states Hp site there are total of 3 dm series which refer to dm1, dm3 and dm4. Across dm1 series (there are lots of them such as dm1-3200cto etc) they are differ in drivers, either Intel base model or AMD base model.
The difference is INTEl base driver use intel Chipset and Intel Graphic while AMD base model doesn't have chipset driver and use ATI driver.

If you laptop use Intel processor it is intel base model and vice versa. Simply click start and type DXDIAG in the search box and click ENTER. Clik OK if prompted, there you can see the processor type.

Below is the driver download link :

Intel chipset Installation utility
Download (Intel Only)

2. Audio
IDT High Definition Audio Drivers
I think both driver work with either Intel and AMD, and the difference is the date, but i prefer to use older for intel and newer for amd. In case your sound working fine, no need to install this driver.
Download (intel)
Download (amd)

3. Graphic

a)Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Graphic Drivers
Download (Intel)

b) AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4225.
Download (AMD)

4. Touchpad
ALPS Touchpad Driver

5. Card Reader
Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader Driver

6. Quicklaunch
HP Quicklaunch Driver

7. Wireless
For your information, dm1 have 3 applicable drivers.  So, how to know which to download? there are 3 drivers available, you can identify the drivers by using hardware ID but i recommend use the classic way, test which work for you. Installing wrong driver will not harm you system.
IMPORTANT: Normally windows 7 automatically installed wireless drivers, so if your wifi working fine, no need to install these drivers.

a) Ralink 2011 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Adapter

b) Atheros 2011 Wireless LAN Driver

c) Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver

8. LAN - Ethernet
Realtek PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC Driver

9. Bluetooth

a) Ralink Motorolla Bluetooth Adapter

b) Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth Driver and Software

c) HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Technology (must install AMD/INTEL)


From what i know, this aps and driver only for people who live in US. The Verizon Broadband driver and aps.
Verizon Mobile Broadband Software - Qualcomm Gobi2000

11. Webcam
Windows 7 automatically installed your webcam driver because most of the webcam only need generic usb driver which already installed along with windows 7 installation. To use the webcam you can install this utility. I'm not sure if this package contains newer drivers.
HP MediaSmart Webcam Software

12. USB 3.0 Drivers
HP Pavilion dm1 uses  USB 3.0, so the chipset driver will automatically installed the USB 3.0. In case it does not, you need to get the latest chipset driver version :
For AMD Model : Download
For Intel Model : Download

If you having problems, you can check your hardware by reading my tutorial here:

You can also leave your comments below.


  1. mr black.. sy ada tnya soalan dekat Questions Section, tapi xleh dibaca sbb comment dah banyak sgt kot.. berkaitan dengan keyboard n touch screen mouse not responding bila cucuk usb broadband...
    harap mr black dpt reply kat sini..
    usb port rasa xde masalah sbb pkai mouse n keyboard external, dye gerak xde masalah..
    klu usb b.band tu sendiri, baru beli.. harap dapat bantu saya.. terima kasih...

    1. ok,

      1.first install dulu driver2 ni:
      (chipset, touchpad, qiucklauch, card reader and netframework 2.0).

      2. Kalau hang jugak, try usb broadband tu kat membe punya laptop atau pc, tgk hang x, kalau hang mungkin USB broadband tu ada masalah.

      3. ada x apa2 software lain untuk broadband ataupun berkaitan internet/networking - mungkin ada clash system.

      4. guna windows 7 32-bit atau 64-bit?

      5. Buka device manager, ada xlg device bertanda kuning?.

      untuk diagnostic lebih detail, blh jgak buat mcm ni,

      1. Restart laptop, bila kuar je POST SCREEN (compa/hp etc) tekan F8 bnyak kali).

      2. Bila keluar banyak pilihan, pilih safe mode with networking.

      3. Bila dah log in windows, try connect dengan broadband, tgk hang ke x

  2. Mr black,
    no 1 dan 5, xde masalah.. semua dah lengkap..
    no 2 dah buat, bband ok..
    no 3 xde gne software laen..
    no 4 windows 7 32-bit

    untuk safe mode with networking, dah try, tapi xleh connect internet langsung..
    dah format baru, tapi masalah masih berulang..
    sy baru perasan dia jd hang bila mouse terbiar bila usb broadband dah cucuk, klu terus gerak2kan, dia ok..
    macam mana ni ek..?? hardware problem ke agaknya..??

    1. saya rasa pun sama masalah hardware, cuma kenapa usb broadband jer hang tapi kalau pendrive atau usb lain ok. cuba bukak device manager, klik VIEW, klik show hidden device, pastu tengok kat Universal Serial Bus Controller, ada x unknown device ataupun apa2 yang suspicious.

  3. salam.. maaf mr. black lambat reply.. hehe..
    saya dah format dan update semua driver.
    tapi masih xde perubahan sebelum ni.. tapi baru beberapa hari lepas, sejak guna external keyboard n mouse, keyboardnye dah boleh guna dah, tapi touch pad masih not responding lagi. apa pun terima kasih untuk bantuan mr.black dan saya nak ucapkan selamat hari raya aidilfitri..(minggu depan.. hehe):)

    1. w'salam,
      lagisatu kalau mmbe ade modem broadband try guna modem diorang tgk ok ke x,
      slamat hr raya jga, sy mgkin bz sikit utk bln ni sbb persiapan raya ngan persiapan kawin 24 ogos ni, apa2 pun slamat hari raya =)

  4. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

    Nonetheless, I apreciate the gesture

  5. ws 7 automatically installed your webcam driver but I always got problem while install it , I don't know the reason

    1. right click on the driver installation file, select properties - compatibility - set "run this program in compatibility mode for" select windows vista, then select run as admin.

      The to run it right click on the webcam, shortcut and select run as admin

  6. would you give me solution for this problem my PC is automatically restarted, It shows blue screen and restart. I was already changed my mother board also.
    Confi - I have ws7 in my PC, 1Gb ram, Gogabyte motherboard
    Driving Zone

    1. If you already change the board, try to check RAM and HDD if you have extra for those, if not better take to shop to check what's wrong with it

  7. Replies
    1. amd tidak perlu chipset driver, hanya intel shj, kecuali ada devices bewarna kuning di device manager seperti co-processor.

  8. muchas gracias me sirvió de mucho saludos

  9. Is there any drivers for usb??

    1. HP Pavilion dm1 uses  USB 3.0, so the chipset driver will automatically installed the USB 3.0. In case it does not, you need to get the latest chipset driver version :

      For AMD Model : Download

      For Intel Model : Download

  10. Sangat berguna sekali informasinya