Jan 31, 2016

How to Fix Acer Touchpad after Windows 10 Updates


Newest updates on Jan 31, which upgrade my current Windows 10 build has ruined my Touchpad functionality. It does not work at all, so first of all without USB Mouse I need to use my touchpad firt. What I did was press F2 upon power on to enter BIOS. Now I just set touchpad to basic so that I can use it with simple functionality without 2 finger gesture.
Now after checking device manager, the Elan touchpad finally show up, however I still want back the 2 finger gesture. After few research and few tweaks, the touchpad shows up after I change it back to advance in BIOS but I must tick View Hidden Device to see it on device manager. Next thing is my printer detected but not working. Now I know what I should do to fix this - Revert to previous Build.

I know what I exactly need to do, system restore. Sadly I did not set my C drive any restore point. So I left with one more options which is reset my Windows to previous Build.

Simply type reset this pc in your search bar, now on the next screen select second option which allows you to reset your pc into previous build.

Now just plug in power chord, the process takes about 30 minutes (for my laptop). When it restart the touchpad still does not work, but actually you just need to press Fn + F7 keys to re-activate your Touchpad, and I did get my 2 finger scrolling function.

Here is another guide I collected during my research to fix this problems, hope it will help you out too without having to revert to previous build:

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