Mar 26, 2018

Intel GMA 3600 and GMA 3650 Drivers for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Intel GMA3600 and GMA3650 is based on PowerVR SGX545, the difference is GMA3600 clocked at 400Mhz and GMA3650 at 600MHz compare to PowerVR which clocked at 200MHz. We can say that GMA3600 and GMA3650 is not really an Intel GPU but a rebadged PowerVR SGX545.

GMA3600 : Mostly found in the Intel Atom N2600 processor and Atom D2500 models.
GMA3650 : Mostly found in found in Atom N2800, Atom D2550, Atom D2500, Atom D2600 and D2700 Models.


1. Direct X and Games Compatibility
2. Drivers
  • Windows XP Drivers 32-bit
  • Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista 32-bit Drivers
  • Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista 64-bit Drivers 
  • Driver for Linux Distribution
3. How to Enable Metro UI in Windows 8 and 8.1

DirectX and Games Capability

Intel Originally claimed both GPUs support DirectX 10.1 but due to driver issues it only support DirectX 9.0c. This is not a big problem to discuss, because the GPUs itself cannot handle DirectX 10 games very well. Here is simple summary from Windows Experience Index:

Graphic: Desktop Performance for Windows Aero : 5.6
Gaming Graphic : 3D Business and Gaming Graphics : 3.2

Drivers For GMA 3600 and GMA 3650

I think it is important to list out all support available on one page, sadly I didn't found any solution for windows XP 64-bit. If you know or have information about it, do let me know in the comment section below.

  • The software should be installed on system with at least 1GB of system memory (RAM). 
  • Intel® Atom™ D2500, Intel® Atom™ D2550, Intel® Atom™ D2700
    Intel® Atom™ N2100, Intel® Atom™ N2600, and Intel® Atom™ N2800
  • Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3600 Series (GMA3600 and GMA3650) 
Windows XP Drivers 32-bit

I found a driver posted by someone on the internet which worked with XP. I believe he/she already modded the drivers so that it is compatible with GMA3600. (more info below)

Intel Graphic Media Accelerator for windows XP 32-bit
Version, 2.05MB
Download (4shared)

*You need to register (free) to download the files. I do not upload the file, just found it on the internet. If you dound other download link, share it with others.

You must Install it Manually : (example with picture here)
1. Extract the driver file, remember the extraction folder location. For this tutorial let just extract it to desktop. (you will need winrar or 7zip software to extract it)
2. Open device manager by click start - run - and type devmgmt.msc
3. Right lick on the IGMA 3600 (with yellow mark) and select update driver.
4. Select " no, not this time"and select "advance, install from a list of specific location".
5. Select don;t search I will choose the driver to install.
6. Click Have disk (also uncheck "show compatible hardware if that option available").
7. Click Browse and Point to the driver we extract earlier on the desktop.
8. Select the iegd.inf or iegd, OK and proceed with on screen installation.
9. Reboot after installation finish.

If you know about moded thingy then it is not hard to understand. Base on the driver version, it is originally  for Atom™ N2000/D2000 Series Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (check MSI Driver here - original file). When I look at the inf file changes was made in several part and worth to point out here is at the Localizable Strings section.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32-bit Drivers:

Released by Intel Website:
Version, 17.08MB : Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit) : Download Link
Version, 17.12MB : Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit) : Download Link
Version, 17.12MB : Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32-bit) : Download Link

Released by Acer
Version, 21.8MB : Windows 7 32-bit (may support vista x86): Download Link

Windows 8 32-bit :
Since Intel does not plan to provide updates for this GPU anymore. We can only use Windows 7 drivers which show slight improvement over standard VGA graphic driver which automatically installed by Windows 8.
If resulting in error you need to troubleshoot compatibility (right click on the driver and select troubleshoot compatibility) and set to windows 7.

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 64-bit Drivers:

Currently Intel and your notebook manufacture site doesn't provide any support for 64-bit. The only drivers that most people use is:


You can google it for download, here I listed several website that provides the download link:
Download Link 1 (tested, installed and worked)
Download Link 2

Just install directly and reboot.

Driver for Linux Distribution :

Intel Released Driver for Linux Distribution on the download site, 
File Name : cdv-gfx-drivers-1.0.3_bee.tar.bz2
Version 1.0.3, 3.72MB (32-bit)
Driver Download

Arch Linux :  Installation Instruction
Ubuntu, Meego OS, Linux Mint ? - Need more info on this please share if you have any information.

How to enable Metro UI  in Windows 8/8.1

Either you manage to install Windows 7 drivers in Windows 8, or stay with the standard Graphic adapter you can enable the Metro UI by editing the Registry Value. This tutorial seems quite advance for non tech-savvy but believe me it is easy, here is the tutorial with pictures :

(Disclaimer :
This tutorial is for educational purpose only, I don not own the files and it is belong to the respected owner, permission to use any of the the files is your own responsibility.)


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  7. Any information about window 10 as it don't have Metro UI. And upto i tested the GMA 3600 on window 10 leads to system crash with driver version 1096, any solution available do reply.

    1. Try to install windows 7 drivers, but set the compatibility into Windows 7 before installing in Windows 10. I'm still waiting for Microsoft or Intel official updates too =)

  8. drivers work for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. Fixes many problems including dreaded no video on wake. Good luck finding them though. It seems intel took them off their website. Keep searching through intel integrated motherboard driver pages though. That is how I found them. Confirmed they do not work in Windows 10.

  9. thanks for your great work. ive seen several users stating tgat the windows7 x64 driver works but only for 2gb ram systems, for those who have 4gb it fails, we get a BSOD. i think the driver is almost 100%, it only misses this "detail". if there is anything to do please do it. thanks again

  10. is window xp supported in acer aspire one d270 or all drivers available for window xp in this device?

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  12. Seriously, the GMA 3600 driver works on Windows Vista? The driver can be installed, but after reboot I can not use it, the driver stay with a yellow triangle.

    1. This cause by the driver version, try with drivers for Win xp or Win7/8 or the original driver that provided by the manufacturer , the other option try to disable windows from automatically installing driver (use CMD, just google it)