Feb 11, 2012

ASUS Eee PC 900 Windows 7 Driver

 Update 1: Dec 22 2012 - fix broken links

Most of the ASUS Eee PC 900 user reported that after installing/upgrading into windows 7 all drivers installed automatically except graphic. Further more there are no official driver release by Intel or Asus for this intel 915GM/GMS series. So in this post i will describe how to install the graphic driver. In addition i also put other drivers in case you need them.

NOTE: you need to install Winrar (any version) because i compressed all the driver in archive.

Driver - Graphic:
Intel GMA 915 Graphic Driver (915GM/915GMS)
here is the driver:
Download (original driver)

1. Extract the file, find igxpun.exe (setup file), right click on it and select PROPERTIES , then select COMPATIBILITY, Select 'run this program in compatibility mode for' Select Windows Vista.
2. Right click again on igxpun.exe and select 'run as admin'. Continue with on screen instruction.

If still failed you need to manually install it, follow guide here:
Guide to install Graphic 915GM/GMS

test which work for you and report back the progress, i have one more driver to be added to this list, but the installation is manual, so if the driver above didn't work report back and I'll write the method to install it manually.

Driver- Wireless:
Atheros AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter

Driver - Audio
Realtek ALC662 High-Definition Audio
(your original driver contain vista driver, if your audio work no need for this driver, vista driver normally works for win 7)


1. Extract the file, find asussetup.exe (setup file), right click on it and select PROPERTIES , then select COMPATIBILITY, Select 'run this program in compatibility mode for' Select Windows Vista.

2. Right click again on asussetup.exe and select 'run as admin'. Continue with on screen instruction.

Driver  - ATK
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Driver (enable your fn key)
Version V4.00.0010 645kb (I recommend to run as admin)

Atheros L2 Fast Ethernet Controller
Atheros Atc002 Fast Ethernet 10/100Base-T Controller
(there are no issues so far for LAN (function to enable wired connection on LAN port) , so you can skip this driver unless you sure you need this one.

Guide to install:
1. Extract the drivers, remember the path you extract it.
2. Open device manager by click start and type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter.
3. Right click on network controller (make sure you install wireless first, because both LAN and wireless normally represent as Network with !/? mark on device manager.) and select UPDATE DRIVER.
4. Select Browse my computer for....... then click BROWSE and point to the driver folder we extracted earlier. continue untill installation finish.

To check weather you have all the drivers installed in your computer you can refer to my tutorial here:
Check drivers in windows 7 : then you can post hardware ID so i can locate the proper drivers.

Enhancement - Aero
Aero only support INTEL 965 Graphic series and above, so by installing the driver it won't enable the aero. The trick that always work is to install aero software (third party). Normally i did this to models that use unsupported aero model such as Compaq V2000. The software you can Google it, there are lots of aero freeware available.

Graphic driver link broken : you can get the driver while wait for me to upload it by go to Intel support - in search box type intel 915. When the result appear select Intel graphic accelerator for XP (exe) and download it. Install using the method i mention above.

If any of the method above worked, report which driver you used, i may help others too.


  1. All the linksare not working.

  2. True the links don´t work

  3. Still not working


  5. Broken Link fixed on dec 22 2012, thanks for the feedback

  6. For 'Aero' type prettiness, I've installed TrueTransparency and Transbar.


  8. when i choose (run this program on win vista ) the setup says error

    1. hi, which of the driver result in error?

  9. Is This For 900ha ??

  10. do they work on a 900hd

  11. Hi. When you click on compatibility, there in an option for Windows 7 (as well as Vista, Vista SP1, Vista SP2). Which one should I choose? Surely the one for Windows 7 would be best?

    1. you can choose either one of those 3 options

  12. Done it! Click on 'Guide to install Graphics .......' which takes you to next page. Use the Gateway link (I had problems with the others). The first time I ran it, it didn't work. Then I right clicked on the file in the downloads folder and selected properties. Click advanced (near bottom of window). Select compatibility. Select mode for Vista then Ok. Right Click on file in downloads folder again and select run as administrator. It asked if I wanted to overwrite existing files (from first attempt) and I clicked yes, multiple times until finished. Then follow the instructions on the notepad pop up to run a command in the 'run' box. ('Run' is under Programs - Accessories). If asked to acceot running say yes. It comes up with a little box saying something like 'No Instal' and an exit button. Click exit. Windows then brings up a message with two options. The top one asks if you want it installed the correct way (or something like that). Click that top option. Then you need to restart - and voila! Great!

  13. Hey,

    I've got the Asus EEE PC 900HD BLK006X. Came with Windows XP Home Edition but today I installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it (use the basic theme and disable all the visual effects and it runs great).

    Only driver I had to install was the Intel GMA 915 Graphic Driver (915GM/915GMS) I needed to select 'run this program in compatibility mode for' and selected Windows XP SP3 (Vista didn't work!) and after that did right click 'Run as Admin'.

    So that driver was installed pretty fast BUT I had a big problem with the network driver. It was already installed and if I looked it up in 'Device manager' it said that it worked correctly... but when I was performing a network scan it didn't find any networks.

    So what I found out was that the driver WAS correct but the version was outdated.


    1. Download the updated driver:

    2. Go to 'Device Manager' and go to networkadapters-> right-click on Realtek RTL8187SE and choose for the first option 'Update Driver Software'.

    3. Select 'Browse my computer for driver software' and select the map with the updated driver you downloaded in step 1.

    4. DONE! You can now scan and see WiFi networks on your Asus EEE PC.

  14. Oh I forget to tell you to hit the next button in step 3 otherwise it won't search for the new driver haha.

    1. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it =)

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  16. Thx a lot, Aziz, you saved my day. First of all, I installed ATK (ACPI) driver, so it made all installs easier after that. Wireless and Camera installed by themselves auto. Then I installed the VGA-XP driver in compatibility mode, and then uncheck init DEP loading of graphic drivers in the corresponding pop-up windows. No need for other drivers, they auto-installed before this procedure. And now my refurbished ASUS EeePC900 with Windows 7 Starter is all OK!

  17. Found this blog post and was excited...until I couldn't get the video driver to install regardless of what I tried. Whatever I do I still get "Error, One or more files that are required for installation are missing or corrupt. Setup will exit." If there is any new info on this, or a better way, I'd love to hear it. Otherwise this W7 installation will have to go...can't stand looking at this distorted screen!

    1. Note that the driver i posted above is for windows 7 32 bit if you have 64-bit download here.

      1. Compatibility Mode.
      -download your original xp drivers : File Name: VGA_XP_080513
      - Extract the driver first so you will get VGA_XP_080513 folder.
      -Open the folder and right click on setup.exe and select properties.
      -Select compatibility tap (on top) and set the compatibility to windows XP XP3. Apply and OK.
      picture : Compatibility picture
      -after that run setup by right click and select run as admin.

  18. It all went great, Sound, Gfx, cheapest, Wifi, Lan.

    I use my EEE-900 notebook as second monitor for my surface pro, using Zone Screen, 15FPS Just good for my IM and Thunderbird.

    I also test 1G USB3 lan with up to 40MB speed prefect to turn it to NAS. Next I want try to install win8 =)