Mar 25, 2018

Fix Sound Blaster z Not Working after Windows 10 Update

There are lots of cases where Sound Blaster z not working (no sound) after Windows 10 updates especially creators update. The new driver installed via updates actually just cheated your system to detect it has the right audio driver, that is why the green audio bar respond (moving) when you play any audio file but no sound comes out.

So we can conclude that we need to use previous version instead of the current version. You can easily do this by Rollback the drivers via device manager.

-Before we start, just make sure all volume on mixer is not in mute state. Sometimes it could be your mixer volume is 0 (mute).
-If you need download link for the drivers read at the end of the post.

1- Roll Back Driver

1. open device manager by right click on Windows Logo and select device manager.

2. Look for Audio, Video and games contoller. click the > sign to expand the list.

3. Right click on Sound Blaster Audio Controller and select properties.

4. Select "Driver" on the top menu and click on Roll Back Driver.

Then just reboot you computer.

What if the Roll Back Button is grayed out? or still does not work? 
Just continue with the following fixes, some of them sound strange but believe me sometimes it do work like wonders.

2- Change BIOS setting.
Your BIOS should have the option to turn on-board sound on and off. If it is turned off, try to turn it on and see if it fixes your audio issue. 

3 - Disable fast Boot.
Normally Windows 10 enable fast boot by default, it could be that fast boot will have problem to load the sound card driver upon booting.

1- Right click on Windows Logo and select power option.
2-On the left panel, Click “Choose what the power buttons do”
3-Click “Change settings that are currently unavailable.
4- ” Under “Shutdown settings” disable “Turn on fast startup”.

Custom Driver Installation (Using Different Version)
All drivers (form previous to latest) available on Creative website here:,VARSET=CategoryID:1

Which drivers should I choose?
It depends on your computer and system, so the stable drivers might be difference form one computer to another. The most common driver reported work is release date 24 Jun 2016. However the latest drivers could be the solution for your problem.

There are one main important thing during the installation. Choose custom install and just select Driver and control panel to install.

Hope this could help =)

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