Mar 24, 2018

ASUS Webcam Driver for Windows 10

Actually you can easily install you Asus Webcam Driver in Windows 10 easily by using older driver version such as the original driver for Windows XP , Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Here is a driver from Asus which originally for K42jy (select Bison Camera from the list):

It's listed as Bison Camera, however the driver package actually contain driver for lots of Webcam devices such as Chicony, Azuware, and LiteOn. Here is the snapshot of the drivers inf file. (each inf represent different type of webcam).

We need to install it Manually:

1. Download and extarct the driver file, for this tutorial I just extract it in my download folder and you will get a folder name Camera_Bison_Win7_32_Z61760095.

--We will need the extracted driver folder later.--

2. Open device manger by right click on Windows Logo and select device manager.

3. Look for Webcam and right click and select update driver (the picture is an example, yours might located differently with slightly different name.)

4. Select "Browse my computer for driver software."

5. Browse the driver folder we extracted earlier (Camera_Bison_Win7_32_Z61760095.), 

6. Then expand until you find driverBin_32bit and DriverBin_64bit. 

7. Select 32 or 64-bit base on your Operating system. Click Next then reboot.

If you have The image flip issue (upside down) read here.

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