Apr 6, 2018

Asus Drivers for Windows 10 64-bit

(Notes: Drivers listed below are only for Notebook) After upgrading to Windows 10, you will need certain drivers and not all of it listed on your product drivers download page. Actually the drivers is available on the Asus website but you need to locate each one of them by browsing the support site manually. Here I list out all latest drivers for Asus Notebook/Laptop for Windows 10. Just select the drivers base on you specification.

Chipset Drivers.

If your system use Intel processor, here is the list of drivers you need to install

If you are using AMD Processor use this driver:
Chipset (AMD)         
Latest Drivers          

ATK Package and ASUS Smart Gesture.

This ATK package will fix the compatibility issue after upgrade to Windows 10.
Asus Smart Gesture 32-bit 
Asus Smart Gesture 64-bit 

Audio Driver

Choose Base on your specification.
Realtek Audio Driver 
Realtek Audio Driver
(In case above does not work/have issue)
Conexant Audio Driver
Via Vinyl HD Audio (Fix Microphone problem)
Via Audio Driver (Latest from Asus)

There are 2 major audio device for ASUS notebook which are Relatek and Conexant. You can always Download the latest Audio Driver from Realtek Website. If you are using Via audio you can also download the latest VIA driver from VIA website.


You need to choose base on your specification. The best way to determine which driver to use is by identifying the hardware ID to determine Wireless.
Intel Wireless Driver
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless
Broadcom Wireless
Broadcom Wireless
Broadcomm Wireless

LAN/Ethernet Driver

Realtek LAN Driver 
Intel LAN Driver 
Atheros LAN Driver 


Latest Drivers.
You can obtain the latest drivers from the manufacturer website or using Windows Automatic updates.
Intel Graphic Drivers
Nvidia Graphic Drivers
AMD Graphic Drivers  

Card Reader


ASUS Touchpad Handwriting
Elantech Touchpad


  • Intel Wireless Utility

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