Aug 18, 2009

Webcam Crash Problems MSN Messenger (SOLVED)


Before continue reading the entire post, I would like to stress this post is specific for Compaq laptop but you can also apply for other type if you know to choose your driver. I made this post because i got an email asked about Webcam crashed using MSN Messenger and she report back that its work for her. SO here is my original reply to her email and hope help you too, if you still having trouble( Especially different models) leave your comments.

here some suggestion that may help you:

first update your youcam driver:

restart and if it still crash follow next step:

first download and istall the update below:

windows vista service pack 1 update:

then web quickplay update:


  1. Why my yahoo webcam crash when try to open it?Can someone helps me when I was chatting text is fine but when i tried to open the webcam all chatting window was hanged unless i have to reboot the system to reset it

  2. have you try the method i post above

  3. my flash never crashes, unless i have my webcam running. i have a toshiba nb205 netbook with 1 gb ram which i know is low. could that be causing my webcam applications like stickam to crash? i really need this fixed asap. it doesnt crash if i use skype so i know its not just the webcam itself.

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  4. high memory usage may cause crashes, try to open device manager, and select PROCESS tab, there look for the webcam application like stickam, for memory 1GB the 86k mem usage considered high, look at the the PF usage,

  5. why does my browser crash when i allow my webcam on chatroulette?

  6. When SSD or HDD drive get crashed where does data goes?

  7. 1. What browser did u use?
    2. If crash refer to faulty - then the answer is all of them gone

  8. Why does my webcam crash whenever I take a picture?

  9. @herman
    what is your cam and laptop model?

  10. Every time someone invites me to webcam and I accept, msn crashes (Windows Live Messenger has stopped working)?