Jan 15, 2011

Check Your Driver In Windows 7

Anonymous said...
I am using Compaq Presario CQ41-110AU and Windows 7, but I have no idea whether any drivers already installed or not :(
because I asked my friend to re-install my laptop.
How to find out what drivers have not been installed yet? and I also need MS Office for Win 7, how to install it?
Thank you in advance.

This guide will show you how to check your computer device driver so that you can identify which driver you need to install. This guide apply for windows XP, Vista and 7.

1. First we use device manager to check our devices. To open device manager click start and on the search box type DEVMGMT.MSC

2. Then a device manager will open. There you will see list of devices of your computer.

a) A computer with all the drivers installed will show no yellow mark in the device manager

b) while the computer with incomplete driver will show yellow mark. But for your graphic (Display), it will show Video controller with yellow mark or under the display adapters it will show Standard VGA Graphic adapters.

3. So now you can identify weather your computer driver is missing driver or not. So the problems is how to get the right Driver.

a) If you know yor computer model say Lenovo Ideapad s10, so just type "Lenovo Support" on google and enter the support site. So browse for your driver there.

b) If it appear that you didn't know what is your model. You can get the hardware ID for the devices and search the hardware ID on google.

c) Lastly, You can request your driver here in Request section.


  1. Dear Mr.Black-x,

    Thank you for above info, I have checked device manager in my laptop and there are no yellow mark. It means all drivers needed already installed yet.
    But, I still need to find out how to install MS Office to my laptop coz I can not work on my laptop without MS Excel :(

  2. for ms Office, it not a freeware mean you have to buy the software. So for that less i could help, office.org is a free software alternatives for ms office.

  3. I appreciate your post, thanks for sharing the post, i want to hear more about this in future.


  4. I have Windows 7 ultimate installed on Compaq presario F730US notebook with AMD processor.

    I have taken broadband internet service Wi-Fi. I can connect with the wired network but since there is no device/driver for wireless in device manager, i cannot connect the system wireless. I need to have win 7 compatible device/driver for wireless so that i can connect the internet in wireless mode(w/o connecting LAN wire)

    On HP/Compaq website there is no drivers for Win7 for Compaq presario F730US.

    Please suggest if there is any solution to this and if yes appreciate the driver/device executible to pass on.


  5. Hi pradip, i need you to get the hardware ID for the driver, you can refer here:

  6. hi Bro,

    i installed windows 7 on my hp dv 6000.Now every thing is fine but i am facing this error,...

    **No audio output device is installed**
    it showing red mark X on audio symbol...

    i hope i have all the drivers installed. In device manager it not showing anything belongs to audio...

    Really appreciate in help... thanks in advance,


  7. sir i need sony vaio sve14112enw drivers my laptop got completely erased and i cant find the drivers on net..thankyou

  8. Dude i have a hp pavilion i3 sudddenly dere my WiFi driver iz lost..wat should i do..like i cant get any network and d WiFi option iz missing

    1. yes, you just need to restore the driver and setting. To do this you need to make system restore, read here: http://laptop-driver.blogspot.com/2008/09/system-restore.html