Jan 31, 2016

How to Fix Acer Touchpad after Windows 10 Updates


Newest updates on Jan 31, which upgrade my current Windows 10 build has ruined my Touchpad functionality. It does not work at all, so first of all without USB Mouse I need to use my touchpad firt. What I did was press F2 upon power on to enter BIOS. Now I just set touchpad to basic so that I can use it with simple functionality without 2 finger gesture.
Now after checking device manager, the Elan touchpad finally show up, however I still want back the 2 finger gesture. After few research and few tweaks, the touchpad shows up after I change it back to advance in BIOS but I must tick View Hidden Device to see it on device manager. Next thing is my printer detected but not working. Now I know what I should do to fix this - Revert to previous Build.

I know what I exactly need to do, system restore. Sadly I did not set my C drive any restore point. So I left with one more options which is reset my Windows to previous Build.

Simply type reset this pc in your search bar, now on the next screen select second option which allows you to reset your pc into previous build.

Now just plug in power chord, the process takes about 30 minutes (for my laptop). When it restart the touchpad still does not work, but actually you just need to press Fn + F7 keys to re-activate your Touchpad, and I did get my 2 finger scrolling function.

Here is another guide I collected during my research to fix this problems, hope it will help you out too without having to revert to previous build:

Jan 30, 2016

Asus p4s800 Drivers for Windows 7


Asus website only provide Windows XP drivers for this board. For Windows 7, after windows installation you will find the following drivers is missing:

1) Ethernet controller - Lan Drivers
2) Multimedia Audio Controller - Audio Drivers
3) Multimedia Controller- Audio Drivers
4) Multimedia Video Controller - Graphic Drivers
5) Video Controller.- Graphic Drivers

So here is the drivers you will need

SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter

1. Download your original Windows XP Drivers. Download
2. Extract the driver files. (remember the path of the extracted driver folder we will use it later)
3. Open device manager, right click on Ethernet controller and select update driver.
4. Click no to connect.
5. Click browse my computer and point to the folder we extracted earlier.
6. select the INF file in the WinXP folder.
7 Continue with on-screen instruction until installation finish.

AUDIO Driver
There are 2 drivers you can choose to install for audio, realtek AC97 or Soundmax Audio.
Soundmax Audio Driver : Download (Intel Website)
Realtek AC97 Audio : Download (Realtek Website)
Note: For realtek driver, click agree to tnc first to proceed to the download page.

Graphic Drivers
You onBoard Graphic Adapter would be SIS VGA,
1. Download Windows XP Driver : Download
2. Extract the driver files. (remember the path of the extracted driver folder we will use it later)
3. Open device manager, right click on Multimedia Video Controller and select update driver.
4. Click no to connect.
5. Click browse my computer and point to the folder we extracted earlier.
6. select the sisagp.INF file in the extracted driver file : Located in AGP_1170 -AGP -AGP - current -WINXP

7. Continue with on-screen instruction until installation finish.

Jan 29, 2016

PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller


Both PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller refer to Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework, also known as DPTF. The main function is to help enable thin, quiet, and cool platform designs. To solve the driver issue you need to download drivers provided by your laptop manufacturer.Is it important? I'm not so sure, but if you want my personal opinion, it would say it is not a big problem and will not bother my system. However, a user reported that without this driver his Yoga 13 (lenovo) getting slower.

Yellow mark on the PCI means your pc detect the hardware butdoes not recognize it.
 Note :
If you are using driver from other brand, such as using HP driver for your Asus notebook. You need to get permission from them first. Will it work? most of the time yes, but if you do get the permission, use it at your own risk.

The easiest way is to run windows automatic updates. However it is not guarantee that windows update will detect and download the drivers for you. Here is a quick list for most common model.

HP /Compaq:
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 and 64-bit) : Download
Notes : This is the latest intel chipset driver for HP/Compaq model. The chipset will not only update the PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller but also other Intel chipset component.

Windows 8/8.1/10 : 64-bit (Yoga) :Download
Windows 8/8.1/10 : 64-bit (Thinkpad) : Download 

Windows 7/8 (32-64-bit) : Download

Advance User - Advance Installation. (If you prefer to get it from Microsoft)
If you want the driver from Microsoft, just go to Microsoft update catalog and search for  Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. Choose the latest version depend on your windows version. Here is the result when i run the search:

How to install?
First download the driver from the update catalog, here is the URL and open it using Internet explorer:


To download, click add, the view basket. Download the file. You will get a cabinet file (compressed file). Extarct it using Winrar or 7zip software. Now open device manager, right click on  PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Controller and select update driver.
-Select advance
-Click Browse and point to the driver folder we extract earlier.
-Continue with on screeen installation until finish.

Need this driver for your model? leave a comment, I will add it for you.

Jan 28, 2016

Is It safe To Use Laptop Without Battery


The answer is YES. Most laptop manufacturer recommend to remove the battery if you are using power chord. This will increased your battery Life Span because like any other electronic device which will defect sooner or later with continuous usage.

It is recommend to keep your battery charged periodically (Once a week) to keep it functioning well. If you charged it at 100%, when you plug it again (a week later), do not be surprised if the charged percentage deplete. It is normal for a battery to deplete 10% - 20% without any usage.

Touchpad Not Working in Windows 10


Most of our  drivers automatically installed in Windows 10 and Windows Automatic updates. But sometimes the most compatible and newest version provided by Windows does not work as it should, such as you can't use the 2 finger scrolling.

Of course not all of us are tech savvy and have the knowledge to get the right and latest drivers. To put things simple, here is a simple guide to fix it.

1. Download the latest drivers
Most common laptop nowadays uses either synaptic (popular on Acer and HP) or Elantech.

For Synaptic just download the latest version from synaptic:

For elantech you need to download this version:
Elantech_Touchpad_11.8.24.6 : Download link (for toshiba)
for other model just google YOURLAPTOPMODEL, example : ASUS

2. Uninstall driver and reboot

This simple steps proven worked on cetain model such as ASUS.
Go to Device manager (right click on windows icon and select device manager) - mice and other pointing devices - Right click on your pointing device displayed and reboot. (You may need to reboot twice).

If you have comments, feedback and suggestion do let me know in the comment section below.

Jan 23, 2016

HP DX6100 MT Windows XP/7 Drivers


If you went to HP support site, it only list out drivers for Windows XP and Vista and no support for Windows 7. Another thing is, there is no Audio driver for Windows XP listed, so here is the driver set you will need:

Windows XP:

1. Chipset : Automatically Installed
2. Audio :
-Install MS-UAA Patch First and reboot (IMPORTANT) : Download
-Install ADI AC97 Integrated Audio : Download

3. Graphic : (Choose one base on your model specs)
-Intel 915G Graphic : Download (Normally automatically installed)
-Nvidia graphic : Download

4. Modem : Agere (LSI) Soft Modem : Download

5. LAN/Ethernet:
-Realtek Ethernet Controller : Download
-Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller : Download

Windows 7

1. Chipset :
Not important, Windows will update the necessary driver.
Or if you want it badly, get it here: Download from Intel

2. Audio : Download
Installation : Download the driver file, extract it, run to install. If failed, try to right click on setup and select run as admin.

3.  Graphic:
Intel 915 read the installation instruction here : Download and install
Nvidia Graphic : Let nvidia detect and give you the best driver: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us

The other drivers automatically installed.
If you have problem with audio, get me the hardware ID for the audio and post it here. Here is the guide to get the hardware ID.

Jan 22, 2016

How to Find your Laptop Model Number


So what is your laptop number? or what is you motherboard model number? Actually it is easy to locate your laptop model or motherboard model number.

1. Open DirectX Diagnostic tools by typing DXDIAG on your search box select the result on the top of the search result as shown in the picture below.
This is how you open DirectX Diagnostic tools in Windows 10. If you are using other version of windows just hit CTRL + R button to open run and type in DXDIAG. There are bunch of tutorial on how to open dxdiag so I won't explain it here in details.

2. Press OK if a windows pop-up.

3. Now look at the system model, that is you actual model number.

Other Method?

1. Look at the back of your laptop, normally every laptop or PC will have a small sticker which shows your laptop model number. The picture below shows a sticker of a Acer laptop.
Model : Acer Aspire 3002WLCi (Just ignore the WLCi, you only need the number)

2. If there are a lot of number on the sticker, just use the serial number (S/N). Go to the laptop manufacturer support website and  enter your Serial number. It will tell you your model and provide every support available for your model. Here is an example if you are using acer support site: