Nov 6, 2009

Request Driver Version 2

Here is New Request Driver Section:
(or you want to refer to the 1st version request driver section here)

Please Provide following info:

OS(winxp, vista, 7):
Additional Info: (optional):

The first request section already full thats why this version 2 section added

notes(when comment reach 200, new request section will be open)


  1. request for window 7 driver for acer aspire 2930z

  2. Acer Aspire 5738zg
    Windows 7 (ultimate edition, 32bit)

    I need drivers for:
    - ATI (mobiliy) radeon hd4570
    - fingerprint reader

    I tryed acer page but i dont know which one of all those drivers are actualy for me.

    Thank you very much in advance,

  3. Compaq Presario CQ60-207EO
    Drivers for Windows XP

    Plz help me, love u 8)

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  5. Compaq Presario CQ3020L Desktop PC
    winxp driver plzz

  6. SIR,

  7. OS: Windows XP sp3
    Model: Presario compaq CQ60-415EW
    all drivers for WinXP sp3
    Thank you in advance

  8. Hi Black-x

    OS: Windows Vista
    Model: Compaq Presario CQ40-621LA


  9. WINDOWS XP driver please..
    COMPAQ CQ40 - 517TU DRIVER. please

    Thanks Black-x..

  10. Hi Mr. BlackX can u assist me driver for Toshiba L510-P4010 Vista n Windows 7 Tnx... Advance Merry Christmas

  11. Mr. Black x..

    Can I request for a COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ40-517TU startup disk..

    Thank you.
    Advance merry christmas to you..
    This blog is helpful.

  12. Hi stanl3y, here is my suggestion for your drivers, i recommend that you should run windows update and try to update driver automatically (require internet connection). Check the device manager which driver is missing and only intsall the missing drivers.
    here is your drivers:
    Toshiba Satelite L510-P4010

  13. hi,
    marry christmas to you too and also to stanl3y (^_^),

    to create a start-up disk for Compaq is easy, follow guide here.

  14. sony vaio vgn-cr363 original drivers(vista)

  15. hi...

    request for compaq presario v3791TU audio driver and how to install it..


  16. hi mr black..can i request for acer aspire 4315 driver for window vista..thanx

  17. Compaq Presario V3971TU: i listed all the drivers, the weird thing is, is it v3971 or 3917TU? i cant find any the model at HP website, anyway the drivers for both model are similar.
    here your audio driver along with instructions and also included other drivers:

  18. hi ... i need drivers for compaq cq60 135ec for windows Xp

  19. Hi Black-x
    I need drivers for:Compaq Presario CQ60-317TU
    Drivers for Windows XP

    Plz help me....

  20. Hi Black-x

    I need drivers for:Compaq Presario CQ20-317TU
    Drivers for Windows XP

    Plz help me....

  21. thank you so very much man :)

  22. Hi abadoel, Compaq Presario CQ20-317TU here:

    for the CQ60-317TU - ididn't find that in CQ60 model, can you check your model again

  23. hi there.
    i need drivers for Compaq Presario CQ40-338TU Notebook PC for Windows XP.

    thanks in advance =)

  24. Thank you very much... Mr Black-x

  25. thanks a lot sir~


  26. Hello BlackX do you have driver for VideoCard GeForce 4 MX 4000 for Windows 7

  27. I search over the net and no OFIICAL and beta drivers found, anyway a user said installing this fix his problems:

  28. hey all...first i would like to thank u for the big work u do here.

    my labtop is compaq presario cq60-112EM
    i need the drivers to downgrade to xp service back 2 .

    please i need those drivers

    thx all

  29. Hi i need Compaq Presario CQ60-210EN Windows XP audio driver.

  30. Driver for cq40-601tx
    - base system device
    - high deifinition audio
    (i can't play any sound)

    thank you so much

  31. Compaq Presario CQ40-601TX Windows XP Drivers here:

    the unkown base device normally your chipset drivers and audio you need to install manually which i already included the guide on the driver list.

  32. Compaq Presario CQ60-315EE Notebook PC Drivers for window xp pro sp2 all drivers i need plz giv me download link...........

    Thnx n advance

  33. Hi, black-x. i need sound driver xp for versaPro VY11F/BH-T

    Thx for advance

  34. hi maxmax1,

    compaq presario CQ60-210EN here:

    Thanks a lot

  35. Hi Black-x

    I need drivers for

    OS: Windows 7(Seven)
    Model: Dell Vostro 1510


  36. Hi Black-x

    Thank you for your help.

  37. hello...i have a Compaq Presario CQ60-417DX Notebook PC that needs drivers for the network card, audio device, and modem device. thanks!

  38. request xp drivers for
    HP Pavilion tx2550ee Entertainment Notebook PC

  39. Plz provide me DISPLAY DRIVER for COMPAQ PRESARIO CQ40 601TU with WINDOW XP operated.

  40. Dear
    can you provide me ata graphics driver for DV6-1152TX.
    Raj chugh

  41. Hi raj, here is your drivers for Hp Pavilion DV6-1152TX, there are 3 applicable graphics, choose base on your specs, if you have ATI graphics make sure to follow instructions carefully.

  42. request for acer aspire 5612WLMi running win xp

  43. Will xp pro compaq presario cq60-315ee drivers work on compaq presario cq60-320ei machine?

  44. hi xp drivers of HP TouchSmart tx2-1055ee Notebook PC.

    thanks for your support.

  45. Hi vishal,
    yes it the same driver but it not include webcam and several drivers.
    here is your drivers CQ60-320EI wqin XP:

  46. hello...i want Compaq 153-TU windows 7 and windows vista drivers...can you help me?and compaq dont have the application where should i download the application for compaq?and can u explain details how to format the compaq notebook?cause last time i failed to format...

  47. Hi there,
    your model is incomplete, i mean i could be CQ40-153TU, or CQ45, CQ50, CQ60, CQ61, which one is it, don't worry about the drivers and application i will list all of them. One more thing is you want to format for Windows XP, Vista or 7? provide the details and i will post the necessary drivers, application and drivers within one day.

    if you have problems to identified your model follow guide here:

  48. My one is CQ40-153TU 32bits ...and i want format to Windows 7 home premium or ultimate i'm using windows vista...And i also want to request for the Acer Aspire 4935 32bit for windows 7 complete home premium and ultimate edition drivers...lastly i also finding face recognition and fingerprint reader software for this two notebook...can u help me?anyway thank you very much...

  49. Hi again,
    to install Windows 7 on your laptop follow guide here:

    your driver will be added shortly

  50. request window 7 driver for compaq CQ40-416au... please... thx u so much

  51. Hi,

    I need XP drivers for Compaq Presario CQ60-418DX Notebook PC. I have been stuck with vista for the longest time.


  52. tq Mr black-x for the reply, now i have the driver for window 7, but for CQ40-416au series, what shud i do for the installation? install exactly by order?
    thx again before...
    and oh yeah, one again.. is there a bluetooth driver for this version (CQ40-416au)?

  53. Hi again cd,

    ok. after download the installation file, just install chipset first and restart. that the most important. others you can install not according to order. all the drivers you downloaded are softpq package(SPXXXX), right click at the drivers package and select run as admin, then next, and next until it finish. If you still have problems reply back i will post the method.

    if you have bluetooth use this drivers:

    Software Support for HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

    HP Wireless Assistant

  54. hey guys...
    i asked before for drivers for my compaq cq60-112EM but one driver work only ...please i need driver for the desplay my card is intel family chipset express and a driver for the sound..the only driver that works was the wireless driver...
    plz give me all the drivers for this model specially the intel driver and the sound
    thx all again

  55. Hi there,
    Compaq Presario CQ60-112EM
    i updated the drivers for windows XP, you can download it here:

    the drivers are only for windows XP, so if you use windows 7 or vista the drivers are different.

  56. hey there ...thx all
    specially Black x...thx man so much for responding ...
    but i got a problem still
    i downloaded all the drivers for xp and install them as shown but i got 3 drivers still i cant fix them:

    1) Ethernet controller...
    i installed all the drivers that meets my device.

    2) PCI data Acquisition and signal processing controller....
    i dont know what is it

    3)SM Bus controller...

    Black x can you help me with those ??
    thx man anyway and really really like your work
    keep going cuz you are the best

  57. Ok then i guess its about the CQ60-112EM,

    The ethernet drivers try this one:
    It just a zip file contain driver files, you need to install using device manager, if you need the instruction to for that read here:

    The other two problems may solve by reinstalling your chipset drivers:
    Your intel Chipset drivers link:
    INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel® 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets
    Then restart, i also recommend to reinstall intel matrix storage manager.

    report back the progress.

  58. thx black x
    it works fine and everything now working well
    but in the sound driver
    when the laptop sleep and i started again the sound doesnt work
    i have to restarted again
    so i checked the device manager
    i found out that one of the drivers in the sound doesnt work
    its name is
    Contecant HD-Audio SmartAudio 221
    there is two in the device manager one is working but the other is not
    can you help me with it ?
    thx man you are the best

  59. Ok for sound you need to Install MS-UAA first (its microsoft audio patch after downgrade vista to xp).
    Ok first download and install:

    MS-UAA: KB888111
    If you are using windows XP SP3 use this patch: KB835221

    Download the audio driver here:
    Conextant audio 221 and modem

    extract and you will get 2 folder, install both driver.

    If there are still no sound then follow the instruction here:
    Installing Conextant HD-Smart Audio 221 driver

    If the sound didn't work after restart again we need to do some work=)

  60. hi black.

    i need compaq CQ40-517TU drivers for xp installation..can't found in usual hp website..

    thanks in advance!

  61. Hi Miss Ee,
    SATA drivers for windows XP installation here:

    INTEL sata driver,
    Download  (microsoft)
    Download (mediafire)

    Guide to create a custom windows XP CD/SLipstream process here:

    All the drivers needed after install windows Xp here:

  62. Hi. do u have a compatible driver of cq40-551Tu for xp?

  63. hey Black X
    sorry to be late man...
    it doesnt work man i still have one of the sounds drivers with a yallow mark on it

    and one more thing one of the drivers u gave to me when i click on it to download it from intel the page gave me the driver is not found
    the driver is the Matrix drive
    can u help me man ?

  64. Hi there
    Ok, for the audio have you already follow the guide here:

    and for the INtel matrix manager, there are two download links, so use the one from mediafire(the second download links.

  65. Hey Black X
    man you didnt get me right..
    the sound is working but when you close the laptop..(to make it sleep)
    when you open it back there is no booting it will let you log in and work again quickly right ?
    my laptop now when i do that the sound doesnt work and i have to restart it...after restarting everything work about the sound ..
    so i checked the device manager
    all drivers in the sound device work except one with a yellow mark on it shown now

    sound, vedio and game controllers
    audio codecs
    bluetooth Audio
    bluetooth High Quality Audio
    conexant HD-Audio SmartAudio221
    conexant HD-Audio SmartAudio221
    legacy Audio drivers
    legacy vedio capture devices
    media control devices
    vedio codecs

    everything is fine except the second conexant HD-Audio SmartAudio221 is with a yellow mark which means that it need a driver
    this is my problem
    what should i do to fix it ?
    thx man

  66. oh now i see, my bad=)
    so ist conextant smartaudio 221:

    first install MSUAA:
    if you already install it just ignore and no need to install again:
    for win xp SP3(also may work with sp2): Download

    then both audio and conextant:
    install both modem and audio after extract it.

    if you already did install all the drivers above.

    Follow this guide to update the audio with yellow mark:

  67. Dear Mr. Black-X,
    Can you please privide driver / software for webcam 101 (in-built)of my Laptop Compaq pressario CQ 40-601TU on windows 7. Presently I am accessing the webcam only for yahoo messanger (means only on on-line), But I want to use that cam, on off-line also, can it be possible, if, it is, which software or driver shall I install, please guide me and provide me the same.
    Thanks and best regards
    SN Chari

  68. Hi black-x,

    I am sharon,
    i am using a COMPAQ PRESARIO
    CQ-40 423 TU NOTEBOOK PC,
    i wanted to install windows xp prof sp3, i request u to help me with all the xp drivers...
    mail me at
    advance xmas.......

  69. Hi black-x,

    i am sharon,
    OS: windows XP PROF SP3,
    i wanted to install win xp prof sp3,
    so please help me, with all the xp sp3 drivers,
    and please guide me how to install from the biggining....
    reply me at,
    happy x mas...

  70. Greetings,

    I have an Acer 5738ZG, and my PowerSmart button does not work. I think I need Acer PowerSmart Manager application.

    My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate.

    Please help.

    Thank you for what you are doing!


  71. OS:Vista 64bit
    Model:Compaq presario CQ40 627TU

    Hi there.Hope you can help me with the drivers.I just bought this laptop but really have trouble with the drivers especially the network controller and SM Bus controller.hope you can post to your blog or mail me to for your kindness.

  72. can't find drivers anywhere for

    compaq presario v3680tu
    windows 7-32
    still missing :
    Base system devices

  73. Hi,

    I have an Acer 5738ZG, and the PowerSmart button doesn't work. I think I need Acer PowerSmart manager, but I am unable to find it anywhere. Also, the Backup key doesn't work, and I think it's connected with the Acer Backup management. My OS is Windows 7.

    I would appreciate if you could find these two applications.


  74. Hi milan, have u try download and install the acer empowering for windwos 7 i posted

  75. V3680TU, so you only need base system device, first post your hardware ID here, to check your harware ID refer here:

  76. I am sorry for posting my comment twice. I didn't see that the first one was up already, and I had some info to add.

  77. Yes, I installed everything except for the VistaGrid. I think PowerSmart is not the part of ePower app.

  78. i'm also looking for
    compaq presario v3680tu
    windows 7-32

    may i have full drivers

  79. Compacq Presario V3000
    V3680TU Windows 7
    can I have full drivers

    Thank you very much

  80. milos i will work on that, see what i can do, i will try to find several options that might help you and i post later =)

  81. Thank you so very much!

  82. hai

    Black x

    my name bigbulloon.

    Can you guide me which is best Mircosoftware xp or windows 7. Can you tell me . WINDOWS.XP.PRO.CORP.SP3GENUINE EDITION V2.0.

  83. Hi big bulloon,
    If you ask me, both have thier advantage, but simply my answer would be windows xp, why?, the performance higher then windows 7, no problems to install software, games, and drivers, windows 7 just one years old and not lots of support, i also love win 7 compare to vista, i even use 3 system which win xp, win 7 and ubuntu linux.
    I will post the comparison between xp and 7 later, but my final answer will be win xp =)

  84. OS:winxp
    Model : compaq presario v3713au

    can you share with me drivers for this model..i really need v3713au driver for xp..please...

  85. Hi, I found the precise names of the applications I need:

    Acer PowerSmart Manager
    Acer Backup Manager

    Maybe this can help.

  86. Me again :-)

    Acer released PowerSmart app on the support site. I managed ti install it, but I can't open it. I cannot find it in empowering widget. I tried to run it from the folder where I installed it with Run as admin option, but nothing happens.

  87. hi black-x

    this is sharon ,

    As i was about to install xp, i had some installation douts.
    so i called up hp customer careline, and they suggested me not to install xp as
    it does not support my laptop, and if i install it, they say i may end up with hardware failure,
    what i have is a preloaded windows vista home basic 32 bit.
    and i am not happy with its performance,
    now i need ur suggestion, whether to install xp or to chose some other os with better performance equall to xp, i need ur suggestion,
    so please suggest me...
    and reply me at......

  88. HI,

    Zul, comapq presario v3713AU driivers here:

    Hi Milos,
    on the installation folder you just right click and run as admin, so it didn't work, i suggest that right click on it, select properties, select compatibility tab, and tick the box "run this program in compatibility mode for" select windows Vista, or vista sp2.
    (milos sorry for the late reply, internet at my workplace were cut off so i have to go to cc)

  89. HI,

    Zul, comapq presario v3713AU driivers here:

    Hi Milos,
    on the installation folder you just right click and run as admin, so it didn't work, i suggest that right click on it, select properties, select compatibility tab, and tick the box "run this program in compatibility mode for" select windows Vista, or vista sp2.
    (milos sorry for the late reply, internet at my workplace were cut off so i have to go to cc)

  90. Hi,

    Unfortunately, I have already tried that. It's interesting that when I install PowerSmart manager, I can only find it in Program Files and not in Start/All Programs or anywhere else where it should be. Maybe somethings wrong with my Windows.

    Thanks anyway man!

  91. Milos if you have any updates, post here and we may share it with others, since i posted the ACER EMPOWERING SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS 7, it become one of the most popular topics in my blog, because most Acer users who use windows 7 reported that it hard to find compatible empowering software that will work with their model. So if you have any update, post here=)

  92. i want driver laptop COMPAQ CQ40-506TU...fon window XP...

  93. Hii bro effort ..i want windows 7 drivers(both x32 and x64) as well as the original Sony vaio utilities for my SONY VAIO VGN CR363/b ..Please help me out soon.

  94. Hi

    I am having the same problem as Milos, PowerSmart and backup button does not work

    Anything new?

  95. No, nothing new. Couldn't even find the Backup manager app.

  96. Bos ? Please . . . Send in my email, driver acer ferrari 200 with windows installation (windows 7) to, because my notebook blank.
    Please . . . Very - very please . . . Just u my hero. And sorry my language not good ?
    My email :

  97. hi there,

    can u help me find the driver for :

    Windows 7
    Compaq Presario v3412AU(AMD Turion64)

    I cant get my dvd drive to be recognized and got 2 base system in yellow exclamation mark.. and have no idea what driver i am missing..



  98. hi feyang,

    1. first, did your DVD/cd-rom drives appear at the device manager.
    (to open device manager click start, on the seach box type DEVMGMT.MSC and press enter)
    This is one solution you may try

    2. Your SMSbus normally is the chipset, trty this first:
    ricoh card reader driver:

  99. i need compaq presario v3839tu drivers for win 7

  100. OS: Windows 7
    Model: HP Pavilion zd8185ea

    Especially need video driver for ATI Radeon x600
    All other help will be appreciated.

  101. Hi Andrew,

    For ati X600 download the ATI Catalyst™ Display Driver 9.11 here:

    even it design for XP but reported work.

    all other drivers i will add tomorrow when i finish collect all applicable drivers.

  102. Hello black-x

    Can you help me to find a driver for my neo laptop gl31 and my wife laptop hp pavillion dv2000

    thanks and more power to you



  103. Hi roberto,
    I need more info before post the driver you request,
    provide me with: Windows XP/Vista/7

    Then you model shoul be more specific, there are many model for DV2000, to check your model follow guide here:

  104. Hi, please, please help me!

    I just bought a HP Compaq Presario CQ61-335SQ and put XP SP3 home edition on it instead of freedos, following your instructions. Now I tried to instal the drivers for Compaq Presario CQ60-615DX but it doesn't work, i'm not sure i'm doing the right thing :(

    Thank you very much in advance!!

  105. Hi Daiane,
    first CQ60 drivers are differ compare to CQ61, here is the Drivers for your model:
    Compaq Presario CQ61-33SQ windows XP Driver

    report back the progress

  106. wow, thank you so-so much!
    i'm starting to install them right away, i'll let you know how it goes.

    thank you again!

  107. Hi again,
    I have a problem from the very start: when i try to instal the intel chipset, it says error: this computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software... what to do?

    Thank you so much!

  108. For chipset, Do not download and use drivers from direct link but use from microsft link insted =)

  109. I fixed the download link for chipset, sorry for posting the wrong link, now fixed=)

    report back the progress

  110. thank you for that, the chipset is solved now!

    i'm at the sata driver and since i've never installed something like this before, i'm a bit confused. should i do as you have posted in the "Extracting SATA driver Without Floppy" post? if so, i can't find the .IMA file

    Thank you again!

  111. nope
    the sata just optional
    skip that one, install others, sata is not necessary, i jut put it there just for backup pupose, no need to install dats,

    1. skip sata , graphic and audio, and install others first (wireless, ethernet card reader etc)

    2. Then Install AUdio first after that install graphic. Audio may be quite tricky so just keep inform me the progress.

  112. One more thing, no need to follow "Extracting SATA driver Without Floppy" , its for Windows XP installation purpose, we are installing driver now, sorry for lack of instruction in my post, ill improve it =)

  113. Thank you!

    so i started to instal drivers in the order you gave me.
    i've installed the wireless,then at the HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth Wireless Technology it said to turn on bluetooth and it's nowhere to be found on the control panel. i also can't find wireless lan because it keeps telling me to enable it in the windows device manager. can't find the setting either.
    when at card reader, it says it can'y find modem device for the driver, even though i've installed modem first


  114. Ok daiane,

    Your wireless LAN I believe is atheros rite, if yes download and install this drivers:

    continue to install audio and then install graphic. after that we will work one by one to install the drivers, Ok first let start with Audio, try to install your audio first.

    you can also add me to your YM or google talk to make your work easier.

  115. request for windows sp3
    Model:hp pavilion dv6-1200 sl
    all drivers for windows sp3
    thanx in advance

  116. can u plz post Hp Pavilion Dv2 windows seven drivers.

  117. Request for Windows 7 Drivers for Compaq CQ40-401AU....
    Already try to download it from HP website, but the site always error.
    Is there anyone who can help me please?

  118. I need drivers for my laptop model CQ40-624LA for XP. I wish your help...Thanks a Lot

  119. I am very grateful and surprised on how you answered and post my request drivers..people like you makes the world easy for us.. thanks a lot... If i have any problem on installing drivers ore is missing someone, i hope you continue given me your help..

  120. Aspire 1300 full drivers for windows xp Thanks again Black-X

  121. Request
    OS : Windows Xp SP 2
    Model : Compaq presario CQ41-110AU(AMD Turion)

    I need for :
    XP installation & All Driver or Sata AHCI

  122. hi ,plz help me out .......

    i need drivers for my compaq cq40-317tu laptop for windows 7...

    i need full set of drivers including wireless,bluetooth,sound drivers,video drivers and all...

  123. Aq butuh driver untuk CompaQ pressario cq 40-401AU
    windows XP

  124. hi
    os: windows vista
    model: compaq presario cq40 517tu
    looking for webcam driver plsss. thanks

  125. Hi, I am in an urgent need for a windows XP driver for graphic display, please help.

    Model Name: Compaq Presario CQ40
    Model Number: CQ40-604TX

    I need all the windows xp drivers for this model. Please, please help.

  126. CQ40-517TU WEBCAM driver for Windows XP:

    Cyberlink youcam software 2.0

  127. Windows 7 64bit
    Model: Compaq V3019us AMD Turion

    I am trying to install windows 7 64 bit and would greatly appreciate drivers for the MB/HD controller.

  128. Disregard the above post, I've found my issue. It was a bad iso of windows 7 professional upgrade 64bit that was causing my install issues. I re-downloaded and the install worked. Thanks.

  129. Thanks for the Update and sorry i didn't reply earlier, anyway, good to hear everything fine now.

  130. black-x the link for webcam not compatible.. i have WINDOWS VISTA. need driver for webcam of compaq presario cq40 517tu. thnx

  131. i am having problem installing driver for webcam of my cq40 517tu. it says no webcam found. i tried the link you post here but i think it was for XP. but my OS is VISTA. do you mind sending me webcam driver for windows vista? thanks a lot. appreciate the reply..

  132. hi i already used the link above, when i tried to install it,, a window opened says "no webcam found". what will i do? =c

  133. Ok, open devivce manager, check if there any devices with yellow

  134. hi there's 2 with yellow exclamation
    - HP webcam 101
    - SM bus controller

  135. Ok right click on the HP Webcam 101, select properties, when a new windows open, select details, on the dropdown menu select hardware ID's. Then copy (higlight , press CTRL + C) the hardware ID's and post here. Do the same for SMSbus.

    If you need guide how to check your hardware ID refer here:

  136. hi i need drivers for windows xp and vista for my dell inspiron 1440 notebook..

    and also plz tell me how to put xp into my dell inspiron laptop 1440 using xp cd...
    i have tried but it shows blue screen ...
    plz help me out...
    thanks in advance

  137. hi here's the hardware id



  138. To install Windows XP, you can use your windows XP CD, but you need to create a new XP CD that contain sata driver, to make the XP CD with sata driver follow guide here:

    Your Windows XP Driver located here:

  139. please help me, I want downgrade My HP PAVILION DV2 1003AX From vista to XP. but i dont have any driver. please help me... thanks before...

  140. please get me the driver for v2000 COA as i already check there are no such driver for COMPAQ PRESARIO V2000 COA which is my laptop model .

  141. my webcam still not working :c
    i tried everything you told me.but nothing worked. is there a problem with my OS? thanks really for all the help

  142. I forgot which comments i replied since u use anynomous, can you tell me excat model os and email

  143. OS:winxp 32bit
    Model:HP Pavilion Media Center TV m8070in
    all drivers needed!

  144. Request for windows 7 compaq V3000 amd processor

  145. Need windows 7 driver for Campaq V3000 amd processor

  146. hi im anonymous cq40 517tu
    oS: vista
    needs webcam driver
    this is my email ad:

  147. Hi bro,
    Sorry to disturb you but i really no idea on this, Please help!!

    CQ40, presario v3000
    Window 7 ultimate

    -AMD Processor n nvidia graphic card

    Many thankss


  148. Thanks in advance if you can help... Trying to downgrade from Vista to Xp Pro (32bit) using a Compaq Presario cq60-203nr. Am having a heck of a time...

  149. U need the drivers or how to install Xp on ot?

  150. Having trouble finding drivers that work. If there is any special advice I should know, that would be nice too! Sorry!

  151. Here is the drivers for your model:

    just leave comments if having problems to install the Drivers.

  152. Hi Black-X,

    I need the XP drivers for HP Pavillion DV6 1055ee.

    Thanks in advance!

  153. Hello man i really need this diver because i can`t install winxp in my cq40-621la laptop acording other web sites the AMD Sempron SI-42 AHCI SATA could solve my problem is that true or i need something else

    Thank for answer

  154. Ok, here is the guide along with the sata driver, there i provide sata ahci for amd and intel, just follow the guide and read carefully:

    here is the link: